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Your students will get plenty of inferencing practice with these 24 task cards. Each card features a short passage with a text-dependent question. Students will need to use clues within the text to infer their answers. Perfect for test prep. Use
11210 ratings
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Use these 32 task cards to help students learn the difference between fact and opinion. Each card features three related sentences. Students must select which one is either a fact or opinion. The multiple choice format makes these cards ideal for
2327 ratings
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Here are 45 literature response activities arranged in five grids of nine activities each to make a Tic-Tac-Toe format. There is also a list of all 45 activities at the end of the document. These can be used with any chapter book and are great for
1876 ratings
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Perfect for back to school - These intriguing questions will help you get to know your students and help them get to know each other. Kids love them and as you can see below, they make terrific writing prompts and are great for facilitating higher
1571 ratings
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Use these 32 multiple choice genre cards to help your students learn to identify the different literary genres. Each card features a short passage and a multiple choice question. The following eight genres are included and each genre is featured on
1424 ratings
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Here are 24 cards to help your students practice inferring and making predictions. Each card features a short passage and two text-dependent questions. Use them orally in small groups or individually as a writing assignment. Students can answer on
1344 ratings
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These 24 inference cards each feature a short passage and two text-dpendent questions. They are perfect for helping your students master this difficult but important reading strategy. Use them orally in small groups, or individually as a writing
1235 ratings
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This is a collection of 18 fun and educational scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts are a motivating way for kids to explore a subject or medium. They can be done individually or in small groups. This product includes the following scavenger hunts
891 ratings
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Use these 24 task cards to help your students explore cause and effect more deeply by generating cause and effect relationships. Each card relates an event in a single sentence and asks students to come up with both a possible cause and an effect
1162 ratings
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Liven up your journal writing program with Tic-Tac-Toe choice grids. This download has 28 different choice grids (252 prompts in all), enough for the whole year. Each week, students choose three of the nine prompts to write about. If your students
776 ratings
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Use these 32 short passage cards to practice inferring character traits. The short answer format is both challenging and somewhat open-ended. While a sample answer key is included, students may come up with synonymous words that will work equally
846 ratings
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Use these 60 cards as a fun creative thinking enrichment activity. Students can work on cards individually using notebook paper for their answers, or use as a game with groups. When using as a game, students can set a timer for one to three minutes
859 ratings
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These 72 Analogy Task Cards are divided into 3 color-coded sets of 24 cards each. Students can solve the analogies orally in groups or use the included answer sheet to record their answers. There are also answer keys for each card set so that your
690 ratings
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Creative & Critical Thinking Printables: 21 pgs, Upper level Blooms This is a bundle of 21 fun and challenging worksheets designed to facilitate creative and critical thinking in your students. Most of them utilize the upper levels of Blooms
517 ratings
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This resource includes everything you need to implement an independent literary genres program with your students. There are over 30 printable worksheets for seven different genres. For each genre there is a Pre-Reading Worksheet, a Two-page Guided
479 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.68 MB)
Kids have been playing "Which of these things is not like the others" since Sesame Street, but these task cards take the game to a whole new level because there is more than one possible answer for each card. For example for Card 1, carrot, apple,
579 ratings
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These challenging cards require more than simply counting coins. Students must use logic to find the correct solution for each card. It is important for students to have real or plastic coins available to work with as they solve each problem. An
458 ratings
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Use these 24 Three Reasons Why for lateral thinking enrichment. Students can answer on notebook paper and record their progress on the included recording sheet. For best results, encourage students to come up with creative, yet plausible answers.
496 ratings
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Close reading is an important, but often difficult skill to teach (and to learn!). This close reading toolkit will make it so much easier! It is designed to work with literature/fiction – specifically, folktales, short stories, picture books, and
340 ratings
Digital Download PDF (40.53 MB)
Drawing Conclusions PowerPoint: 32 Short Inference Stories, CCSS RL1, RI.1 This Drawing Conclusions PowerPoint consists of 32 animated slides, each with a short story, inference question, and multiple choice options. When you first display each
313 ratings
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I have taught students from grades K-8. As a classroom teacher, I taught mostly highly capable third and fourth graders, often creating curriculum to meet their needs. I have also taught technology and science to multiple grades. I am a published author of more than 120 nonfiction books for children on a variety of topics. I have written for Harcourt, Lucent, and Rosen, among others. I have also written 10 teacher resource books for Evan-Moor including the Critical and Creative Thinking Skills series, a set of 6 books that I developed for the publisher. In addition, many of the task cards from my TpT store were used to create Kagan Publishing’s Quiz, Quiz, Trade series. I am also an advisor for Boom Learning, an open marketplace for teacher-created mobile apps.


One of my most important mentors said that we should give students "Freedom within structure." I took that concept to heart and it has resulted in a motivating, challenging, and highly effective leaning environment. I think kids should love coming to school. That is how I taught when I was in the classroom and that is what I keep in mind when I create teaching resources for TpT. My goal is to create high-quality products that are easy to use and include some element or creative or critical thinking. Many of my products are also aligned to Common Core Standards.


I am an All Time Top Ten Seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and the #1 seller for grades 3-5. In July 2015 I was a keynote speaker at the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas where I spoke to around 1,400 TpT teacher authors. I have also presented at every conference.


I hold a BA in Developmental Psychology and a K-8 Teaching Certificate from Western Washington University.


Here are some of the other places around the web you can find me:

Minds in Bloom



Totally Task Cards

My curly hair icon was inspired by a cartoon I used to draw on student worksheets and parent communications. Here is what I really look like:

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