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Use these 32 task cards to help reinforce quotation mark rules and to practice proofreading. The multiple choice format makes them perfect for test prep, games, and centers. These cards are meant to be used as practice after students have been
949 ratings
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Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to practice interpreting order of operations. These cards are focused on the expression of the equation, rather than the solution. However, a Challenge Card is also included which can be used with any other
786 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.14 MB)
This is a double set of task cards for helping students understand three types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex. The first 32 cards are multiple choice and focus on identifying types of sentences. The second set (also 32 cards) requires
816 ratings
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Here are 14 Ready to Use Current Events Activities. There are 12 Current Events worksheet and graphic organizers that can be used with any article. There is also a Current Events Sharing form for students to use with an article that will be shared
687 ratings
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Dig Deeper into Wonder by RJ Palacio with these discussion cards. This set of 97 question cards will really get your students thinking, talking and writing about the characters, events, and themes and will help them to connect parts of the book to
701 ratings
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Each of these 32 visualization task card features a different short passage for students to visualize and sketch. All of the paragraphs on the odd numbered cards are fictional, while those on the even numbered cards are nonfiction (informational
864 ratings
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Each of these 150 "Thinkable" cards has a different creative and/or critical thinking activity. They will help your students to grow their lateral and higher level thinking skills and are great for fast finishers as well as GAT students.
880 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.45 MB)
Here are 32 multiple choice task cards to help reinforce your students' understanding of fraction equivalents. A student answer sheet and an answer key is also included so that students can self-check. In addition, there is also a Challenge Card
848 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.23 MB)
These 32 multiple choice cards to help your students understand the different types of informational text (nonfiction) features such as index, glossary, bold print, diagrams, maps, captions etc. In addition to the 32 question cards, there is also a
992 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.30 MB)
Liven up your journal writing program with Tic-Tac-Toe choice grids. This download has 28 different choice grids (252 prompts in all), enough for the whole year. Each week, students choose three of the nine prompts to write about. If your students
761 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.70 MB)
Use these 32 short passage cards to practice inferring character traits. The short answer format is both challenging and somewhat open-ended. While a sample answer key is included, students may come up with synonymous words that will work equally
838 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.42 MB)
Learning how to use commas correctly does not have to be boring! These motivating worksheets will make kids laugh while they learn how to punctuate properly. The worksheets give rules and opportunities for practice using funny sentences that will
662 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.46 MB)
Use these 32 Setting Task Cards to help students gain a deeper understanding of the setting story element and to practice their reading and inference skills. Each card features a short paragraph and one of these three multiple choice
927 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.02 MB)
These 32 parts of speech, multiple choice task cards are perfect for test prep and will work well at literacy centers, stations, for partner work, or with the whole class using a game like Scoot. The cards focus on the following parts of speech:
834 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.92 MB)
Here are 32 task cards to help your students learn to properly punctuate and identify singular and plural possessive nouns. Each card requires students to both write the possessive noun correctly (by adding the apostrophe), and to tell whether the
758 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.15 MB)
The ability to restate a question, in order to answer in a complete sentence is important not only in test-taking situations, but also for many types of writing. These 32 task cards can help your students learn this challenging skill. There are two
781 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.19 MB)
Each of these cards requires students to follow instructions to expand and improve a simple sentence by adding and/or changing words. Students will not only learn to make more interesting and elaborate sentences, but will also be reinforcing parts
700 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.37 MB)
Use these 32 task cards to help your students gain fluency in solving two-digit addition and subtraction word problems. Almost all of these problems require regrouping to solve. There is a mix one and two step problems. A few of the addition cards
691 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.06 MB)
Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to help students identify complete sentences, sentence fragments and run-on sentences. These task cards are perfect for test prep and will work well at literacy centers, stations, for partner work, or with the
823 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.92 MB)
Paraphrasing is an essential skill for many types of writing, but a difficult one to master. Each of these 32 paraphrasing task cards features a different fun fact sentence for students to paraphrase. Paraphrasing a single sentence is a great way to
499 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.55 MB)
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I have taught students from grades K-8. As a classroom teacher, I taught mostly highly capable third and fourth graders, often creating curriculum to meet their needs. I have also taught technology and science to multiple grades. I am a published author of more than 120 nonfiction books for children on a variety of topics. I have written for Harcourt, Lucent, and Rosen, among others. I have also written 10 teacher resource books for Evan-Moor including the Critical and Creative Thinking Skills series, a set of 6 books that I developed for the publisher. In addition, many of the task cards from my TpT store were used to create Kagan Publishing’s Quiz, Quiz, Trade series. I am also an advisor for Boom Learning, an open marketplace for teacher-created mobile apps.


One of my most important mentors said that we should give students "Freedom within structure." I took that concept to heart and it has resulted in a motivating, challenging, and highly effective leaning environment. I think kids should love coming to school. That is how I taught when I was in the classroom and that is what I keep in mind when I create teaching resources for TpT. My goal is to create high-quality products that are easy to use and include some element or creative or critical thinking. Many of my products are also aligned to Common Core Standards.


I am an All Time Top Ten Seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and the #1 seller for grades 3-5. In July 2015 I was a keynote speaker at the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas where I spoke to around 1,400 TpT teacher authors. I have also presented at every conference.


I hold a BA in Developmental Psychology and a K-8 Teaching Certificate from Western Washington University.


Here are some of the other places around the web you can find me:

Minds in Bloom



Totally Task Cards

My curly hair icon was inspired by a cartoon I used to draw on student worksheets and parent communications. Here is what I really look like:

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