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*Updated 8.5.15! Brand New Look, Same Great Resource!* Main Idea can be tricky for some kids! I used these sheets for morning work and had my kids confident about knowing what the main idea of a story was. Watch my Main Idea preview here:
1196 ratings
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For these main idea worksheets, equip your students with highlighters to help them find the supporting details that support the main idea. Students will read multiple paragraphs and find the main idea of each one, as well as the entire
682 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.46 MB)
This product is perfect for first graders, or low second graders that are working on the Common Core Literacy Standards! Each story in this pack will help you teach, assess, and give your students independent practice with standard R.L 1.1, RL.1.2,
603 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.40 MB)
***Cause and Effect Worksheets*** Give your students the cause and effect practice they need. Students will read sentences that contain a cause and an effect. Then they will fill in what the cause was and what the effect was. ***What's the
618 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.67 MB)
This pack is just the reading comprehension packet your students need to practice tricky comprehension skills. The passages in this pack are geared specifically towards one skill so that the students can really understand what they need to
613 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.36 MB)
These sheets are a great way to keep track of how well your kindergarten students are doing! Keep these sheets in a data notebook on all your students or just the ones that you would like to monitor closely. Each sheet allows for a pretest and
422 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.85 MB)
Use the frames provided to help your students write detailed sentences and teach them about adjectives, nouns, and verbs at the same time! Using a snake, cow, and pig I have provided 3 filled in sheets to help students get started and see how to
405 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.40 MB)
This is a fantastic and fun way to get your students to pay attention to the details. Student will get to use different colored highlighters to highlight different details from 10 different stories. After paying such close attention to the details,
415 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.50 MB)
Your students will be so excited to give these to their mommies, and moms and mums will be so happy to display them for Mother's Day! Updated to be used for 2018 and 2019! All of the pieces you need to make tracers, or to cut for students to color
218 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.96 MB)
More cause and effect practice! ***Cause and Effect Signal Words*** ***Cause and Effect*** Students will read sentences that contain a cause and an effect. Then they will fill in what the cause was and what the effect was. ***Cause and Effect
297 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.13 MB)
This pack is full of fun and interesting stories that are all accompanied by an assortment of reading comprehension activities. Great for use in small group, reading centers, or independent practice! Check out Reading Skills and Comprehension
296 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.72 MB)
I created this fun product with 2nd graders in mind! I made sure to incorporate all of the 2nd Grade Common Core Math Standards in this amazing "must-have" product for every second grade classroom! Students will be able to use the sheets I created
293 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.23 MB)
This cute recipe book is a fun way to give your students practice with sequence of events. Download includes: -10 fun recipe cards -multiple choice worksheets for each recipe (10) -free response worksheets for each recipe (10) DO NOT try to follow
232 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.73 MB)
This product is exactly what you need to spruce up your writing center, impress your administrators, and get your students interested in writing! Labels are included to make this an AMAZING tri-fold writing center, or feel free to print each
306 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.29 MB)
I thought I'd share a few of the ideas I use to create a positive classroom culture. For years, my coworkers chalked my sweet and well behaved classes up to the "luck of the draw", but then they had to admit, it must have been something I was
226 ratings
Digital Download PDF (31.75 MB)
*Please note that this product is not just a worksheet you can give to your students and say "write something." A lot of modeling and whole group/small group instruction will be required to teach them how to use this tool. Brainstorming with your
261 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.78 MB)
This 110 page download will have you set for your first days of Kindergarten! The download includes plenty of activities to keep your little ones busy and working hard. Be prepared when you go Back to School!!! Anyone that has taught Kindergarten
222 ratings
Digital Download PDF (49.13 MB)
Looking for a cute way to end the year? I have combined a Kindergarten memory book with a portfolio of Kindergarten assessments built in so the students can show what they know! I print and bind the books and work on a few pages at a time over the
267 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.82 MB)
Give your students the confidence they need to break down BIG words that may seem intimidating to them. This worksheet allows the students to break each word into two, three, or four parts in order to sound it out and read it. They will write the
207 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.27 MB)
***Read, Tally, & Graph It*** Students will read a short passage and gather information to input into a graph. ***Look, Tally, & Number It*** Students will look at the information on a graph and use that to tally up and write numbers for
215 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.01 MB)
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I have taught Kindergarten and Second grade and love them both! I love using technology and fun activities to enhance my teaching. I attended the University of Central Florida and majored in Elementary Education. I was appointed team leader my second year teaching and pride myself on being a dedicated passionate teacher. I tutor 1st grade students after school, interned in 2nd grade while obtaining my degree and also work with 3rd and 4th grade students on Saturday morning, prepping for FCAT. Before teaching I was a nanny for two different families for 3 years. I love working with children and I love teaching so much. I feel it's what God called me to do.


My teaching style is very hands on. It's important for me to help the students make connections and feel like they own everything we are learning about. I like to make school fun and educational at the same time. My students come to school excited each day to see what they are going to learn and how they are going to learn it. I am very into technology and am constantly researching ways to use it to enhance my teaching. The students love it and their success is a direct result of it.


Team Leader my second year teaching. Teacher of the Year 2012-2013


University of Central Florida Elementary Education Degree


I have been teaching for 8 years.I have experience in K-2 and K-5 for Gifted and Talented small groups.

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