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Plagiarism...what a "downer" topic! For years, I dreaded teaching it because students thought I was the Wicked Witch who was out to get them for every missing quotation mark in their essays (or at least that's how I felt as I taught them about the
148 ratings
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Have you ever received an email from a student that was written in, well, a not-so-nice tone? Sure. We all have, and it's enough to drive us up the wall! But! What if students have just never been taught (or not taught well) how to professionally
120 ratings
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Looking for a way to focus your grammar instruction and track students' growth? Try using a grammar diagnostic assessment. This editable eight-part assessment can be used as a grammar pre-test and post-test for individual grammar units or for a
76 ratings
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Do you want your students to become word wizards? I know I do! I am SO excited about these brain-based, creative, differentiated, and engaging vocabulary practice task cards! This file includes 23 different tasks for students to complete
86 ratings
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Are you drowning in essays? Looking for a way to have students show analytical thinking about a text in a meaningful way that won't send you to the crazy house? Try the one pager. Not only does it encourage students to think creatively and
93 ratings
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So your students are reading nonfiction articles and informational texts, but can they summarize them? My students, especially my struggling ninth graders, have always been at a loss for what to include. I created this mini unit to scaffold their
78 ratings
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Students can ALWAYS use more practice when it comes to citing and embedding direct quotes in our research papers. Enter this practice bundle. With these three activities: 8 stations (including task cards, a scramble, a sort, and online
60 ratings
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Let's spice up our grammar lessons by playing Truth or Dare! When I think about games I used to enjoy as an adolescent, truth or dare is one that comes to mind. While this game can be wild and crazy, Truth or Dare Grammar Style is school
67 ratings
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Need a solid sentence structure (types of sentences) unit? This bundle contains so many sentence types goodies. Because I believe understanding sentence types is at the heart of good student writing, I spend a lot of time and energy making quality
35 ratings
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Are your students confused about text analysis? You know how to do it yourself, but you're not sure how to make it accessible to students? I know the feeling. Analyzing texts is hard, and it rarely comes naturally. It's a difficult concept to break
60 ratings
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The thesis statement is the most critical aspect of an essay. For that reason, I spend quite a bit of time making sure my students' thesis statements are perfected before we begin pre-writing. This thesis statement lesson focuses specifically on
19 ratings
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May can be a trying month for secondary teachers. This engaging end-of-the-year writing activity is an excellent way to keep students writing without having to take home stacks of research papers to grade when the weather is beautiful! With this
45 ratings
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So you've selected your vocabulary lists for the year. Wouldn't it be amazing if - POOF! - you also had engaging and meaningful vocabulary activities that would help students remember your words long after they leave your classroom? Enter this
42 ratings
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Whether you're implementing a book club or other form of independent, choice reading, students need to have periodic opportunities to socialize and share what they are reading. With these discussion task cards for fiction and nonfiction, your
28 ratings
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When you're teaching writing, it's a best-practice to establish baseline data. One of the most effective ways to do that is to ask students to give you a writing sample. That's the purpose of this writing pre-assessment. Use it at the beginning of
34 ratings
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Looking for a way to incorporate short stories while also sticking to the literature standards? It's easy to focus on comprehension with short stories, but it's harder to teach students how to analytically think about short stories as they relate to
23 ratings
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This movie guide for Disney's Zootopia consists of 40 comprehension and analysis questions to keep students focused and thinking critically while watching the film. When students have a purpose for viewing a film, they are more engaged, and there
22 ratings
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Do you need support materials to help implement a choice reading program? Literature circles, intervention lessons, book club, independent reading arrangements? Creating the materials can be overwhelming, but as a certified reading specialist, I
36 ratings
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The grammar games are back with a vengeance! Give your students an opportunity to hone their parts of speech knowledge with this fun and interactive dice game. Like the original Grammar Games product, this revenge of the grammar games review is a
20 ratings
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Students can and should have fun reviewing and practicing their vocabulary words. Repetition focused on unique, brain-based, differentiated, student-centered approaches can bring vocabulary to life for students. These vocabulary practice activities
32 ratings
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I have taught 7-12 grade English for eleven years. During this time, I've worked in a co-taught inclusion setting as well as with enriched and gifted / talented students. Over the past several years, I've developed an interest in teacher evaluation. To this end, I've been a leader on our school's evaluation committee and helped to educate staff about Charlotte Danielson's evaluation rubric as well as how teachers can excel in all four domains. I've also conducted a flipped classroom experience for four years. My passions at the secondary level are literacy and differentiation, but I truly enjoy all things ELA.


I love to try new things with my students. Generally, I believe introducing new content through direct instruction via minilessons is the most successful approach for high school students, but I also use chunking throughout every class period. In this way, I move from teacher-centered to peer-driven activities and eventually independent practice. I love student-centered activities that involve students kinesthetically, musically, and creatively.


I have been asked to speak to new teachers about differentiation and to the entire staff about my use of the flipped classroom. I also have my reading specialist certification and two master's degrees.


Bachelor: English Master 1: Curriculum & Instruction Master 2: Reading Certification: Middle School Certification: Gifted Certification: Reading Specialist


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