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This package serves as an introduction to debate. This file includes: -Detailed handouts for your students that explain debating definitions, procedures and ideas for planning. -Graphic organizers to help students as they plan and research their
390 ratings
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DEBATING: These lessons teach students about the difference between strong and faulty arguments. There are several individual and group exercises that guide students through the process of developing claims and counter-arguments, as well as ones
176 ratings
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Teaching TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD? This bundle has lessons, activities, assignments, graphic organizers and rubrics. My units use an approach that focuses on real learning, not regurgitation, one that relies on critical thinking, cooperative learning
96 ratings
SPOKEN WORD POETRY: Inspire your students to find their voices with spoken word poetry. In this unit they will be introduced to four different spoken word poems and to the techniques of the poets. Students will be given a chance to respond to and
88 ratings
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Debating can be difficult for students. Often, we end up witnessing poor debates because student didn't put enough effort into preparing thorough and engaging arguments. These stations are designed to give them the guidance and focus they need to do
63 ratings
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TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Inquiry Project This inquiry project is designed to not only teach students about the important themes in the novel, but also to help them apply the lessons they learn to their own lives. Students are asked to reflect on the
50 ratings
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Speaking and listening are key strands of most language arts classes, but they are often the most overlooked. These task cards provide teachers with a quick and easy way to allow their students to practice these all important skills. The Task
55 ratings
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Speaking and listening activities are important tools for learning, not just for presentations. Studies show that oral skills are key to literacy and learning. Talk helps us not only to communicate our learning, but also to explore it: to reflect,
44 ratings
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These discussion stations are the perfect speaking and listening activity to get your students engaged and discussing hot topics: Should we legalize marijuana? Are video games bad for us? Should we start school later? Is the four day school week
47 ratings
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To Kill a Mockingbird is full of opportunities for students to discuss issues and ideas, as well as their knowledge of the text. Speaking and listening are key strands of most language arts classes, but they are often the most overlooked. These
23 ratings
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A TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD unit plan that puts the responsibility for learning in the students' hands. The novel is so full of important life lessons. Help your students uncover these lessons as they use their critical thinking skills to work through
24 ratings
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Public speaking assignments can cause a lot of angst in our students. However, if we slow things down and spend more time on the speaking process, we can take some of that anxiety away. Use this lesson plan to get your students engaged in writing
22 ratings
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This Animal Farm assignment asks students to take a close look at Old Major's speech and to compare it to Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech. Then, students will check out other famous speeches to learn more about the power of rhetoric
17 ratings
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Collaborative Activities for Macbeth: How would you like a quick and easy way to guide your students through effective group discussions, one that keeps them focused and on task? These collaboration placemats do just that! Use these 8.5 x 14"
15 ratings
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This activity is a mash up of two speaking, listening and research activities: The Socratic Seminar and The Informal Debate. It's one I designed for my students to help them go through the critical thinking process they need to follow to understand
3 ratings
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To Kill a Mockingbird pre and post reading activities. Included in this package: A creative pre-reading assignment that has the students do research on the Southern US during the Great Depression, so they can have a better understanding of time
6 ratings
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I have been teaching high school English for twenty-six years, and have loved every one of them. I teach a broad range of students, from those in the non-academic stream to those in the International Baccalaureate program. I am also department head and an instructional leader who has conducted many PD sessions for district teachers.


I have always seen my self as a guide, showing my students how to learn, rather than just what to learn. I focus on creating engaging material that fosters critical thinking and love of reading & writing. I also attempt to incorporate physical activity in my classroom, so students can engage all of their learning styles. Most importantly, I'm a learner too. I spend a lot of time trying to understand how students learn best, and am constantly revamping my lessons to meet their needs.


Yet to be added


I have a BA in English, a B.Ed with a secondary focus, and an M. Ed in Curriculum Studies. I also have Level 3 training in IB English.


For tips and ideas, as well as information on sales and contests, you can follow me at Real Learning in Room 213 or on Facebook.

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