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ESSAY WRITING: The revision process is a key component of good writing. Teach your high school or middle school English students about the importance of revision with these learning stations. These learning stations are designed to take your
938 ratings
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This package serves as an introduction to debate. This file includes: -Detailed handouts for your students that explain debating definitions, procedures and ideas for planning. -Graphic organizers to help students as they plan and research their
446 ratings
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Writing Introductions and conclusions to essays can be difficult. Every semester, no matter how many lessons I use to show my students what good introductions and conclusions look like, they still struggle. Exit ticket after exit ticket asks for
550 ratings
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ROMEO & JULIET has so many life lessons for our students. Engage them in the study of the play by helping them see the many connections they can make between their lives and those of the characters. This package includes a variety of
362 ratings
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INDEPENDENT READING LEARNING STATIONS: I created these learning stations to go along with my Reader’s Notebook; however, they can be used and adapted for independent reading even if students don’t have a dedicated reader’s notebook. The tasks at
459 ratings
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Go beyond chapter questions and worksheets; use these stations to guide your students to be independent,critical thinkers as they study a novel. These stations are designed to be used with any novel and can be differentiated to suit the needs of
443 ratings
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It's the first day of school and you need to give your students a lot of information. It's a scenario they need to repeat several times on the first day, a day when they move from the freedom of summer to those hard old seats. Why not try
427 ratings
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These learning stations are designed to take students through the process that is necessary to understand theme in fiction. In the works they read, there is rarely a clearly stated "moral at the end of the story". Instead, there are steps that
408 ratings
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Do you ever get tired of correcting the same basic errors over and over? Well, Grammar Games can help. There is a great deal of evidence that movement helps everyone learn better, regardless of learning style. Not only that, it makes learning more
388 ratings
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Grammar doesn't have to be boring! Get your students engaged, learning and moving as they learn about common grammar errors. This bundle of learning stations includes four different learning stations that focus on common grammatical errors: (Save
347 ratings
Looking for a fun and interesting way to do an introduction to Shakespeare? Get your students engaged, learning and moving as they discover information about Shakespeare and his world. There are also two stations that give students tips and
301 ratings
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HALLOWEEN WRITING ACTIVITIES: Halloween is the perfect opportunity to engage your students in a creative writing assignment. This product takes students through a process-based approach that has them experiment with various elements of fiction. (All
284 ratings
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Task cards are versatile tools that make your students active and reflective learners. These cards can also help you manage independent reading, something that can be difficult when students are at various places in different books. The questions
275 ratings
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READER'S WORKSHOP: Reader's workshop helps students build reading stamina and a life-long love of reading. This package provides you with several tools to plan, organize and assess a reader's workshop in your secondary classroom. Each product is
294 ratings
DEBATING: These lessons teach students about the difference between strong and faulty arguments. There are several individual and group exercises that guide students through the process of developing claims and counter-arguments, as well as ones
201 ratings
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NIGHT BUNDLE: This zip file includes activities that are designed around higher order thinking. The pre-reading activities are designed to get students thinking about stereotyping, prejudice and racism. You will conduct several whole class
197 ratings
This bundle combines three products designed to get your students thinking independently and critically about the literature they read and about author purpose. All activities and organizers focus on higher order thinking skills and allow students
178 ratings
NARRATIVE WRITNG STATIONS: This package is designed to take your students through a process-based approach to creating a piece of narrative writing. In this zip file you will find: PHOTO PROMPT LEARNING STATIONS These can be used to help students
181 ratings
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RESEARCH SKILLS: Paraphrasing or plagiarism: what's the difference? This lesson is designed to help students learn to paraphrase information properly. We all know that the Internet has made research infinitely easier; but it has also made it so
156 ratings
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Lessons, Activities, Assessments for Macbeth This Jumbo Pack includes five of my products for Macbeth. If you want more products and bigger savings, check out my Macbeth MEGA Pack In the Jumbo Pack: --a slide show (with talking points) that
171 ratings
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I have been teaching high school English for twenty-six years, and have loved every one of them. I teach a broad range of students, from those in the non-academic stream to those in the International Baccalaureate program. I am also department head and an instructional leader who has conducted many PD sessions for district teachers.


I have always seen my self as a guide, showing my students how to learn, rather than just what to learn. I focus on creating engaging material that fosters critical thinking and love of reading & writing. I also attempt to incorporate physical activity in my classroom, so students can engage all of their learning styles. Most importantly, I'm a learner too. I spend a lot of time trying to understand how students learn best, and am constantly revamping my lessons to meet their needs.


Yet to be added


I have a BA in English, a B.Ed with a secondary focus, and an M. Ed in Curriculum Studies. I also have Level 3 training in IB English.


For tips and ideas, as well as information on sales and contests, you can follow me at Real Learning in Room 213 or on Facebook.

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