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This engaging biology resource is a four-tab microorganism flip book activity that can be used with your life science students as an introduction or review for bacteria, protozoa, virus, algae, and fungi. The flip book will review each type of
58 ratings
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This human body resource is a bundle of nonfiction guided readings, hands-on activities, flip books, anchor chart posters, doodle sketch notes, webquests, review sheets, and assessments for the following human body systems: → skeletal → muscular →
44 ratings
This biology resource is a four-page nonfiction science article about the five different types of microorganisms; algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and virus. There are three additional pages of activities to assess student comprehension. This
47 ratings
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Teaching the human body to your science students? This bundle of doodle sketch notes will help to reinforce important concepts about the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, excretory, respiratory, and reproductive body
32 ratings
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Incorporate famous scientists and inventors into your back to school classroom decorations with this inspiring teaching resource. Within it, you will receive fifteen motivational quotes in banner form from famous inventors and scientists to help you
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (58.43 MB)
This life science resource includes digital and printable activities to use when teaching the five types of microorganisms; algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and virus, to your students. Students will be able to choose from reading and writing on
30 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (19.64 MB)
This hands-on inquiry resource is a human body STEM brain activity that is perfect when covering the nervous system. Students will create a covering to help protect the delicate "brain" or egg from falling from a distance of one meter. Students can
17 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.88 MB)
Teaching your students about living vs non-living things? This life science resource is a seven-page nonfiction guided reading article used to introduce the characteristics and needs of living things to your students. Students will learn about each
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.67 MB)
Need an engaging way to review the circulatory system? This human body resource is a three-page doodle note graphic organizer activity that will review important concepts to students about the circulatory system. Students will review the sketches to
20 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.12 MB)
This riseandshine genetics activity is perfect for an introduction to Punnett squares in your life science classroom. This teaching resource will reinforce probability, traits, dominant and recessive alleles with your students. Students will roll
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.45 MB)
Get your classroom back to school ready with this motivational and informative teaching resource. It contains fifteen inspiring quotes in banner form from famous scientists or inventors to help promote a growth mindset in your classroom. These
16 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (63.20 MB)
Introduce or review plant and animal cells with your life science students using this three-page nonfiction reading article which includes an additional three pages of worksheets to assess comprehension of this topic. Students will learn about cells
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.85 MB)
Teach your life science students about the male and female sex organs and reproductive system using this nonfiction article, reading comprehension questions, and doodle sketch note resource. Included you will receive important vocabulary terms, an
10 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.70 MB)
This is a fun, interactive digital lesson for life science students to review their knowledge of cells. By accessing technology, students will learn about cells, what they are and look like, how many make up living things, scientists who worked with
11 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.95 MB)
Get your classroom decor back to school ready with this inspirational teaching resource that is now available in TWO versions. It contains fifteen growth mindset posters which include a motivational quote from a famous scientist. Watercolor banners
14 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.11 MB)
Need a way to teach the digestive system, keep students engaged and motivated to learn while having the ability to incorporate technology? This human body resource is a unit you can use to accomplish these goals. Included are teacher instructions, I
7 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (56.61 MB)
This human body project is the perfect way to review the circulatory system with your life science students. Students will first fill in a graphic organizer and then create a wanted poster for one part of the circulatory system. Also included are
8 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.11 MB)
Review all about cells, cell theory, and plant and animal cell parts with this flip book review activity. The five tab book will reinforce student comprehension of what a cell is, the scientists and history behind its discovery, theories, and the
10 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.86 MB)
Engage your students in learning about the circulatory system using this human body unit. Included you will receive a webquest, vocabulary terms, three nonfiction articles on blood, blood vessels and the heart, doodle sketch notes, flip book, and a
5 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (46.58 MB)
Teaching your students about ecology and ecosystems? This life science resource is a sixteen-page nonfiction guided reading article used to introduce ecology (species, population, community, abiotic and biotic factors), energy roles (producer,
13 ratings
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I have been teaching special education to middle school students for eleven years. Prior to that, I had experience with elementary school students - general and special education. While my caseload changes every year, I have taught mostly reading and science classes. I do have some social studies experience as well. Currently, I also serve as a building union representative and a Technology Integration Lead Teacher.


I love mixing it up. In a middle school environment, it is necessary to sometimes need to lecture but I try to always include a hands-on experience or some form of technology in each lesson to keep their motivation high. Excited, motivated, engaged students will only make me more excited and motivated to be a better teacher.


Nearpod Certified Educator, Google Level 2 Certification


I received my bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's College in elementary (K- Grade 6) and special education (Birth to Grade 12). I received my masters degree from Long Island University in Literacy K-6. Beyond that, I have obtained 90 credits beyond my masters in a variety of different courses to help me further excel in the area of literacy, science, social studies, and technology.


Along with my love of teaching comes my love for my pitbull pup, Samson. He is a delight to me and my students. In my spare time, I enjoy painting and kickboxing.

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