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Teach your students about force and Newton's Laws of Motion using over one-hundred pages of hands-on activities, demonstrations, anchor chart posters, informative text, STEM project and assessment to complete your physical science unit. It will
96 ratings
Acclimate your students to the periodic table of elements using this activity as an introduction or review. Using their own table, students will search for different elements using the group, period, name, symbol or atomic number. This is great
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.39 MB)
This hands-on science sorting lesson is designed to help enhance your acids and bases unit when covering the pH scale.This engaging activity uses everyday objects that students are familiar with such as coffee and bleach and has them sort the
67 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.94 MB)
This hands-on activity is part of my environmental education unit to help teach students about the importance of watersheds. Students will learn what one is, create it and be able to describe how it is important to humans. Students will also
69 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.48 MB)
This engaging biology resource is a four-tab microorganism flip book activity that can be used with your life science students as an introduction or review for bacteria, protozoa, virus, algae, and fungi. The flip book will review each type of
56 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.97 MB)
Introduce and teach your students about Newton's 2nd law of motion with this force and motion resource. Students will use the informative text to read and answer questions about Newton's second law of motion; force = mass x acceleration. In
52 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.12 MB)
This is a four-page nonfiction earth science article on the natural disaster, tsunami. Students will learn about the origin of the word, what a tsunami is, how it forms, where in the world it is most likely to occur, and how to stay safe and prevent
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.16 MB)
This inquiry based resource is an environmental STEM activity. Students will create an environment to mimic an oil spill. This will allow students to see the effect oil has on the Earth. Students will then create an effective economical cleanup
51 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.19 MB)
This human body resource is a bundle of nonfiction guided readings, hands-on activities, flip books, anchor chart posters, doodle sketch notes, webquests, review sheets, and assessments for the following human body systems: → skeletal → muscular →
39 ratings
Teaching about atoms and elements can be difficult because of the abstract nature. Students can have a hard time comprehending this topic, until now. This is a physical science unit to use with your students when you are teaching about atoms,
52 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (149.87 MB)
This science resource includes three nonfiction reading comprehension packets to be used when introducing or reviewing acids and bases with your students. After reading, students will gain an understanding of: → what an acid and base are → be able
36 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.63 MB)
Introduce physical and chemical changes to your chemistry students using this nine-page informative text. This non-fiction reading gives background information on the two types of changes in states of matter, identifies specific real world examples,
46 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.29 MB)
Teach your students all about static electricity, friction, and their charges with this four-page nonfiction reading packet. Students will study both static electricity and lightning. Students will understand what it is, how it is formed, the
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.91 MB)
This classroom decor resource includes 5 pages of states of matter anchor charts to use to hang in your classroom or to give to your students to put in their science notebooks for reference. Students will have access to the characteristics, motion
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.47 MB)
Need a way to assess student comprehension of Newton's Laws of Motion? This assessment consists of twenty multiple choice, fill in the law, and short answer questions that will allow you to grade how well your students understood Newton's first,
26 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.82 MB)
Teach your students all about the three states of matter using this hands-on interactive physical science unit. Your students will learn about solid, liquid and gases, their characteristics, and how temperature causes them to change forms. In
29 ratings
Are you looking for an informative, hands-on unit to teach simple machines? This bundle includes vocabulary words, anchor chart posters to hang in your room or put in your student's interactive notebooks, six nonfiction readings one the inclined
43 ratings
This biology resource is a four-page nonfiction science article about the five different types of microorganisms; algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and virus. There are three additional pages of activities to assess student comprehension. This
44 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.07 MB)
Use this hands-on states of matter resource to help illustrate the properties of a solid, liquid, and gas. Included you will receive eight collaborative activities to use with your students as a whole class or small group experiment. Activities will
28 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.70 MB)
Introduce and teach your students about Newton's 3rd law of motion with this informative text and hands-on activity. Students will read the text to understand that for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. They will answer the
25 ratings
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I have been teaching special education to middle school students for eleven years. Prior to that, I had experience with elementary school students - general and special education. While my caseload changes every year, I have taught mostly reading and science classes. I do have some social studies experience as well. Currently, I also serve as a building union representative and a Technology Integration Lead Teacher.


I love mixing it up. In a middle school environment, it is necessary to sometimes need to lecture but I try to always include a hands-on experience or some form of technology in each lesson to keep their motivation high. Excited, motivated, engaged students will only make me more excited and motivated to be a better teacher.


Nearpod Certified Educator, Google Level 2 Certification


I received my bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's College in elementary (K- Grade 6) and special education (Birth to Grade 12). I received my masters degree from Long Island University in Literacy K-6. Beyond that, I have obtained 90 credits beyond my masters in a variety of different courses to help me further excel in the area of literacy, science, social studies, and technology.


Along with my love of teaching comes my love for my pitbull pup, Samson. He is a delight to me and my students. In my spare time, I enjoy painting and kickboxing.

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