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This social studies resource is a scavenger hunt activity that allows students to review the thirteen colonies in an engaging, collaborative way. Students will rotate through three different stations and use the clues at each station to determine
280 ratings
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This Patriot Day lesson starts with a moving 13-minute video about a man named Welles Crowther and his last hours on September 11, 2001. While the video alone (which can be found on Youtube) can yield a wealth of conversation, you will find a
81 ratings
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The Columbian Exchange was the exchange of goods between the Old World and the New World. This nonfiction social studies reading comprehension article details how this was done between Europe and the Americas and the effects it had on the Native
73 ratings
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This social studies resource is a nonfiction reading comprehension worksheet packet developed to introduce and teach the five themes of geography; place, region, human-environment interaction, location and movement. It includes pictures and
64 ratings
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Use this nonfiction social studies reading comprehension teaching resource to introduce and give students information on European exploration and settlement in the Americas. Students will be able to visually see where the Europeans settled in the
73 ratings
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This teaching activity will give your social studies students knowledge of the first colonial settlements in America as they begin their studies of the 13 colonies. Students will learn about Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth. They will learn their
69 ratings
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This social studies resource is a complete unit for the 13 Colonies or Colonial history of the United States. It details how the colonists came from Great Britain to the new land to build the thirteen colonies. It documents where they settled, the
59 ratings
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This three-page activity will teach your students about the war draft during the Vietnam War. Students will learn what the draft was, how it changed the war and how to determine where they would have fallen using a chart. Students will learn: •
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.81 MB)
Teaching the Vietnam War to students? This social studies nonfiction reading comprehension packet will give your students a brief overview of the Vietnam war, along with reasons for it and its outcome. It highlights important people and places.
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.19 MB)
Introduce your United States history students to the 13 colonies with this nonfiction reading packet. Students will learn about the characteristics of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. They will learn of each colonies location,
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.72 MB)
Need a quick and easy but challenging way to assess your students on the 5 themes of geography? This resource is an assessment that I use with my students that elicits answers to multiple choice, fill in and short answer questions based upon their
40 ratings
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Recognize Holocaust Remembrance Month with this engaging and heartwarming autobiography of this tragic time in history. This teaching resource is a unit to complement the novel, Four Perfect Pebbles based on Marion Blumenthal Lazan's real-life
36 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.49 MB)
This Patriot Day resource is a four-page nonfiction reading packet that details the events of September 11. It will give information about the events of 9/11 as well as the events that preceded and the aftermath. This is the perfect resource to use
43 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.88 MB)
Use this United States history resource with your students to review characteristics of the thirteen colonies. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the location, government, religion, economy, and education in the New England, Middle and
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.39 MB)
Assess your students' knowledge of the thirteen colonies using this five-page assessment. Assessment includes diagrams, maps and a variety of questioning to allow you to know what students understand about the New England, Middle and Southern
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.49 MB)
This social studies teaching lesson includes three activities to use to enhance your Christopher Columbus, National Indigenous People's Day or a unit on European explorers. Activities use the picture books, Encounter by Jane Yolen to teach students
29 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.69 MB)
This social studies resource is a flow chart to use when teaching the five themes of geography. This chart is a great tool for your students to use to brainstorm real-world examples of the five themes of geography. The flow chart lists the five
37 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.93 MB)
Reinforce and review student learning of the 13 colonies using this resource which includes differentiated graphic organizers for the New England, Middle and Southern colonies, and a game to review the characteristics of each colony. Use the game as
39 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.25 MB)
Need materials to teach the novel, Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia Kadohata? This novel study is jammed packed with pre-reading activities to help build background information on the Vietnam War and military working dogs and assessments
26 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (22.44 MB)
Teach your students all about the American Revolution with this fourteen page nonfiction social studies packet. Included are guided reading comprehension questions to help students analyze the informative text regarding the Revolutionary War. There
38 ratings
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I have been teaching special education to middle school students for eleven years. Prior to that, I had experience with elementary school students - general and special education. While my caseload changes every year, I have taught mostly reading and science classes. I do have some social studies experience as well. Currently, I also serve as a building union representative and a Technology Integration Lead Teacher.


I love mixing it up. In a middle school environment, it is necessary to sometimes need to lecture but I try to always include a hands-on experience or some form of technology in each lesson to keep their motivation high. Excited, motivated, engaged students will only make me more excited and motivated to be a better teacher.


Nearpod Certified Educator, Google Level 2 Certification


I received my bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's College in elementary (K- Grade 6) and special education (Birth to Grade 12). I received my masters degree from Long Island University in Literacy K-6. Beyond that, I have obtained 90 credits beyond my masters in a variety of different courses to help me further excel in the area of literacy, science, social studies, and technology.


Along with my love of teaching comes my love for my pitbull pup, Samson. He is a delight to me and my students. In my spare time, I enjoy painting and kickboxing.

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