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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates
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Looking for a beautiful, illustrative, and informational way to introduce the rise of Islam to your students? Look no further. This fully editable Prezi introduces Islamic history and religion through a concise and interesting narrative that
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This illustrative and colorful Prezi teaches students about Push and Pull Migration in an accessible way using lots of visual examples and the historic story of the Irish as a concrete connection to the content. My favorite element of this Prezi is
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Finally! Introducing students to the continents and oceans, maps, mapping, and latitude and longitude in a clear, concise, and easy format! After my dissatisfaction with using our school's old transparency machines and out of date maps I decided
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This is one of my favorite Document-Based Questions because of the outstanding high-quality picture advertisements (THERE ARE A WHOPPING TWELVE- they took me a long time to find in such high quality) from the Roaring Twenties and the discussion that
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I currently teach at two schools throughout the calendar year. During the summer I teach World History at Loyola Academy, a Jesuit College Preparatory Academy. During the regular school year I teach U.S. Government and Geography at public school along Chicago's North Shore. I serve as the Team Leader for my grade-level, the RtI data manager for my smaller learning community, the curriculum designer and manager for U.S. Government and Geography, and I am a technology leader in the Lighthouse Lead Learner Committee.


Philosophy of Education: Our world needs people who are unafraid and able to question authority, challenge belief paradigms, and reshape society for the greater good. A powerful education should nurture lifelong learners that are curious, skeptical, and dedicated to using their intelligence to address the challenges and injustices of our world. My vision for this model of education begins with passionate and dedicated teachers who strive to liberate, inspire, and enlighten their students. The teacher should not direct student learning, but meaningfully facilitate it. Education is a living art designed to be built upon, shaped, challenged, changed, and even deconstructed by students. The teacher must facilitate and guide this process, but not interfere with or devalue the unique ways students learn and construct knowledge. This requires the teacher to recognize that while he is a teacher to his students, he remains a student who can learn from his students. This realization results in a powerful and authentic learning community within the classroom. The model for education and teachers I have described creates lifelong learners who can change their communities. Our children command the future of our world, and we entrust teachers to prepare them for this enormous responsibility. Students deserve teachers who understand the importance of their position and who teach as if the world depends on it, because it does.


* Teacher Appreciation Award- Computer Systems Institute (nominated by a former student and selected by the college faculty). * Kappa Delta Pi (International Honor Society in Education). * Senior Prize in Student Teaching (Lake Forest College). * Dean's List. * Phi Eta Sigma: National Freshman Honor Society. * Please see my press coverage:


Double Major in Education and History at Lake Forest College.


My name is Frank and I am happily married and hoping to have some little ones in the house soon! I'm a pretty down to earth guy who loves teaching, learning, and my family. Everything you see on my store page was a work of love and passion. I never thought I would sell any of my work because it was so personal to me, but the burden of student loans makes it a necessity. I hope that you find my prices reasonable and that you find as much joy in implementing my lessons, activities, and projects as I did. I can't wait to hear what you think! Thank you for supporting me!

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