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This is an 800+ slide interactive PowerPoint presentation with built-in class notes (red slides), built in quizzes, built-in lab activity, mineral flashcards, homework sheet, minerals blank template sheet for collecting mineral properties, lesson
10 ratings
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This product on TpT is for a set of Rock and Mineral Flashcards. I also have two PowerPoint visual quizzes meant for these flashcards. (My rock cycle, Types of Rocks, Minerals, Properties of Minerals posting). Also included are hundreds of unit
50 ratings
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These flashcards are one small part of my Weathering, Soil, Soil Science, and Soil Conservation, Ice-Ages, and Glaciers Unit. Weathering, Soil Science, Soil Conservation, Ice Ages, Glaciers Unit Procedure: Teacher prints up individual or table
18 ratings
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These flashcards are one small part of my Weathering, Soil, Soil Science, and Soil Conservation, Ice-Ages, and Glaciers Unit. Weathering, Soil Science, Soil Conservation, Ice Ages, Glaciers Unit Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint
4 ratings
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These are the 75 key terms that follow my three ecology units that I offer on TpT. these are great for support professionals and students who may require. I usually print out the flashcards and then cut them by hand. Teacher / students / or staff
8 ratings
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This Flash Card set is one small part of my Laws of Motion and Simple Machines (1500 Slide PowerPoint) Unit that I offer on TpT. Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint slides, the bundled homework package, unit notes, and much
6 ratings
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This Flash Card set is one small part of my Science Skills Unit (2,500 Slide PowerPoint) that I offer on TpT. Some of the flash card topics are... Magnification, Demagnification, Stereoscope, Compound Light Microscope, Electron Microscope, Metric
5 ratings
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These are the unit Flash Cards to my Infectious Diseases Unit that I offer on TpT. Also included are hundreds of unit PowerPoint slides, the bundled homework package, lesson notes, and much more. Infectious Diseases Entire Unit on TpT Link
1 rating
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These are the unit Flash Cards that accompany my Cellular Biology Unit that I offer on TpT. Included you will also find my unit preview. The flashcards deal with the following. Characteristics of Life, SPONCH, Cellular Biology, History of Cellular
12 ratings
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These are the unit Flash Cards for my DNA and Genetics Unit that I offer on TpT. These are great for students who may need them and support staff. Also included are PowerPoint Freebies and the bundled homework package and lesson notes from the
7 ratings
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This is the Flash Card Set for my Weather and Climate Unit on TpT. I hope they can assist your students. Also included is a preview of my weather and climate unit that includes the bundled homework, notes, PowerPoint previews, crossword puzzle
17 ratings
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Truly interactive and engaging PowerPoint creation complete with chronological homework / classwork, lesson notes, video links, and much more. 20 Full Units of Study, 50,000+ Slides 10+ Years in Public Education (Middle School + High School) Bachelors Degree in Biology and Environmental Studies. State Teaching Certificate, Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Outdoor Educator, Coach, Ski-Instructor, Guide, Parent, Outdoor Enthusiast, Lived in East Africa, Great Life Experiences, and a love for science and education.


For TpT I have created an entire original curriculum over the past 12 years. I ditched the textbooks early in my career and opted for students to create their own textbooks with use of a learning journal. I began converting everything I was doing into a super charged form of PowerPoint. I have posted 20 different science units in Life, Earth, and Physical Science, and hundreds of smaller posting which are just small parts of these 20 units I've also just recently developed an NGSS 5th grade full year curriculum and 8th grade Texas TEKS curriculum. The units use elaborate PowerPoint Presentations to deliver important notes, direct lab activities, provide follow-up questions, prompts for videos, and includes assessments, modified assessments, class notes, and answers to the assessments for support staff. My use of PowerPoint is high energy, with as much interaction between students and teacher as possible. I don't give the students anything for free, and they must engage to move one. Great thought questions, meaningful activities that reinforce instruction, tons of review opportunities, exciting video shorts, projects and much more are built right into the slideshow. I consider how students learn rather than just bullet listing facts. I use color coded text so students can focus on one point at a time. Everything is as visual as possible and presented in a step by step process. Most importantly, the activities and discussions that emerge from the slideshows are incredibly meaningful. Detailed unit notes with visuals follow each PowerPoint slideshow for students who require assistance and support staff. A bundled homework package and modified version also follows the slideshows for nightly review. I have 50,000 + slides over 20 full units of study that have been constantly improved every year. These units are the products of 10 years of trial in an incredibly busy and challenging classroom environment. I wouldn't post a unit that hasn't worked wonders for me and my students. Please contact me if you would like to sample some of my work. I will gladly send you a unit or more to view and use in your classroom. Thanks for your interest. Sincerely, Ryan Murphy M.Ed


Distinguished Science Teacher in my school and community.


Bachelors of Science from Saint Lawrence 1998 University - Biology / Environmental Studies Teacher Certificate 5-9 General Science UVTI Upper Valley Teachers Institute 2001 Master of Education Union Institute and University 2008


I have been working nights for the last ten years creating this electronic curriculum. I have tried to make these units (I have 20 posted Units on TpT) - especially the PowerPoint presentations as interactive and engaging as possible. Everything in a unit unfolds chronologically following the PowerPoint roadmap. The bundled homework package, unit notes, videos, and more all follow the unit. Everything is organized and ready to go for a whole unit of instruction. I have been using them for years with my students and all of the feedback from the students, parents, and my administrators has been extremely positive. Test scores, as well as my students high school performance has been exceptional. My students encouraged me to make these lessons available to the public. Thanks for your interest. Sincerely, Ryan Murphy M.Ed

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