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In this lesson, students will work through five major types of evidence for evolution (anatomical, molecular, fossil, vestigial structures, and embryological development). This is a great resource for the paperless classroom and can be used as
10 ratings
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This resource includes three short activities on modern applications of evolution, such as the peppered moth, antibiotic resistance, and pesticide resistance. Along with teaching the basics and the theory of evolution, it is important for students
10 ratings
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This product includes all Biology items in my store at a bundled discount price. As I add more materials, I will slowly raise the price of the product. Once purchased, you get all future biology materials for free. This bundle ONLY includes
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Students often get confused, and have many misconceptions about global warming, greenhouse effect, and ozone depletion. This pack is focused on teaching students the basics of each, and giving them a chance to compare and contrast. Included are: -
19 ratings
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This product includes two different versions of an evaporation lab. One version can be done as an inquiry-based activity, where students design their own experiment for one factor that affects evaporation, and then share results. The other version
1 rating
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This lab is a great hands-on way for students to experience and understand many of the terms involved in evolution. They can do this lab at the start of the evolution unit, as an introduction to the basic concepts before getting into genetics, if
2 ratings
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This is a student activity to pull together their knowledge on weathering and erosion by creating a concept map. Students should already be familiar with the idea of a concept map. It includes student directions and summary questions, as well as
1 rating
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This is a complete lesson plan, with answer key and step by step implementation guide. It includes 4 stations for each factor affecting deposition, a data table, and summary questions. These are hands-on stations with readily available household
1 rating
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Cell organelles are a content topic that is largely memorization at first, to ensure that students know the names, functions, and visual recognition of each organelle. This is an alternative to giving notes, which can be difficult for students to
43 ratings
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This product includes two versions of a leaf structure lab. One version is a more traditional lab, and the other is slightly more open-ended, or inquiry based, and longer, allowing students to design an experiment. Both versions allow for
16 ratings
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This product includes two versions of a flower reproduction lab. One version is a more traditional lab, and the other is slightly more open-ended, or inquiry based. Both versions allow for hands-on examination of the parts of a flower and how
8 ratings
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This Meet and Teach product will provide you with a little information about me and my store. It’s filled with a ‘Meet’ page where you can learn about me and a ‘Teach’ page that is a one-page resource you can use in your classroom tomorrow. It is
4 ratings
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Product Description: This product includes all Human Body items in my store. Human Body is such a commonly taught subject in so many different grade levels. These products were originally designed for middle school, but have been used in high
14 ratings
This product includes all Earth Science items in my store, now and in the future. I am offering my entire selection of Earth Science items to you at a discount. As I add more materials, I will slowly raise the price of the product. Once
5 ratings
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This product includes all Biology items in my store at a bundled discount price. As I add more materials, I will slowly raise the price of the product. Once purchased, you get all future biology materials for free. Please NOTE: This bundle
11 ratings
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Observation, inference, and hypothesis are core scientific skills and content at many levels. However, they are frequent areas of confusion for students. This product includes at least 4 ways to practice/reinforce. You will get cards with 16
23 ratings
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This product is a great way to introduce or reinforce density, and also a great way to introduce or reinforce scientific method. This includes directions for both a teacher demonstration or student centered demonstration of the principle. In
15 ratings
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I searched for a lab or hands-on activity on genetic engineering that would make the process less abstract, and more understandable to my students. I wasn't able to find what I wanted, so I wrote it! This product includes background information on
39 ratings
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This guides students through creating a model of a topographic map, using readily available and inexpensive materials. Materials needed: Styrofoam plates scissors pen By the end of this lab, students will understand the meaning of contour lines,
18 ratings
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This product includes three different versions of an enzyme lab, focused on factors that affect enzyme activity (temperature and pH). Students can do both as two separate labs, or it can be done as a jigsaw activity where they share their results
12 ratings
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I have been teaching Earth Science, AP Environmental Science, and Middle School Science for 9 years in an urban public school. I have also taught and introductory Geology course at a local college. Prior to that, I taught in a special ed (Asperger's and Day Treatment setting), and worked for an environmental consulting firm.


Very student-centered, activity based--hands-on and minds-on! I believe that students need to be engaged with lessons that are focused on standards and objectives.


NSTA New Teacher Fellowship Outstanding Student Teaching Award during Master's program.


MS in Adolescence Education, 2006, University of Rochester. NYS Certification in Biology, Earth Science, Middle School Science, Special Education. MS in Geology 2001, University at Buffalo BS in Environmental Science, William Smith College


I have 2 small children of my own. I appreciate that people want to find quality resources and save themselves the time. I have worked hard to develop materials I believe in. My materials are effective with a very difficult population (I have worked mostly in urban settings, and some special ed settings). If they are effective there, I believe they will be effective for your as well.

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