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'Only in the darkness can you see the stars.' --Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Light Energy *The Definition of Light Energy *Colours of Light *Sources of Light Energy *Reflection of Light *The Travel of Light *The Speed of Light *Objects & Light (Transparent, Translucent, Opaque) *Shadows (the Shapes and Sizes) *The
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Food Chain and Food Web Worksheet/Test There are 4 parts included: 1. Match vocabulary with their meaning: 25 items 2. Multiple Choice: 15 items 3. Identify the trophic levels and answer the questions: 8 items 4. write the answers in the blanks: 9
78 ratings
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Food Chain and Food Web Power Point Presentation 1. Parts of a food chain - Producers - Consumers ( Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore) - Decomposer (Fungi, Bacteria) - Scavenger - Detritivore 2. Food Chain - Examples - Trophic
85 ratings
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Heat Energy Reading Science Subtopics: 1. Heat Energy 2. Sources of Heat 3. Temperature 4. Heat Conduction 5. Effects of Heat 6. Heat Flow Activities consists of: Direction 1 Read the passages and fill in the semantic mapping Direction 2 Answer
64 ratings
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Force Worksheet Included: 1. Filling in the blanks exercise 20 items 2. True or False 10 items 3. Fill in the blanks with words given: 5 items 4. Multiple choice exercise 20 items Sub topics: 1. Meaning of force 2. The effects of force 3.
35 ratings
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Electricity Worksheet Included: Exercise 1. Identify things that need electricity to work Exercise 2. Cut and glue the pictures (sources of electricity) Exercise 3. Check the correct answer about the energy conversion Exercise 4. Quiz time **
51 ratings
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Light Energy - Sources of light - Travel of light - How do see things? - Objects and light - Shadow There 2 activities: - Fill in the semantic map - Answer the questions - 3 pages for the activities and 2 pages for the answer key -Answer key
62 ratings
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Energy 1. The meaning of Energy * with pictures 2. Sources of Energy * The sun, Biomass, Geothermal, Wind, Hydropower, Coal, Oil, Natural gas, Nuclear 3. Types of Energy Sources * Renewable and Non-renewable Sources of
47 ratings
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Natural Resources Worksheet For G.3-4 There are 18 pages of worksheet. Sub topics: - Natural resources - Uses of natural resources - Water: sources, uses states, properties of water - Water conservation - Air: Uses, components of air - Rock
31 ratings
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Elephant Toothpaste Science Experimental Worksheet for kids Included: 1. Direction ( Student have to copy the direction, turn it back to teacher and use their copies in order to train students to be careful copying and be careful doing experiment if
29 ratings
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What Animals Need Worksheet Main Concept: 1. Animals are living things. They need food, water and air. 2. Animals need different types of food. 3. There are 3 groups of animals according to the food they eat: - Eat plants only - Eat
46 ratings
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* Light Energy Test/ Worksheet 1. Sources of light 2. Speed of light 3. The travel of light 4. Objects and light 5. Shadows 6. Color of light * There are 3 parts: Part 1: Fill in the blanks with words given : 10 Items Part 2: True or False :
52 ratings
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Animal Adaptation Worksheet for ESL You may want : Adaptation of plants and animals bundle of PPT & Word Walls Thank you very much for stopping at my store And please give me a very kind comment for development. Smiley Teacher
26 ratings
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Recycle Worksheet Subtopics: 1. What is your waste made of? 2. How long time does each material decompose? 3. What is the meaning of 5Rs? 4. What can we recycle? There are 9 exercises. There are 6 pages: 5 for exercise and 1 for answer
27 ratings
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Force 1. Power Point Presentation 2. Subtopics -The meaning of Force -The effects of Forces -Types of Forces: Contact & Non-contact Force *Frictional Force *Elastic Spring Force *Gravitational Force
37 ratings
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Power Point Presentation - The Meaning of Heat - Sources of Heat Energy - Temperature and temperature in our daily life - The differences between Heat and Temperature - Thermometer - Heat Flows - Heat Conduction - Good and Bad
43 ratings
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Adaptation of Animals and Plants PowerPoint Presentation This power point is full of beautiful and lovely pictures that can help students learn lively. There are 85 slides with colorful and great texts. It is consisted of of many subtopics about
20 ratings
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**Recycle Reuse Reduce and Environmental Conservation Test **There are 10 items for Recycle Reuse and Reduce and 10 items for environmental Conservation. **The test is consist of vocabulary, grammar, and content test. **It based on Content-based
18 ratings
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Environment PowerPoint Presentation P.1- 2 The Meaning of Environment P.3 The Components of Environment P. 4- 18 Biological components and Organization of life in the environment P.19 -24 Physical components and Interacting
19 ratings
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Animal Adaptation Reading Science Direction 1: Read about the behavioral adaptation of animals Direction 2: Fill in the semantic mapping Direction 3: Answer the questions ** Printable ** There are 4 pages: 2 for worksheets and 2 for answer key
20 ratings
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I have been a Science Teacher for more than 10 years. And I have to teacher Science by using English as a media to ESL. Then I study more in Master Degree of Teaching English in order to have enough ability to teacher both English and Science at the same time to ESL. Content-based Instruction is my basis of teaching.


Project-based instruction Content-based instruction


10 years Of Being Teacher


Bachelor's Degree : Education faculty - Majoring of Chemistry Master Degree: Teaching English


* I was a medical scientist before changed my job into a Teacher

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