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Converting Rational Numbers (also known as Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents) is a crucial skill that students must learn when beginning to break down parts of the number system. The Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents Flippable
1862 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.32 MB)
#TpTFireworks Are you looking to start using Interactive Notebooks in your classroom? This resource is the perfect place to start! This Starter Pack Includes: ► Information on how to implement Interactive Notebooks to fit the needs of your
1669 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.59 MB)
Identifying Ordered Pairs within a Four Quadrant Graph or a One Quadrant Coordinate Plane are one of the most fun skills for students! This 4-Flap Flippable is perfect for students to identify the origin, x axis, y axis and coordinate pairs and the
703 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.29 MB)
Are you a DIY-er at heart? This Mega Pack is crammed with 81 different templates that you can cater to fit your needs, in your classroom, for student use. They are sized on a full sheet of paper and have marks for cutting and folding that coordinate
714 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.69 MB)
A new school year starts with a unit to review the Common Core Ratios and Proportional Reasoning in 6th Grade. After starting an Interactive Notebook for 6th Grade Math, this unit not only provides the Flippables (foldable activities) but also items
368 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.74 MB)
This Bundle contains lessons for an Interactive Notebook for 6th Grade Math for each of the Common Core Standards (CCSS), Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS). This bundle of units not only provides the
560 ratings
This Bundle contains lessons for an Interactive Notebook for 7th Grade Math for each of the Common Core Standards as well as Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This unit not only provides the Flippables (foldable activities) but also
471 ratings
Ratios and Proportional Reasoning skills is my absolute FAVORITE unit to teach! I love how you are able to break down units, proportions, scale factors and so much more all in a logical sense for students. This Ratios and Proportional Reasoning
321 ratings
Digital Download PDF (126.52 MB)
This Bundle contains lessons for an Interactive Notebook for 8th Grade Math for each of the Common Core Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and now Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) as well. This bundle of units not only provides
385 ratings
Operations with Rational Numbers is a core foundation unit to begin each and every school year with! Reviewing and extending upon the concepts of rational numbers, positive and negative integers, fractions and more are definitely skills to implement
281 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.13 MB)
Do your students need a hands-on manipulative that they can work with to manipulate numbers in the correct place values? This flippable is perfect to use for this and keep inside their Interactive Notebooks. I have the students store their numbers
307 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.19 MB)
Ready to review the basics of Mean, Median, Mode and Range? This flippable has all that you need for your students to have a resource for the definition, a keyword to help remember, as well as a graph to compile data from the class and determine the
238 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.40 MB)
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Flippables are a crucial skill that students must learn when working through understanding using all four operations with fractions. The Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Flippables (foldable) is a set of unique
237 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.68 MB)
Converting Scientific Notation doesn't have to be hard for your students! In this Interactive Notebook Lesson students will not only take fill-in-the-blank notes on Converting Standard Notation to Scientific Notation but also notes on Converting
184 ratings
Digital Download PDF (19.20 MB)
A new school year starts with a unit to review the Number System in 6th Grade. After starting an Interactive Notebook for 6th Grade Math, this unit not only provides the Flippables (foldable activities) but also items necessary to complete your INB
293 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.64 MB)
As a part of my Number Operations unit, we cover how to combine like terms and simplifying written expressions. As a part of this I work with my students to understand the methods as well as have a resource for their Interactive Notebooks. In this
203 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.35 MB)
Looking for an interesting way to keep track of vocabulary in your Interactive Notebooks? These diagonal frayer models allow for you to place the vocabulary word with space for definition, characteristics, examples and non-examples. Includes: -
221 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.39 MB)
Identifying and describing triangles are some of the basic foundational steps of geometry and building a strong vocabulary understanding of the words and phrases that go along with triangles are just as important. In Classifying and Identifying
217 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.35 MB)
Flippables are a great way to help students organize their thoughts as well as notes for a given topic. There are a total of 37 Flippables (foldables) ready to use in your classroom in Interactive Notebooks with your class. Some of the Flippables
259 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.56 MB)
Plate Tectonics are an integral part of Earth Science and this 2 week unit including Flippables (foldables), exit tickets, mini quizzes, a mini-lab and a final assessment will be just perfect for you to use in your Plate Tectonics Unit. Included in
156 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.39 MB)
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As a teacher I have taught a wide range of students from Second through Eighth Grade and loved every minute of each grade level for different reasons. As a presenter, I speak and train teachers from Pre-Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade about Interactive Notebooks, Differentiated Instruction, Math Workshop, Parent-Student Technology Interaction, Special Education Strategies and more! Math is a passion of mine rooted all the way back to being in school myself and now that I am able to pass on the love for learning math, I enjoy working to differentiate materials to reach the needs of learners at their ability and interest level.


I have become an avid believer in using an Interactive Notebook mixed with Differentiated Work Stations (also known as centers or Guided Math) to engage and motivate my learners. My students have responded so well and are constantly asking for more in class and that is what motivates me to constantly create engaging lessons.


NAPW Woman of the Year 2015-2016 Who's Who Among America's Teachers 2006-2009 CAMTership Award


Bachelor's of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies- TAMU-Commerce 2003 Masters of Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction- TAMU-Commerce 2009


Mom to three precious dogs, all rescued! :)

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