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So Kid You Want to be a Success
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Leadership Development is first in a series of 12 books “So Kid! You want to be a Success?” all based on how to navigate life with Entrepreneurship, Etiquette, Ethics, and Energy at its foundation. After 40 years of research, development, and
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1995-2017: Advocate for Powerful Enrichment After-School Programming 2012: Unanimously voted in twice by the San Diego City Council to receive a contract to develop an after-school program for the City of San Diego’s students to be based on the results and success of alumni. 1994-2004: San Diego Future Leaders Founder & Director San Diego Future Leaders provided a forum so that students could exercise volunteerism/increase their professional experiences; achieving their social obligations. Students started their personal networks and built community support for their future careers Chaired or organized students to participate in 365 events; including Holiday Bowl, Sail America, and Coalition for Equality, United Way, Living Legacy Awards, and Native American Council; this practice was a amazing lessons for students and part of program. 1998–2000: Consultant to Wellness Foundation - Violence Prevention Initiative/ 1998–2000: Consultant to Wellness Foundation - Violence Prevention Initiative/ I was a consultant for the Violence Prevention Initiative–Wellness Foundation with Eureka Communities. I presented opportunities for recipients of an award to see things in a different way; to see possibilities. 1997–2001: Eureka Communities/ I was presented with a Eureka Communities Fellowship. Considered a Social Entrepreneur and recommended by a City Council; Program was showing results with “At-Promise” students and the community recognized the Leadership Development program to be the catalyst. 1994-2001: After-School Program Director/ Received Federal funding (CDGB) to run an after-school program for five years in District 8 of San Diego. This district is one of the lowest income areas with one of the highest drop-out rates. 1983-1990: Future Leaders of America/ Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties I was invited through a Networking group, I was a member of, to help a Leadership group which brought Jr. High students in from all over California to train. I trained my students from San Diego with my program and brought them to the camps. My students consistently brought the students from all over California together with an understanding that they were building the personal support group. The results were recognized and I was asked to bring my way of teaching Leadership to the whole group. When I could incorporate my program, major changes happened; the desire to help and support one another grew; networking and choosing a career path became paramount. Nothing was in cement, but was at least being thought about. Students were giving opportunities to meet with people in their potential career choice through networking groups.


The foundation of the “So Kid!” curriculum is Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Etiquette, and Energy/ Science. I felt that by using literature and historical facts, I could bring knowledge to young people in such a way that they would connect with, relate to and then understand how to become successful citizens in their communities. The game covers Leaders, Scientists, the great Artist of all time, Strategists, Industrialists, Inventors of all countries and cultures.


2016: PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator 2004: Nominated for California Governor’s Office “Woman of the Year” award. 1996: Invited to meet President Bill Clinton with 35 students at Air Force One in Coronado Ca. because of the results of the Leadership Development Program.


Liberal Arts Telecommunications Leadership Development


Being an avid reader and found myself reading articles about lower-income children and their failures to more forward. Why weren’t they getting into Universities of their choice? Why was there so much dropping out? I wanted to help children understand how to accomplish what is needed in their journey of obtaining a higher education. I found that most children were ill-equipped for this passage. I wanted to empower children so that when they were ready to join the community, they were well equipped and prepared to do so. In 1977, I started the process of gathering, researching and compiling an immense body of information. I wanted to develop a curriculum for at-risk/at-promise children; all children are promising. My information became “So Kid! You want to be a Success?” a 12 book encyclopedia series. My program prepares students through a systematic formula for success. Teaching a life-time engagement of; “Making Friends Not Adversaries!” This is the answer to understanding how to accomplish a well-equipped life for the journey! Another lesson is to recognize the opportunities that become available to them while in service and involvement in their community. I wanted to help children understand exactly what was expected of them and in what time and manner so that there was no confusion about what they were to accomplish. A consistent and comprehensive program was my mission. But it had to be fun and exciting to get the attention of the student. As we all know “History” is filled with “Heroes” that had to go through their trials and tribulations to achieve greatness as well. With the Leadership program; students were learning all about history and what it takes to have life with purpose and joy. During the mid-1990s to early-2000s, positive results from this program had begun to emerge as several past students gained recognition in community participation, gave interviews in local publications, and went on to college. They credited the content of my program as the major contributing factors to their development and success. I started receiving, awards, recognition, numerous testimonials and letters of appreciation from parents, educators, business leaders and politicians, expressing their gratitude for the program and my work with the children. So many families are in need and should be given the same opportunity for succes, I found that I had to get the program out to others. ~ Testimonials Available

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