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Do your students truly understand why they are taking a history class!? Why not teach them in a fun activity? Turn your students into historians as they dig through artifacts, analyze primary sources and read information about history. This lesson
231 ratings
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Could the Holocaust happen again? What are your responsibilities in a global society? This lesson has been newly redesigned to include two different engaging activities. In this first activity, students will learn about the Holocaust and genocide
194 ratings
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There are 8 defining characteristics of a civilization – teach them to your students in a way that engages and excites them! This lesson is designed to teach the 8 features of a civilization with a gallery walk. Students will begin the lesson with a
109 ratings
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This Social Studies Strategies for Success is a guide book full of engaging, purposeful teaching strategies that provide students a rich learning experience. You will be able to use this binder full of activities all year long! This strategy
100 ratings
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Africa has been left with a dark legacy from European Colonization. What are the current issues that face Africa today? In this activity, students explore 6 different issues that are impacting Africa by visiting stations and completing a folding
39 ratings
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Do your students truly understand why they are taking a history class? Why not teach them in a fun activity? Turn your students into historians as they dig through artifacts, analyze primary sources and read information about history. This lesson
63 ratings
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Water is more valuable than gold! Do your students know the impact that water – or the lack of it – is having on life in the Middle East? In this activity, students will work in groups of 4 to research the Middle East water crisis. In expert
21 ratings
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Were the conquistadors heroes or villains? Let your students decide through this engaging activity. In this lesson your students will begin with an anticipation guide on actions of a hero or a villain. You can increase learning by turning this
26 ratings
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Are you just starting your Interactive Student Notebook journey with your students? Have you implemented Interactive Students Notebooks, but you are frustrated with the results you are getting from your students? Try this activity with your students
44 ratings
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Are you looking for an engaging way to review for your World War II test? Try this lesson! This is an activity to review the events leading to World War II. It is perfect for a formative assessment or a review activity prior to a state test. Your
16 ratings
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Buy them both and save 20%! Purchase the bundle of Africa activities for huge savings! In this bundle, you will receive both of my Africa lessons. Each of these lessons involve an Interactive Student Notebook component and are designed for maximum
11 ratings
Celebrate the end of the year with a student choice project! This End of the Year Social Studies Choice Board is designed to reflect information your students have learned in Social Studies, personal information about your class, and gives your
17 ratings
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Rome The Result of Rome’s Decline Did Rome take civilization with it when it fell? Students will examine this essential question as they study the result of the fall of Rome. Your students will begin this lesson with a preview activity comparing
12 ratings
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Buy lessons for Back to School and save! Purchase the bundle of beginning of the year activities for any history course! In this bundle, you will receive all of my beginning of the year lessons – from a Why Study History! to activities for Setting
22 ratings
The French Revolution resonated across the world. Your students will explore the French Revolution in a reading and visual activity. Students will begin the activity by examining a political cartoon associated with the French Revolution and
13 ratings
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This activity takes a complex topic - Why did Europe colonize the world? - and breaks it down into a manageable lesson. Students will explore this topic by looking at a scenario that compares two soccer teams, one that has advantages and one that
8 ratings
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Social Studies - Image Analysis This is a great addition to any textbook or primary source reading. Before having your students read their content, allow them to do an image analysis on a key picture relating to the text. Once they have examined
14 ratings
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In this activity, students will learn about the Holocaust and genocide as they visit four different stations in a museum-like experience. At each station, your students will be exposed to primary source images, quotations, maps and readings as they
6 ratings
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Africa and the Middle East Bundle Buy them all and save! Purchase the bundle of Africa and the Middle East activities for huge savings! In this bundle, you will receive all of my lessons for this region. Each of these lessons involve an Interactive
9 ratings
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What makes a war just? Are the wars we participate in just? Do your students know the Principles of a Just War? These principles have developed over thousands of years of warfare – and they make a great lens for examining ANY war! In this activity,
7 ratings
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For more than 25 years, I have brought my love of Social Studies to teachers and students. My journey includes a variety of roles – classroom teacher, instructional coach, curriculum coordinator, university professor, and professional development trainer. Working with middle school students has been one of the highlights of my career. After thirteen years in the classroom, I transitioned into the role of an instructional coach based on a high school campus. This window into other teachers’ classrooms motivated my inner calling to improve social studies instruction. I realized how important front line education is to changing the way students react to and learn from the important life lessons Socials Studies has to share. My next step was to central office. I served a district of over 55,000 students as a Social Studies Coordinator. My goal of improving Social Studies instruction increased as I worked with over 600 K-12 Social Studies teachers to implement transformative Social Studies education. In my current role,  I provide professional development, consulting services and resources to Social Studies teachers. I want every child to understand the importance of Social Studies in their life – and every teacher to have the tools to reach them.


I live and breathe Social Studies instruction. I have taught Social Studies to either students or teachers for 25 years. I started out as a classroom teacher teaching both 7th grade Texas History and 8th grade US History. In 2006, I transitioned out of the classroom into the role of an Instructional Coach on a high school for a Social Studies department. Four years later I accepted the position as a Social Studies Coordinator for a school district in Texas. In addition to working with teachers in a school district, I teach a Methods of Teaching Social Studies class at the university level. I now travel the United States, training teachers in Social Studies methodology and sharing great ideas for Social Studies instruction.


Who's Who Among Teachers Texas State Teacher of the Year


Undergraduate Degree from Stephen F. Austin State University Master's Degree from Texas A&M University


Follow my blog at Instagram: SocialStudiesSuccess Facebook: SocialStudiesSuccess

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