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This informal screening tool is useful for screening three areas: articulation, semantics, and grammar. Use it to assist with beginning of year speech and language screenings or ones that may pop up throughout the year. It features black and white
227 ratings
Digital Download PDF (61.64 MB)
This Listening Comprehension Pack contains 3 different level of listening comprehension – 1, 2, & 3 sentence mini-stories. Each comes with a visual support to assist in answering the questions. Use these visuals as needed and fade them when
264 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.94 MB)
This product was designed to be used with a variety of populations, including students with autism spectrum disorders, students in life skills classes, or those with executive functioning challenges. It includes: -6 different realistic bills; each
130 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.20 MB)
This 27 page resource is chock full of useful speech and language activities to be used in conjunction with the adorable book "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything". Contents include: Page 3 – Cut apart the scarecrow on the dotted
242 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.83 MB)
You've found it! Cariboo cards that you can use ALL YEAR ROUND! Print them all at the same time, or just the ones you need for that month. This download contains pertinent vocabulary terms (predominantly nouns) for 39 of the most common
215 ratings
Digital Download PDF (193.56 MB)
This is resource is chock-full of pragmatic language tasks - and everything Fall! Includes: PROBLEM SOLVING: 3 different levels of difficulty/cues - matching, multiple choice, and open-ended questions to do with safety, social appropriateness,
168 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.43 MB)
This thorough and comprehensive syntax pack is perfect for students who need to work on understanding grammar. It covers a variety of grammatical structures from simple to complex, so it's perfect for all of your groups! It can also be used for
163 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.51 MB)
A 55 page download with a variety of articulation and language tasks that correspond to the adorable book! Pages 2-4: props for story retelling, sequencing, story elements, and for use as visuals for a variety of tasks Pages 5-7:
136 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.40 MB)
This set comes with three engaging interactive books to help increase MLU. Students will form verb+object and adjective+noun phrases using visual symbols. The two verb+object books use real photos and simple, familiar vocabulary to get your
109 ratings
Digital Download PDF (90.14 MB)
This activity contains 2 levels of compare & contrast cards: one with visuals and one with text. It can be used for students as young as pre-K and as old as middle school! There is a wide variety of items/ideas! It also contains a chart that
142 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.87 MB)
46 pages of speech and language targets that correspond to the book "If You Bring a Mouse to School". Includes: -pages 2-5: story props for sequencing and retelling -page 6: board game -pages 7-9: comprehension questions with 3-4 visual
106 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.59 MB)
Do your students have difficulty following complex temporal directions? Or directions involving multiple adjectives and concepts? Then this is the packet for you! I had students struggling on a certain subtest of a certain language assessment,
79 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.61 MB)
This is a follow-up to my very popular http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Listening-Comprehension-Pack-Differentiated-with-Visuals If you liked that one, you'll love this! These stories have a little more detail in them, including proper
114 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.09 MB)
Use this companion during your next winter animal-themed unit! "Ten on the Sled" has predictive and repetitive text, adorable characters, and a simple, easy-to-follow story. Contains: Pg. 3-5: Visuals for sequencing the story. Use Velcro to attach
57 ratings
Digital Download PDF (46.69 MB)
This pack is filled with a variety of speech and language therapy targets to correspond to the the book "Turkey Trouble" by Wendi Silvano. Includes: Board game: page 3 Story mat: page 4 - Navigate the story with this mat. Great for sequencing and
81 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.53 MB)
Students must sort fill-in sentence cards into the correct fish bowl. Targets the following forms of the verb "to be": am, is, are, was, were. Adorable ocean animals theme!
80 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.45 MB)
This is a 34 page book companion for "The Pirate Who Couldn't Say Arrr". Because students who work on /r/ are in second grade or above, this pack is appropriate for upper elementary students. it includes: Page3-4: Story props – for sequencing and
92 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.99 MB)
This is a 48 page companion for the book "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn targeting a variety of speech and language tasks, as well as phonemic awareness. It is appropriate for grades Pre-K through 2. Great book for the beginning of the
72 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.68 MB)
This is a HUGE book companion - 49 pages! It includes: -Story Props/Vocabulary: pages 2-5 -Game Board: page 6 -Comprehension & General Knowledge Wh- Questions: pages 7-11 -Articulation cards (initial, medial, & final /p,b,m,t,d,f/): pages
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.74 MB)
Use a picture schedule to help bring structure, focus, and predictability to your speech therapy sessions. This resource contains all you need to being using a visual schedule in your speech therapy sessions. Pages 3-5 are the base of your
40 ratings
Digital Download PDF (29.85 MB)
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I spent my first 4 1/2 years as Speech Language Pathologist in a public elementary school in VA and now I work in a private special education preschool in NY.


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East Carolina University - Go Pirates!


I love to make my own therapy materials and explore things others have made. I hope you find these materials useful!

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