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Do you have students on your caseload that have trouble determining how big or small their problems are? They might get very upset when they are told no or lose in a game? Or constantly over-react to small issues? I do! So I created this packet
825 ratings
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Targeting social skills in mixed groups can be tricky! It seems like there's never enough time for direct instruction, discussion and self-reflection. I use these social skill focus sheets to help students with pragmatic deficits focus on one skill
626 ratings
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This mega-huge, fantastic packet targets categories, describing, functions, comparing/contrasting, WH questions, and SO MUCH MORE. This packet teaches the skills necessary for describing items in isolation, keeping your students successful! The
745 ratings
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Need a way to work on simple, relevant WH questions in speech and language therapy with students who need REAL pictures? Look no further! For each WH question type (who, what, where, when, why), I’ve included: •A simple poster •A complex poster (I
563 ratings
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Looking for a product for your beginner communicators? This product will help you target commenting AND asking and answering basic, personal questions!! Check out what's included below: 1) Commenting Boards These are interactive boards to use to
546 ratings
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Ever need a way to help increase your student's ability to make sounds at the syllable level? I have several students on my caseload that struggle to move beyond making the sound in isolation. I made these webs and they have been an incredibly
371 ratings
Digital Download PDF (36.57 MB)
Are you look for a great product for speech and language therapy to work on grammar, MLU, verbs, pronouns, and basic syntax? I work primarily with students aged 3 through 1st grade and needed a way to work on very basic grammatical structures with
400 ratings
Digital Download PDF (167.35 MB)
Do you play Hedbanz, Jeepers Peepers, or 20 Questions with your speech and language students? This is a fun interactive tool to help teach your students how to ask yes/no questions, inference appropriate answers, and describe items to others.
471 ratings
Digital Download PDF (57.47 MB)
Story grammar is an evidence-based strategy to help your students better comprehend narratives AND write their own! This packet includes three levels to guide your students through learning each story grammar part, better understanding story
388 ratings
Digital Download PDF (40.55 MB)
Need an easy, portable, low-tech resource for your early communicators or AAC students? Look no further! I created these flip boards so I always had a resource to grab for visual supports and communication. I had too many kids coming in with dead
330 ratings
Digital Download PDF (29.76 MB)
Ever wish you had a quick sentence strip to grab and pair with an activity such as a game or flashcards? Look no further! →This versatile packet includes: •70 sentence strips •Blank sentence strips •Sentence strip cover Interested in these but
294 ratings
Digital Download PDF (23.82 MB)
This packet is perfect for students with autism or low-language skills who need to work on basic conversation skills including using greetings (hi, bye) and asking and answering a variety of basic questions. It also works perfectly to target
294 ratings
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This packet teaches your students how to compare and contrast. It is incredibly thorough and easy to prep! The entire packet is in black & white so you can simply print and go. Some activities require cutting. It includes the following: •Quiz:
300 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (17.35 MB)
This bundle is a perfect starter kit for SLPs working with K-5 students! It contains 3 interactive books that target WH questions (who, where, what, what doing), prepositions, and pronouns! By buying this bundle, you save 20% off when compared to
125 ratings
This free packet contains cards for the following speech sounds: b, p, m, h, w, y, d, n, t, k, f, g, j, sh, ch, l, v, r, s, z, and th. Additionally, there are cards for the following vowels: uh, ah, ee, oh, and oh. On each card is a picture of a
147 ratings
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I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist with experience in an outpatient therapy clinic, elementary school, and most recently, a middle school. I love running, hiking, bright colors, crafting, cheese, and anything soft and comfy. I am passionate about children, especially those with autism! You can read my blog at speechymusings.com! Thanks for all of your support!


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I believe that our students can do better when we do better. I believe SLPs can and should love going to work. I believe materials matter. I believe SLPs can be great at what they do and have a life outside of being an SLP. If you do too, then join me on my mission to make SLPs more effective at their jobs in less time. Sign up for my newsletter for tips, tricks, and freebies: http://bit.ly/SpeechyMusingsNewsletter

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