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Imperialism Game: Scramble and Conquer! This is a very fun cooperative learning simulation game to help your students understand the Age of Imperialism! Each group simulates a different country and must conquer "territory" - which are items in
370 ratings
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This American History Warm Up Bundle gives you a complete school year's worth (over 120 slides!) of daily warm up or bell-ringer questions for US History! The slides start with Jamestown and the early colonies and continue through to 9/11, the
433 ratings
Industrial Revolution Child Labor Story with Questions This is a true, short, gripping story about a 10-year-old girl who worked in a factory during the Industrial Revolution and how she met a grim fate due to the factory's horrible working
338 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.47 MB)
Rise of Dictatorships - World War 2 Pop Up Figures Lesson Plan This wonderfully creative lesson has students creating pop up figures of 5 dictators who came to power in the 1920's and 30's before World War II. Included is a printable sheet with 5
395 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.40 MB)
This great lesson for the Vietnam War has students rotate through stations to learn about various aspects of the War in Vietnam. The 7 different stations cover: 1. The Cu Chi Tunnels 2. Vietcong Booby Traps 3. Agent Orange 4. Ho Chi Minh 5. Songs
301 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.88 MB)
Hamilton Lesson Plan for the Hit Musical This amazing, fun, and highly-engaging lesson is designed to teach your students all about Alexander Hamilton through a PowerPoint, graphic organizer/interactive notebook pages, cooperative learning
231 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (40.88 MB)
13 Colonies Interactive Notebook Pages - The Early American Colonies This download features 15 Interactive Notebook pages for American History from the early colonies through the American Revolution. The Interactive Notebook pages include graphic
356 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.00 MB)
Back to School Project - Medieval Coat of Arms This excellent Coat of Arms project is great for a unit on the Middle Ages or for a back-to-school "get to know each other activity"! Included is a directions page that gives the historic background
236 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.45 MB)
Reconstruction Interactive Evaluation Project This excellent, interactive student activity has your class assuming the roles of various people during the Age of Reconstruction and evaluating how they would feel about Reconstruction. Students are
296 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.05 MB)
Civil War Interactive Notebook! This download features 15 Interactive Notebook pages for American History that cover the Civil War through Reconstruction. The Interactive Notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldable templates,
260 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.32 MB)
Ancient Egypt's Kingdoms Reading & Worksheet This is an excellent, easy to understand history of ancient Egypt's 3 major periods: the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, and New Kingdom. A short paragraph explains the key characteristics of each one,
266 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.68 MB)
Industrial Revolution Inventions and Inventors Worksheet This simple, but effective worksheet includes 11 of the most significant inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Students must research to find the inventor, a picture, and a description for
193 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.61 MB)
This awesome packet for bringing Project Based Learning (PBL) in your US History classes will be life-changing! PBL brings real world experiences into the classroom to make lessons more meaningful and engaging for students. It gives them choice in
190 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.29 MB)
This fantastic Civil Rights Movement lesson plan is inspired by the "Freedom Riders". Included are 7 one page readings on major events of the Civil Rights Movement (Brown Vs. The Board of Ed., The Little Rock 9, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, etc) that
261 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.18 MB)
This awesome packet for bringing Project Based Learning (PBL) in your World History classes will be life-changing! PBL brings real world experiences into the classroom to make lessons more meaningful and engaging for students. It gives them choice
194 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.21 MB)
Missouri Compromise Map Analysis This simple worksheet explains the background of the Missouri Compromise, then has students coloring a map of Free and Slave states based on the Compromise's agreements. After completing the map, 8 analysis
276 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.30 MB)
This fantastic Revolutionary War cooperative learning activity has your students sorting 10 key events on a timeline leading up to the American Revolution.These events include:Salutary Neglect, The French & Indian War, Proclamation of 1763,
221 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.16 MB)
In this Columbian Exchange Interactive Lesson & Presentation, students work together to evaluate over 20 items from either the New World or Old World. A lesson plan explains several ways the lesson can be completed based on your class's
267 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.92 MB)
This fantastic Industrial Revolution unit bundle includes 35 files to teach an engaging, student-centered unit on the Industrial Revolution! A unit plan explains your pacing plus included lesson plans for every day of the unit! Included are Google
241 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (101.73 MB)
Treaty of Versailles and 14 Points Venn Diagram This excellent worksheet has students analyzing Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points with the final resolutions of the Treaty of Versailles. Both have their terms shortened and simplified so that students can
165 ratings
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I have 13 years of experience teaching all levels of social studies in diverse schools across all income levels in New Jersey, Florida, and Northern Virginia. For most of those years, I've taught both World and US History, however I also have experience teaching AP Human Geography, Government, Economics, and a class called "The American Mosaic" on American culture. I've also been a School Testing Coordinator and focused on ways to make the testing experience more positive for the school community.


I know how hard it is to engage a modern, diverse classroom full of students at low reading levels, English language learners, advanced students, and students with special needs. That's helped me to learn to create dynamic lessons that students enjoy, while covering state and national standards that utilizes critical thinking.


I've had lessons published by the Society for Historians of Foreign Wars (SHAFR), the Gilder Lehrman Institute, and on our county-wide teacher resource network. Also, I have been selected to lead multiple county-wide teacher development courses and in-services.


BA in History & Writing from the University of Tampa MA in Educational Leadership from George Mason University


If you have any questions about a product, want to collaborate, or just want to follow along for updates, please click on the images below to find me on Social Media:

Pinterest Twitter Facebook Instagram

I also have my own Students of History site here.

Many thanks to Glitter Meets Glue Designs for the social media logos!

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