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All kids can communicate. All kids can learn to read.
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Students with language disorders can have difficulty with formulating explanations or telling what to do. This is a set of 180 game cards for verbal problem solving; an important life and language skill for individuals with developmental and
141 ratings
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If you need to support AAC users but have not had training in AAC implementation, then this resource will provide you with up to a full year's worth of implementation materials and activities. This resource provides a variety of teaching
155 ratings
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Are you stuck with core words implementation? This resource will help you. With an explanation of core words, and interactive books for teaching, this is a great place to start. Research tells us to focus on core vocabulary when teaching beginning
98 ratings
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Try this helpful resource for students to learn the meanings of signs they see in the community and on the street. Not only do students need to recognize the signs; they need to comprehend what each sign means and what it means they should do/not
71 ratings
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If you are implementing Core Word teaching for your AAC users, here are activities to teach AAC users to use core vocabulary effectively. The words used are from the PrAACticalAAC blog's Year of Core Words. • There is some background discussion of
80 ratings
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Many students learn language first through the repetition of life routines. This categorizing life skills activity can be used with students who need to identify items by location, by function, or by association. • 5 rooms are provided: living
74 ratings
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Have your students use role playing to help prepare them for job interview questions, and answer questions about knowing what to do and what not to do, as well as a list of appropriate accommodations for persons with cognitive disabilities (and some
31 ratings
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Life skills are those skills needed for independent living, and include a variety of daily living, job, and community living skills. Language is easily built through these routine tasks, where the vocabulary, sequence, and descriptions are
41 ratings
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Teach core vocabulary use in speech therapy or special education to AAC users with 4 more therapist written interactive books illustrating 12 more of the early core vocabulary words. Give your emerging communicators more practice with core words
54 ratings
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Making associations between tasks and objects needed is a crucial language and life skill. Making sure you have everything you need to complete a task is an important part of daily living skills. Help students learn the names of actions and objects
40 ratings
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This collection of social situations and problems will help you move your students through understanding of social cues, social language, and social interaction skills. For students who have difficulty knowing what to say in social situations, this
34 ratings
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Do your students need help choosing the right clothes for the occasion? We might laugh at toddlers who are noted for their desire to wear boots in the summer and party dresses to the playground, but many children and adults with various
28 ratings
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Prepare your students for community-based social language skills. Teach them to think about situations and find the right thing to do or say. This is a set of 96 game or task cards for verbal problem solving; an important life and language skill
24 ratings
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While we know that teaching AAC in natural contexts is most important, we also know that often our students need additional structured practice. Don't know what to do in therapy sessions? Here is a solution for you to give students more
39 ratings
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Do you need a language game that covers expressive language for pragmatics, semantics, story or event recall? This is a fun game to play during speech therapy time, language groups, social groups. There is: • a game board and a spinner to
18 ratings
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Address CCSS for Language, Speaking and Listening with this resource that addresses answering Wh-Questions in paragraphs, sequencing actions and events, and building or completing simple sentences. There are 36 simple paragraphs (3-4 sentences)
35 ratings
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If you are trying to teach students with communication disorders what they can and what they should not say when in the community, this resource has been used for both teens and adults with developmental disabilities to keep them safe and socially
24 ratings
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Do your students have difficulty knowing the right thing to say? Do they have trouble connecting what people are saying to their facial expressions and body language? Can they read the mis-match between one person’s speech and another’s expression?
15 ratings
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Your AAC users need a system that has a robust vocabulary and is based on core words. This relatively inexpensive communication book is just what you need to get them started. With 2 different sizes of core word boards to choose from and multiple
21 ratings
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This resource provides you with file folder activities and games for: * matching items with their location, function, and associated items, sorting where things are used (includes home vs. school, and bedroom, bathroom, garage, dining room, things
12 ratings
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I have been a speech-language pathologist for 40 years, before which I worked with kids with autism. I have been in the classroom, therapy room, and worked as an administrator. I have worked in public and nonpublic schools. I currently specialize in alternative-augmentative communication for nonverbal students and in training staff to implement aac in their classrooms. I teach workshops locally and nationally on augmentative communication and on teaching literacy skills to students with complex communication needs, and have written CEU on-line courses for SLPs about AAC. I have published research articles in peer reviewed journals, and spent considerable time working on translating research into practice.


Working with students with significant special needs has taught me to do whatever works - which can be different for every student in the group. While I have a strong background in applied behavior analysis from working with kids with autism, I utilize a wide variety of strategies and styles! I want to teach teachers and SLPs to consider all options for teaching students with Complex Communication Needs because we need to presume competence for ALL kids. I feel strongly that if a child doesn't learn HE has not failed. WE have.


I have had research papers published in peer review professional journals, and have presented at numerous national and international conferences and on webinars. I have also written more than 16 professional CEU hour courses for an on-line university program for SLPs about AAC. And have recently written a book about AAC implementation for parents, teachers, and SLPs. My blog has been named one of the top 5 AAC blogs, one of the top100 Language blogs and top 100 speech therapy blogs.


I have a B.A. in Psychology, M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, M. Ed. in School Administration, and extensive graduate level classes in Special Education (enough for a whole other Master's degree - but why?). I believe this varied background has given me a deeper understanding of what these kids - and their teachers - need.


I have 2 (grown) children, 1 husband, and 2 cats. I spend as much spare time as I can in my art studio, creating unique jewelry and mixed media assemblage art dolls, or just stealing time for a quick sketch.

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