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KinderSocialSkills Easy Readers- a set of 300 books covering 75 social skills topics! What are KinderSocialSkills Easy Readers? KinderSocialSkills easy readers take 75 common social skills and teaches them in a kid-friendly way for students.
439 ratings
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KinderSocialSkills Second Version: A social skills curriculum for primary-aged students! This is an all *NEW* packet of social skills stories! This has all new 75 lessons and follow-up sheets! What is KinderSocialSkills? KinderSocialSkills
322 ratings
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PrimaryClassMeetings: A set of 20 class meeting lessons to guide students in being thoughtful and kind classroom citizens. What is PrimaryClassMeetings? PrimaryClassMeetings Curriculum is an engaging and supplemental curriculum with young
272 ratings
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KinderGrossMotor: A gross motor curriculum for primary-aged students! What is KinderGrossMotor? KinderGrossMotor Curriculum is an engaging gross motor curriculum with young learners in mind! KinderGrossMotor introduces the students to 30
555 ratings
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What is The Adventures of Tom Cat and Tabby Cat? Thanks so much for viewing our packet! Our names are Tom Cat and Tabby Cat! We aren't your average cats. You see we like to go on fun adventures and share our fun with kiddos! Enough about us.
450 ratings
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KinderSocialSkills: A social skills curriculum for primary-aged students! What is KinderSocialSkills? KinderSocialSkills Curriculum is an engaging social skills curriculum with young learners in mind! KinderSocialSkills takes 75 common social
3041 ratings
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KinderMath™ Number Sense {Lesson Plans, Routines, Printables, & More!} Thanks so much for viewing KinderMath™ Number Sense! This packet contains 38 number sense lessons which can be introduced whole group then led to students actively engaging
845 ratings
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Sight Word Mixed Up Sentences {1st-2nd Grade} Words in the packet: the, your, animals, you, because, put, around, today, have, bring, find, remember, be, everyone, thought, day, until, together, get, eight. Build the sentences & write the
80 ratings
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Sight Word Mixed Up Sentences 2 {20 words} Words in the packet: make, come, up, here, said, look, where, this, at, out, with, for, find, your, good, have, look, who, now, & do. Build the sentences & write the sentences! Sight Word Mixed
214 ratings
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Sight Word Mixed Up Sentences {20 words} Words in the packet: the, and, I, like, see, can, we, a, to, you, are, is, how, play, good, have, look, she, he, & do. Build the sentences & write the sentences! Sight Word Mixed Up Sentences 2
729 ratings
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Tara West is a curriculum author and kindergarten teacher. Her curriculum first began when she realized that her students were missing many components when only being exposed to big box curriculum. She spent countless hours pouring over research with regards to various types of curriculum methodologies and teaching methods which she felt would be applicable to her students’ diverse learning needs. Mrs. West then implemented that research into her classroom. When she noticed that the results were surpassing previous years’ performance, her principal allowed her and the rest of her teaching team to utilize the curriculum that she had created. The results were phenomenal and from there Tara continued to take these classroom-tested ideas and methods to the next level by creating her KinderCurriculum and FirstieCurriculum. She continues to research best practices as well as new and innovative methods which she tests in the classroom and translates it into new curriculum. Mrs. West has received feedback from thousands of classroom teachers from around the globe to help validate student performance and teacher buy in.


My teaching style is that of balanced literacy, techonology, hands-on, and all the while following district curriculum!


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I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.


Check out my blog: http://littlemindsatwork.blogspot.com/ Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/littlemindsatwork If you are having trouble downloading any of my products or freebies please feel free to contact me via email at: littlemindsatworkllc@gmail.com and I will send it to you right away. Also, feel free to email me with any other questions! Click here for TpT Blurry Download Support

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