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This complete unit bundle will teach your students how to understand the complex topic of tone and mood in literature! This unit provides opportunities for student exploration, collaboration, discussion, creativity, and games to enhance engagement!
86 ratings
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This complete MLA Citation Bundle includes: ✏a Google Slides/PowerPoint presentation to teach the MLA 8th Edition rules for in-text citation (parenthetical citation), ✏an MLA trouble-shooting guide for students, ✏ a digital and printable interactive
69 ratings
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↦Teach your students how to use close reading strategies to improve reading comprehension and written analysis. This gradual release method will encourage your students to completely rethink how they view themselves as a readers, and get them
55 ratings
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⚞The Argument Games bundle⚟ will provide you with five collaborative, active games that will have students: ➫ creating arguments  ➫counter-arguments  ➫ evaluating perspectives   ➫ evaluating the sufficiency of evidence! ↬A list of interesting and
32 ratings
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Analyzing arguments can be challenging for students; however, this step-by-step method will make this skill clear and easy while creating an in-depth analysis! This unit includes everything you need to teach rhetoric, rhetorical devices, and logical
66 ratings
Literary Analysis Made Easy❢ Teach your students this easy, step-by-step process for developing a rich, insightful, and well supported literary analysis. Breaking down this challenging process for students allows for further depth in each key area
45 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (14.98 MB)
✍Teach your students how to write the argument essay with this complete unit bundle! Lessons on writing hooks statements, introductions, argument paragraphs, citing evidence, counter-argument paragraphs, argument games, student interactive notebook
35 ratings
✍Teach Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream with this complete unit bundle! 165 pages, and over 125 teacher slides ready to print and teach☞or use digitally for your 21st century learners!✍ ⇩Each of the bundled unit's product description is
30 ratings
This complete unit bundle includes everything you need to teach sentence structure and comma placement to your students. Each unit will support students in creating: ✏ compound sentences ✏ complex sentences ✏ a variety of introductory phrases to
40 ratings
Logical Fallacies are a critical component of your argument Common Core standards! Teach your students this critical life skill through engaging, real-life examples, videos, commercials, print advertisements, and literature examples. Included with
24 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.17 MB)
Teach your students how to create complex sentences with AAAWWUBBIS Introductory Phrases! This Lesson will provide your students with explicit explanations using mentor sentences, a fun stations activity, a fun game, practice, application
20 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (35.11 MB)
Teach students how to analyze an author’s arguments with Atticus Finch’s Closing Arguments! Analyzing an author’s arguments can be challenging for students; however, this step-by-step method will make this skill clear and easy while creating an
34 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (18.45 MB)
Teach your students how to create compound sentences with FANBOYS conjunctions! This Lesson will provide your students with explicit explanations using mentor sentences, a fun stations activity, practice, application activities, a summative
18 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.79 MB)
Begin your argument unit by teaching the three pillars of persuasion- Ethos, Pathos, and Logos! These three pillars of persuasion will guide your students towards analyzing rhetoric, and writing their own arguments effectively! Included with
28 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.27 MB)
✍Teach your students to write a quality memoir with this unit bundle❕ ✍This memoir unit will get students collaborating and discussing the critical elements of a memoir in a fun stations activity. Mentor texts will demonstrate these critical skills
12 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (12.43 MB)
Teach your students how to create a concise summary of nonfiction texts that are free from personal judgements or opinions with this simple, easy, step-by-step method. Students will be able to effectively condense any nonfiction text into a few
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.91 MB)
Teach students how to analyze an author’s arguments with Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail! Analyzing an author’s arguments can be challenging for students; however, this step-by-step method will make this skill clear and easy
14 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.79 MB)
These quick 5 minute bell ringer activities give students an opportunity to identify real life examples of rhetoric. Engaging advertisements, PowerPoint and Google slides to present material, handouts for student application (or Google Document
20 ratings
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Complete ELA Summer School Bundle will provide you all of the lessons, materials, and activities to teach summer school- ZERO prep involved! From introduction activities and procedure slides (introduced using fun memes) to specific reading and
26 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (227.00 MB)
These allusion lessons are perfect for personalized, differentiated, flipped, and/or 1:1 technology classrooms! AND This pack also works great in teacher led and planned traditional classrooms! PDF printable options are included on EVERY activity! I
21 ratings
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I have taught for nine years at a variety of different levels. I began my career at the elementary level, but quickly found a passion for teaching at the middle school level. Working with 7th and 8th graders within the English Language Arts curricula was profoundly fulfilling. Recently, I have been called to teach at the high school level, now working with 9th and 10th grade students. Within these few short years of my teaching career, I have run the gamut of grade level work, creating new curriculum nearly every year. Though exhausting, I have grown extremely proud of my work, and hope to help other teachers avoid some of the strenuous work involved in creating original, meaningful, personalized curriculum students can connect with at the deepest levels.


Within the last few years, I have become increasingly interested in taking differentiated learning to a new level within a personalized learning platform. This is a relatively new style of teaching that encourages students to drive their learning as they select the methods of learning; the content as well as pacing of said content, and finally choice in the assessment tools as well. The teacher steps aside to become the coach and mentor as opposed to lecturer or sole deliverer of knowledge. Students take on significant responsibility, giving them a stake in their own education. This ownership motivates and empowers learners to excel, while simultaneously allowing them to discover the ways in which they learn best—thus putting 21st century skills in their hands, as well as providing them the tools needed to use those skills. While this was certainly an overwhelming ideology initially, and though it felt at times that the journey created more questions than answers, I have finally made the leap into this platform, and wish to assist others on their journey in this methodology.


I have received a few awards in technology driven education, personalized learning, and Reading Apprenticeship- a reading program for struggling learners.


K-5 Licensure from Minnesota State University, Mankato 6-8 Licensure in Communication Arts and Literature from Minnesota State University, Mankato 9-12 Licensure in Communication Arts and Literature- Bethel University Master’s in Teaching and Learning from St. Mary’s University


I have a wonderful family; a loving husband, and two children. We live in Minnesota, and we do narrowly survive the treacherous Minnesota winters every year. I enjoy reading and running- though generally not at the same time; I try to run two half-marathons a year—yes, I do this for fun! It also really helps to burn off that extra stress that comes with this unique, rewarding, and often challenging profession. I enjoy writing in my spare time, which is admittedly very hard to come by these days. I am hoping to eventually cross writing a novel off my bucket list, perhaps I’ll even attempt to publish this work, though that does seem a touch frightening. Of course, I would love to be a successful TpT seller as well as an engaging blogger. For now, I’ll just keep plucking away at these life goals bit by bit… and with a little luck, a lot of prayer, and what little free time I manage to wrangle for myself, I’ll find some success with these endeavors!

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