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My middle name should be adaptable, at least when it comes to my teaching career. Through the years, my husband's job has moved us from state to state. My first experience was in a self-contained gifted and talented third grade classroom. Through the years, I have worked with students with autism, E.S.L., dyslexia, kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and dyslexia tutor. I volunteered in a middle school helping the core class, reading specialist, librarian, and E.S.L. teacher. I've now had the privilege of teaching in three different states and volunteering in a fourth state. I've taught in schools as small as 300 students and as large as 2,000 students, both public and private school, from a Title I school to schools where funds were readily available. From this wide range of experiences I've gained wonderful insights of a broad spectrum of what education is all about. You will find my lessons and materials are an accumulation of my experiences.


Each class has its own dynamics and needs. This is why a teacher needs a toolbox full of ideas and strategies to use. If you follow my blog, you know I love to find new ways to motivate students so they can reach their full potential. My classroom could easily be described as lively, full of movement. I love multiple intelligence and include music and movement with my lessons. My students are moving, working, singing, and learning. I like to incorporate a variety of work spaces, hands-on activities, and plan lessons that are differentiated to meet the wide variety of needs in a typical class. My experience of working with gifted students, E.S.L., Kindergarten, first grade, and third grade students has given me ideas and strategies that I use with my blog and lessons. I believe in the Teacher's Golden Rule - "Treat other people's children the way you would want your own child treated."


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B.S. - Elementary Education M.A. - Educational Leadership


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