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This volume mini-bundle includes guided notes, a vocabulary supplement, worksheets and an assessment. Below, you will find a detailed description of everything that is included in this amazing bundle. Your students will be engaged and focused with
124 ratings
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This resource asks students to demonstrate their knowledge about rational and irrational numbers. A graphic organizer and table are used to classify real numbers. A vocabulary supplement allows students to practice their real number knowledge. The
84 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.79 MB)
This product includes three resources for students to practice writing and solving inequalities. The first resource includes six word problems. For each one, the students will define the variable, write and solve an inequality and describe the
96 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.80 MB)
This resource includes twenty task cards divided into five stations about proportional reasoning. Students will strengthen their math vocabulary while collaborating and discussing proportional relationships. This resource is ready to print and
77 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.99 MB)
If you are looking for a solid resource to supplement your proportional relationships instruction, this is it! This resource includes task cards, worksheets, and assessments on proportional relationships in tables, graphs and equations. Below you
92 ratings
These guided notes and worksheet will help your students understand different types of angles that exist with parallel lines and a transversal. Students will shade the indicated angles along with completing the guided notes. An additional twelve
72 ratings
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Strengthen student understanding with these Transformation Station Cards. The stations can be used as an opportunity for students to work collaboratively in order to answer twenty four questions. Each station listed below has four cards for the
70 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.82 MB)
This resource includes a interactive page of notes, a double-sided worksheet and a cooperative learning activity to be used to deepen student understanding with terminating and repeating decimals. Students will discuss and reason whether or not
71 ratings
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This Expressions and Equations bundle includes eleven amazing resources that can be used to deepen and strengthen student understanding of expressions, equations and inequalities. Included you will find the following types of resources: foldables,
82 ratings
Digital Download PDF (118.87 MB)
Use this resource for instruction on Ratios and Proportional Reasoning (Common Core Standards 7.RP.1 - 7.RP.3). Included you will find a variety of resources to use for complex fractions, proportional reasoning and practice with percents. Students
80 ratings
Use this quality resource to have students be able to identify proportional relationships in equations, tables and graphs! Included, you will have a reference sheet, worksheets, exit slips and an assessment. This no-prep product can help your
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.18 MB)
Have your students explore proportional relationships with this resource! Students will determine the unit rate and independent and dependent variables in order to create a table, graph and equation. Students will answer eight additional questions
46 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.25 MB)
This resource consists of eight real-world problems in which students are asked to calculate the percent change (increase or decrease) or percent error. This would be an excellent partner exercise or as individual practice. The worksheets provide
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.05 MB)
With this resource, students will explore various values in a table to determine the constant of proportionality (k). They will write equations and calculate the missing values. Students will have a deeper understanding of the relationship between
51 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.54 MB)
This product includes two pages of mixed review on calculating the volume of cylinders, cones and spheres. The first page has a total of six practice problems in which the students are asked to find the volume with the radius and height. The second
47 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.54 MB)
This resource includes detailed step by step notes on how to create a box and whisker plot, a worksheet and an assessment. The notes include step by step instructions that can be referenced as students study box plots. Students can glue the
63 ratings
Digital Download PDF (21.00 MB)
This engaging, cooperative learning task card resource has students discussing and estimating square roots. Students will locate rational and irrational numbers on a number line; order and compare rational and irrational numbers; and understand the
39 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.51 MB)
Complex fractions can be a difficult concept to teach. With this resource, you will have everything you need to introduce and reinforce complex fractions. Included, you will find guided notes, worksheets, an exit slip and an assessment. You can
36 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.40 MB)
Equivalent Expressions Practice Worksheets   This product includes four resources for equivalent expressions. Students are asked to determine equivalent expressions, apply the distributive property and to provide the perimeter of shapes given an
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.58 MB)
These notes can be used for an introduction to exponential functions. The notes provide a space for students to create a graph, table and explanation of the type of transformation. There are three short pages of guided notes that can help students
26 ratings
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I have been teaching middle school mathematics for 20 years in a suburb outside of Chicago, IL.


I believe in giving students an opportunity to learn each day. I enjoy having the students be active members in class. During each class, I try to incorporate time for students to have mathematical discussions, collaboration with peers and self-reflection. Through collaboration with my math colleagues, we also incorporate activities in which the students are moving throughout the classroom while completing activities. Students are encouraged to reflect on their mathematical understandings through writing. I offer students the option to learn from their mistakes by completing corrections to assessments. This way, the emphasis is on learning rather than the grade.


Yet to be added


My Bachelor of Science degree was in International Business and Marketing from Illinois State University. I have a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Administration from National-Louis University.


I have a wonderful husband and two children. I swam in high school and college and enjoy completing triathlons. I come from a family of educators. My two talented sisters also teach middle school. My knowledgeable mother taught 5th/6th grade for her first twenty years of her career and has continued the next twenty in gifted education. She has been my mentor since I started in education.

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