The Healthy Mind Curriculum by Janet McCoy

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The Healthy Mind Curriculum by Janet McCoy
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The Formula for Disaster is: Could + Should + Won't = Disaster -- Be sure to follow my store, so I can keep you updated.
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Students listen to rap. They say “I don’t listen to the words I just like the music or the beat”. Tell me about rap consists of two lesson that will take 2 to 3 days where we explore, discuss and disagree with the concept of I can hear something
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I have started using music in my health lessons because teens listen to music. I created this lesson because I thought students should explore all the issues in the song they were singing and dancing to. This is a different type of health lesson,
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I like to use music with my health curriculum. It is a different way to view some of the topics we discuss in the health class. Music is every generation’s poetry. A music video is someone’s interpretation of that poetry. In The House That Built
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I use music, literature or quotes to tell stories people relate to. It is vitally important to speak a language students relate with. Music has always played a key role culturally, through all generations. Music stories touch the heart, make us
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This lesson is about Self Image: Students will examine and analyze how the family, media and peers influence the health of individuals. Learning Targets: • Students will learn how the opinions of other people can impact personal health, and be
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I taught for 33 Years. My experiences includes 8 Years teaching Middle School Health, 8 Years Elementary Physical Education, 7 Years Middle School Physical Education. I also co-taught 7 years of Golf through Kennesaw State University Continuing Ed, and then taught another 3 years on my own.


Teachers have tried to change kids behavior by using two words: DO and GET. If you DO this, then you will GET that. I believe until a child THINKS and FEELS about themselves the way they should, he/she may make poor decisions that may cost them their future. I want to engage students -- they will be more motivated internally when I design work that has meaning to them. This is opposite of the compliant student who does work for grades to get to college, honor role etc. -- when you take away those awards they are less motivated to work. If you design work that has personal meaning to them -- they will work at it to a deeper level.I use my health curricula to teach students to focus on their goals. For every subject in health (nutrition, substance abuse, personality styles, decision making, Sex Ed., etc.), students return to their written goals and are asked how this information will guide them toward their goals. Every lesson and activity has been designed to engage the student with what they want, their values and needs for themselves. I want them to calculate personal costs and decide ahead of time whether a temptation/attraction is worth the potential consequences. If you are not walking toward your goals, those goals are only good intentions. Many school districts do not consider Health Studies an academic subject, and a number do not provide Textbooks to cover the subject. For that reason, I look for items that will draw my students interests (what they currently are experiencing and see around them). Students find my lessons very practical and relevant to their lives. I frequently hear from their parents, that they bring home the information to discuss the topics from class.


Georgia Elementary Physical Education Program of the Year, All American in Golf UCLA, UCLA NCAA Golf Championship team member, Teacher of the Month at Keheley Elementary School


B.S degree Kinesiology Degree UCLA, Masters of Education University of Georgia, Professional education yearly in Health, PE, Technology Institutes or Seminars, Apple and Microsoft software education


I am an avid reader. I maintain a 2 handicap in golf. I have two grown daughters. Love spending time with my granddaughter. Love to teach and create new and timely lessons.

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