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Following Directions listening skills packet for speech therapy : inclusion, sequence, location, temporal directions, conjunctions Ahoy! It's time to work on following directions with embedded concepts! This product is one of my best-sellers, and
240 ratings
Digital Download PDF (30.52 MB)
Minimal Pairs Phonology Bundle for speech therapy: Initial Consonant Deletion, Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction, Gliding, Stopping for phonological disorders and cycles approach for phonology Save money when purchase the bundle: it
257 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (97.69 MB)
following directions and listening skills worksheets for speech therapy This following directions packet targets complex location directions, conditional directions, temporal directions, & sequential directions! I use this all the time in
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
222 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.72 MB)
lisp speech therapy packet for correcting interdental lisps and lateral lisps (s articulation) Save 15% when you purchase the Lisp and R Bundle Watch my Speech Therapy Lisp video for a detailed explanation of this product! A few years ago, I
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
227 ratings
Digital Download PDF (31.68 MB)
Semantic Relationships: word relationships for Speech and Language Therapy and Special Education This Semantic Relationships speech therapy packet allows you to target semantic relationships (word relationships). It's perfect for upper elementary
169 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.03 MB)
Use these minimal pairs for speech therapy! Initial consonant deletion and final consonant deletion no prep speech therapy for phonological disorders! This phonological disorder for speech therapy packet targets Initial Consonant Deletion &
104 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.17 MB)
Minimal Pairs: Prevocalic Voicing and Postvocalic Devoicing for phonological disorders- This phonological disorder packet targets prevocalic voicing and postvocalic devoicing phonological processes. Just print & go- it’s no prep! At the top
103 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.84 MB)
Social Skills: social skills worksheets for speech therapy, special education, and regular education! Do your students need to work on using appropriate social skills? You can target a variety of social skills with these worksheets, including
94 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.55 MB)
#oct2018slpmusthave deal! These story retell and sequence worksheets are super engaging for students! After listening to a passage, your student will use the picture scenes and target sequence words to retell the story events! Perfect for speech and
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (24.01 MB)
Would You Rather questions are perfect beginning of the year activities, or as a thought-provoking way to encourage group discussion anytime! There are 21 total pages with 3 Would You Rather questions per page. In addition, the student is
61 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.09 MB)
Use these idiom worksheets to work on figurative language with your upper elementary/ middle school crowd! This packet includes 15 total idiom worksheets, each containing 6 idioms. The student reads the figurative language scenario, then chooses
97 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.83 MB)
This grammar packet is perfect for the upper elementary/ middle school crowd (grades 4-8)! Target a variety of grammar and syntax goals with this low ink packet. Worksheets are designed to be used in small groups, but feel free to modify the
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (28.04 MB)
Auditory Processing packet for speech and language therapy that targets recalling numbers, recalling words, recalling sentences! This packet is really great for your upper elementary or middle school speech and language student! This packet is
62 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.90 MB)
Use these social skills worksheets to work on a variety of social skills goals, including staying on topic and turn taking! Social skills are such a vital piece of communication, and so important for our students trying to communicate in the
74 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.86 MB)
Speech and Language Therapy Challenge Bundle- speech therapy worksheets, activities, and challenges for Auditory Processing, Following Directions, & Language! This speech and language therapy bundle contains the following (3) challenge packets
61 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.94 MB)
Minimal Pairs Fronting Velar Fronting Palatal Fronting Phonology This phonological disorder packet targets fronting. Just print & go- it’s no prep! At the top of each page is the option for an “Auditory Sorting/ Discrimination” activity. You
62 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.03 MB)
lisp and vocalic r bundle for speech therapy! Articulation therapy intervention for SLPs What's included in this speech therapy articulation bundle? Correct that lisp with my lisp remediation (s articulation) packet! Lisp Speech Therapy packet/
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th
77 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (90.77 MB)
AAC core vocabulary speech therapy handouts for parents: perfect for AAC users (i.e. speech generating devices, low tech AAC), non-verbal children, minimally verbal children, late talkers, and children with severe expressive language disorders!
96 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.66 MB)
Minimal Pairs: Stopping This phonological disorder packet targets stopping. Just print & go- it’s no prep! At the top of each page is the option for an “Auditory Sorting/ Discrimination” activity. You will read the minimal pairs on the page, and
52 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.05 MB)
main idea and supporting details- main idea passages with a Halloween theme! Are you working on main idea and supporting details with your upper elementary students? These main idea passages are Halloween themed and sure to be a hit with your speech
59 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.87 MB)
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When I was in my college, my dad suggested two fields: speech-language pathology, or nursing.

I thought hard about my decision. Then, I remembered that time I fainted when I got a shot at the doctor's office. Considering my disdain for shots and blood, I decided to look into becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist.

I met with the director of the undergraduate speech and language department at Kent State, and liked what I heard. I could work with kids? I could work with adults? I didn't have to see blood? DONE.

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time, but it was honestly the best decision I could have made!

I completed my undergrad studies at Kent State. I initially had a tough choice to make: did I want to go into speech pathology or audiology? I met with a director at an audiology program. The first thing he asked was, "Do you like math?" I don't. I chose speech therapy.

It came time to choose a masters program. I attempted to get into Hawaii. That didn't work out, but the University of North Texas did. My mom and I flew to visit the school. I made my decision before even meeting with the director or taking a tour. I saw palm trees planted outside of an iHop. REAL palm trees. "I'm going here," I informed my mom. "You haven't even SEEN it," she protested.

You see, I've always known right away when I want to do things. I picked out the first communion dress I saw, solely based on the crazy amount of fluff and lace. I picked the first wedding dress I saw. It was so glittery and blingy that you couldn't miss it walking into the store. They made me try on 12 additional dresses. I still wanted the glittery one. So anyways, the tour went great, and before I knew it, my parents and I were taking a road trip tour halfway across the country. I left Ohio winters and moved to Texas.

In grad school, I learned that it was apparently weird to say "you guys" instead of "y'all". I amazed my fellow SLP grad students when I wore real snow boots that one time it snowed. I also learned some cool things about speech pathology.

"Maybe I'll work with adults!" I thought eagerly. I did two adult internships, one of which involved working with trachs. I quickly realized that for someone who gets queasy around blood/ fluids, the adult side of things wasn't really up my alley. ( I applaud the SLPs who rock that setting, by the way!)

"Back to the working with kids idea!" I said to myself.

I haven't looked back since. There are two types of SLPs (well, actually, there's a lot more than that, I'm just being dramatic): adult SLPs and kid SLPs. I am a kid SLP. I will always be a kid SLP.

I've gone back and forth between pediatric outpatient and school settings since then, but I've landed my dream job. I plan on staying in the schools until I win the lottery, or retire. Since the only lottery ticket I ever get is the one my father-in-law gives out at Christmas, chances are, it'll be until retirement.


I'm sure many of you have scoured Pinterest and seen perfectly those colorful classrooms, with the colorful bins all labeled and stuff.

My room doesn't look like that. Well, it DOES, at the beginning of the year, before the kids start coming to therapy.

Then, life happens. Paperwork piles up on my desk. To finish it requires an intense amount of caffeine. To drink the intense amount of caffeine requires bathroom breaks, which I don't always have time for. Sigh.

I occasionally prep but prefer not to. I'm not really into cutting things out and laminating. I sometimes do it. Sometimes you have to. Blah. That's kind of why a lot of my products are low ink, no or low prep, or digital.

I'm also pretty nerdy. I like to introduce my students to unique topics, like the fact that Henry VIII was kind of a jerk. Obvs we answer comprehension questions and discuss vocab after.

In my room, we read about the Loch Ness Monster when we're working on articulation. We talk about the Great Wall of China- and oh, dogs. Definitely dogs.

In my former college/ grad school/ even slightly after grad school life, I used to travel a lot. That's why I moved to Texas for grad school. Oh yeah, I came back to Ohio- forgot to tell you that part. Sister had cute kids, met my future husband, etc. One of the best weeks of my life was the week I spent in Ireland/ N. Ireland. I WILL come back to see you one day, Galway. Until then, I'll listen to Ed Sheerhan's "Galway Girl".

Anyways, I don't travel anymore. Partly because the airlines kept losing my luggage and delaying flights, but mostly because we have a toddler. Living the toddler lifestyle means it's a pretty big deal if we make it to Aldi's. I wish I could say Target, but they closed the one closest to me. I'm still sad.

Okay, I'm getting off topic. Teaching style- or speeching style- in a nutshell: I'm into low/ no prep, nerdy, fun, and unique speech therapy. That's why I started creating materials like that. If you're into those same things, I hope you'll join me on this crazy journey by following me on TpT!


ASHA CCC's Licensed Speech- Language Pathologist in Ohio Recipient of ASHA ACE (Award for Continuing Education) (2014) Google Level One Certification (June 2018) #nerd


B.S.- Speech Pathology and Audiology, M.S.- Speech Language Pathology I have taken continuing education in a variety of areas, including Orofacial Myology & AAC


You can usually find me sitting on the couch, working on my TpT store, with my dog laying on my leg and my husband a few feet away, holding a video game controller. That's only after my son has gone to bed. Before 8 p.m., I'm either at work, playing with the baby, or reading a TON of Richard Scarry books to him. Here is a photo of my husband and I at the Cliffs of Moher (remember that Ireland trip I told you about?): 10577127_10100702602750470_8500930160937 Let's keep in touch: ♥!My blog ♥!Facebook

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