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Every morning, my class begins with a morning meeting. My main goals of morning meeting are to get students to wake up, start talking, build relationships, and get happy about being in school! These questions do just that! I have also found that it
1084 ratings
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UPDATED 10/18/15- NOW INCLUDES A 20 WORD OPTION! (Your download will be a zip file-- with one folder of 15 words (or less) worksheets and another file of 20 words worksheets.) These word work worksheets can be used for any spelling list of 15 or 20
959 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (23.60 MB)
This writing center creates student independence and gives them the choice! Great to use during writing, when students finish early, or Daily 5! Great for the ENTIRE YEAR! GRAB A FREE COVER FOR THE ACTIVITIES HERE! Included: 5 Display/Set up
692 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.04 MB)
Includes ALL the labels you could need for labeling your classroom (even math manipulatives, student groups, teacher supplies, etc.) (does not include library labels-- see matching library labels -HERE! Over 180 labels! Plus, you can create your
257 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.55 MB)
This is a question/break break bundle, bundled to save you money!! Included are 30 Morning Meeting Questions, 30 Morning Meeting Greetings, 30 End of the Day Questions, and 60 Brain Breaks! It's like BUY 3, GET 1 FREE! **Now Includes a White
387 ratings
I send home a weekly newsletter every Friday! Now communication is made simple with these already made templates! Simply type right in the text boxes! There are several different varieties for you to switch between for each week. Click "Preview" to
444 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.73 MB)
Included are 100 writing prompts. These are perfect for Daily 5, writing centers, early finishers, or morning work. Simply cut (there are 9 per page) and laminate (if you choose). You can either put them in a jar or folder for kids to choose. They
263 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.65 MB)
**Totally Updated -- May 2017** BEST SELLER!This is a COMPLETE unit including EVERY graphic organizer that students will need to write their realistic fiction story. Also includes great anchor charts to help students develop their ideas.
305 ratings
Digital Download PDF (68.56 MB)
Poetry Unit includes templates for the following poems: Title Page for Kids (2 Options- One Colored/One B&W) Table of Contents Types of Poetry Definitions Poetry Terms Dedication Page Simile Self-Portrait Haiku Poem My Favorite Poem Couplet
321 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.68 MB)
This is a COMPLETE health unit covering nutrition and physical activity! The students will LOVE learning about health by doing hands-on demonstrations! This unit includes colorful posters/anchor charts, student booklets for each topic (with evidence
211 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.63 MB)
This is a FUN unit to help students add description to their writing. Most students LOVE to act... they won't even know they're learning at the same time! It is a perfect unit to do by itself, or to add to a current writing unit. This is aligned
213 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.17 MB)
I like to use this as a clip chart in my class to keep track of reading rotations. I write the students' name on a clothespin and clip it to the poster of the station that they are at. Includes: Read to Self Read to Someone Listen to Reading Read
200 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.24 MB)
Students check their own writing using a self-editing checklist. If they can answer "yes" to everything, then they can meet with a partner. Their partner will use a "peer editing checklists" to check their partner's paper. There is also a place for
157 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.62 MB)
Included is an entire year (36 weeks) of Daily Fix-It Sentences with two sentences per day and 10 sentences total per week. An answer key is included for each week. I also included a (black & white and colored) cover page for the students. I
216 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.07 MB)
These four rules are simple-- 1. Listen and follow directions the first time you're asked 2. Raise your hand before you speak or before leaving your seat 3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself 4. Respect your classmates and your teacher They are
214 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.47 MB)
Star of the Week is one of the best things that I do in my class. It gives a week for a student to shine and feel special. I like to carve out 10-15 minutes per day for the star of the week to share something special. ***Note*** You can change
165 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (9.42 MB)
One of my favorite ways to end the school day is to ask students questions about their day! It is a great way to get them to reflect (and remember) what happened in their day. Even better, then they are ready to tell their parents about their day
161 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.31 MB)
Now includes facts 11's & 12's! (Updated 10/17/15) After trying to get my students to learn all their multiplication facts, I thought of a genius idea! Create a fun incentive that makes learning them not so grueling! Feedback from customer:
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
198 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.21 MB)
Included are 14 cover pages that can be glued on to a spiral bound notebook. These journals are meant to be shared writing journals for the entire class. The writing prompt is on the cover and students write their response in the next open page of
211 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.20 MB)
These exit tickets are used to help students process new concepts, reflect on information learned, and express their thoughts about new information. This tickets requires students to respond to a prompt given by the teacher. Exit Tickets are
167 ratings
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I've taught 3rd grade for 4 years and am now teaching 2nd grade for the third year!


I believe in making learning FUN for kids! Who ever said students can't learn with bubble gum? Why not take a few minutes to squirt whip cream in all of the students' mouths!? I love the quote, "They won't remember what you taught them, they'll remember how you made them feel."


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