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This packet of main idea activities and printables is designed to help your students grasp main idea in non-fiction texts. This activity pack takes a whole new approach to learning main idea, starting with pictures and then moving into text. Finding
544 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.72 MB)
This download contains four rubrics written in kid-friendly language and are informed by the WIDA performance definitions and can-do descriptors. These rubrics will help make assessing the language growth of your ELLs easy. Includes rubrics for
133 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.65 MB)
Help your students practice and extend their knowledge of main idea and details with these 24 colorful activity cards. These cards can be used in a variety of ways to meet the needs of your students, and suggestions are included within. These
206 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.78 MB)
This fun presentation is to help teach students about the differences between mood and tone and how they are used in literature. Appropriate for grades 6-10. Includes videos to demonstrate how tone and mood are used in movies to lead to a better
169 ratings
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Having trouble teaching text structure or organizatonal patterns to your class? Then this download is for you! I originally developed this lesson for use with my ESL students, and have used it in grades 4-8. This item is aligned with
145 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.47 MB)
This exciting and colorful unit includes 60 pages of lesson plans and activities to use with your classroom novel study of Barbara Robinson's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Activities included are aligned with 4th grade Common Core Standards. The
144 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.27 MB)
This download contains everything that you need to teach a full two-week unit on poetry. Originally developed for use with my 6th-8th grade ESL language arts class, this unit is ideal for any mainstream language arts class between grades 4-8. The
113 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (31.71 MB)
This presentation explores theme in literature and teaches students how to discover the theme of a work. Talks about universal "big" ideas, how to work from the big idea to find the theme and includes practice for some well-known
131 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.25 MB)
This poetry powerpoint is an excellent way to introduce a poetry unit to your language arts class. Includes 39 slides with information about poetic devices, types of poetry and figurative language. Includes lots of examples and graphics to make the
75 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.32 MB)
15 colorful and interesting cards with a theme about tornados and hurricanes help your students practice their knowledge of text structure and organizational patterns and the keywords that can help them identify each organizational pattern. Also
133 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.81 MB)
This teaching pack combines my best-selling main idea items. It takes a new approach to learning main idea, starting with pictures and moving into text. Originally designed for my 4th grade ESOL students, these materials have been used with success
146 ratings
This packet contains all that you will need to start your own portfolio assessment system for your ESOL students. These portfolio materials are designed to complement WIDA-based instruction, and make a handy resource for showing parents, principals,
97 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.36 MB)
This teaching bundle contains three awesome items to help you teach Text Structure and Organizational Patterns to your students. Aligned with Common Core and WiDA standards, your students are sure to master Text Structure after completing these
120 ratings
This is a 138 page novel study unit to go with Paul Fleischman's Seedfolks. Aligned with 6-12 ELA Common Core Anchor Standards in reading and writing. Originally designed for use in my grades 6th-8th ESOL classroom, this unit provides plenty of
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.97 MB)
These printables are ideal for helping your students practice their dictionary skills. Originally developed for my 6-8th grade ESOL students, I have used this with grades 3-8 to teach and review dictionary skills. Answer keys are
79 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.32 MB)
These colorful activity cards can be used in a variety of ways to help your students reinforce their dictionary skills. Contains different ways to use in your classroom (stations, individual, small group), as well as 8 colorful task cards that
103 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.80 MB)
This download contains two cootie catchers to help your students get to know each other when you return to school. Pair students off, give one a copy of cootie catcher A and one a copy of cootie catcher B, then let them get started! Also a great
52 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.32 MB)
This fun activity helps students to learn the characteristics of different classes of animals and classify animals accordingly. Students will also practice critical thinking, inferencing, and academic language as they use the information on the
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.89 MB)
This download contains two lessons that are ideal for introducing or reviewing fractions on a number line and equivalent fractions for students in grades 3-5. These activities will keep your students engaged with their hands-on nature. Aligned with
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.17 MB)
These cards are designed to help your students understand all of the details that make up a setting in a story and how the characters are affected by the story's setting. This amazing set of activity cards contains 20 full color setting cards and
104 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.85 MB)
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I am currently an ESOL coach for my district, working with both ESOL and mainstream teachers to help them differentiate and improve the quality of their instruction for English language learners.
I currently work in Maryland, but spent several years teaching in North Carolina, and I completed my student teaching in Tennessee as well. During my career, I have worked with students in grades K-8, though most of my attention has been focused on the upper grades, 4-8.
A large part of my job consists of providing professional development courses, workshops, and focus groups for teachers in my district. I have been invited to Busan, S. Korea, twice to conduct 2 week teacher training seminars on Content Based English Instruction for English language learners, and I am SIOP trained. I also love presenting at conferences, and have presented at SDE, WIDA 2015 and TESOL 2016.


I am very passionate about my job and working with teachers to help ELLs. When I was in the classroom, I spent hours at home planning lessons and creating materials to use in my classroom. Many of my materials were originally designed for use in the ESL classroom, however, they can easily be used or adapted for use in the mainstream classroom by students of every ability level.
My teaching style is very laid back. My students and the teachers that I work with now always count on a fun and engaging time when they come to my classes! I believe in plenty of hands-on activities and opportunities to discuss the content.
In my ESOL classes, I believed very highly in the value of reading and literacy, and worked hard to impress it upon my students as well. I also believe in the value of literacy across the content areas. I have many products in my store for each subject area, as well as several that are interdisciplinary. Products in my store are all aligned with CCSS and WIDA ELD standards.


Summa Cum Laude, Master of Science
Teacher of the Month
Google Certified Educator, Levels 1 and 2
Certified Google for Education Trainer
Certified Google for Education Innovator


M.S. in Foreign Language and ESL Education from University of Tennessee, 2008
B.A. in Journalism and Spanish from Carson-Newman College, 2006


I am a native of Knoxville, TN.
Don't miss my blog, The ESOL Odyssey!

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