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A fun summer craftivity flap book where students reflect and write about their plans for summer. This is the perfect end-of-the-year craftivity or summer school craftivity for your students. These Summer Bucket List Flap Books ignite excitement
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
2946 ratings
Digital Download PDF (27.22 MB)
Are your students looking for a bit o'luck of the Irish this St. Patrick's Day? Give them their very own four-leaf clover full of magic and charm with this fun St. Patrick's Day Craftivity! With this clover, students will reflect on the “luck” they
1953 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.36 MB)
Need a simple-to-use tool to help your students remember the reading comprehension skills and strategies they need to succeed? These 24 reading bookmarks will help students practice reading strategies and skills with questions and sentence frames.
2439 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.72 MB)
Ah, Spring. Time for sunshine, flowers, and end-of-the-year reviews. Ack! You can hear your students groan already, but what if there was a way to engage them and make reviews fun? Have no fear, the Look How I Have Grown Spring Craftivity is here!
892 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.33 MB)
Ring in the New Year by having students reflect on their best moment in 2018 and set personal and academic goals for 2019. It includes pages up through 2023.Purchase the BUNDLE of Seasonal Craftivieis and save!This flap book gives students an
779 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.61 MB)
Looking to help your students learning to read using phonics skills like blending and segementing? These Blending Cards encourage students segment, blend, and read words in a variety of phonics patterns. Blending Cards for Short Vowel CVC words
1010 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (9.50 MB)
These Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers with Language Support contain 40 different graphic organizers that target specific reading comprehension skills and strategies for fiction and nonfiction standards and can be used with any book or piece
865 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.25 MB)
Teach students to set goals with these classroom goal setting lessons. By the end of the unit, students will understand what it means to set SMART goals. These five goal-setting lessons have a whole group lesson plan as well as small group and
839 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.32 MB)
Is your Social Studies curriculum lacking in student engagement? Are your students unable to relate to the history or other social studies lessons? Through this Long Ago and Today Social Studies unit, students learn how their lives relate to people
751 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.46 MB)
This Goal Setting Craftivity is a great way to start off the new year to help students set goals, specifically SMART Goals. The craftivity has students set school goals and personal goals and makes a great classroom display for New Years, Open
549 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.25 MB)
This heart-shaped Valentine's Day Craft helps students reflect on and describe what makes the people they care about special. It is a fun, easy prep, Valentine's Day Activity where students can describe what they love about themselves, their
497 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.06 MB)
You've taught your students reading skills and reading strategies all year long, and you want to be sure they remember. With these 24 Reading Skills and Strategies posters, you can give them the reading comprehension confidence they need to
612 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.57 MB)
Are addition and subtraction word problems sinking the math skills of your first, second, and third graders? Can they find the relationship between the numbers in story problems? Are you able to differentiate the numbers for your students that need
778 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.99 MB)
Looking for a great phonics tool for your students learning to read by blending and segmenting words? These Blending Cards help students segment, blend, and read words in a variety of phonics patterns. The cards can be used for instruction for
630 ratings
Are your students struggling to find information on famous historical figures for their biography reports? Do you have technology in your classroom to help in their research, but aren't sure if they will find the right websites? The QR Codes for
719 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.08 MB)
Are you ready to expand your students' place value knowledge? Place Value Number Puzzles are an engaging math activity that develops students' fluency with two-digit and three-digit numbers in four place value formats. What are Place Value Number
456 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.52 MB)
Two-Digit Addition Number Puzzles are a set of four-piece puzzles that develop students' fluency and mental math strategies using a variety of two-digit addition strategies. The puzzles are built with four models and strategies: the expressiona
369 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.77 MB)
Sight words. The high-frequency words you want your students to know automatically when reading. You've done an amazing job coaching your kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students in class, but is it enough? What if you had in your
482 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.71 MB)
Life Cycle: Informational Article, QR Code Research Page & Fact Sort is a set of 7 informational articles all about animals that undergo a metamorphosis. These articles are full of interesting facts and details that students can use during
491 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.20 MB)
These data notebooks allow students to track data, set goals, create action plans, monitor progress, and reflect on their learning in the classroom. This student goal setting data portfolio includes checklists, arrows, graphs and data reflection
481 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.91 MB)
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Hi, I'm Jessica from What I Have Learned. I taught for 16 years, all grades K-5. I taught upper grades, 3-5 early on in my career. While in the classroom, I coached teachers and presented professional development workshops in math and literacy.

I then was out of the classroom doing professional development and instructional coaching for four years, mainly around literacy and working with English learners.

I missed the students! So, I chose to go back into the classroom, but this time, teaching Kindergarten. I used to joke that I was scared of Kindergarteners! I'm no longer scared of them! I taught kinder for three years, move to a 1/2 combo and taught second grade for the past several years.

Each grade has it's own uniqueness. I have always loved where I was in the moment.

Now I have the opportunity to homeschool our boys, who are currently early elementary age, and spend time creating resources for YOU. It is the best job ever and I am truly grateful that I get to sit down each and every day and impact classrooms across the world with resource and ideas that enhance YOUR instruction.


I teach children how to learn, not just a bunch of isolated skills. I teach each child what he or she needs to meet standards. My goal is to make learning FUN!

I am big on small groups and differentiation. In my imaginary world each child would get just what he needs to take him to the next level and fall in love with learning. In my real world, I do a lot of small group and investigative learning. I love seeing the light bulbs go off and watching students learn to learn.


I am honored to be a part of my students' lives each and every day. I have many special teaching moments that are generally centered around a student overcoming a major challenge in his / her life.

From a fifth grader being pulled out of his home and being put into foster care, then later in the year seeing him shine at science camp. To another fifth grader who's cancer came back from remission while we were at science camp the following year, and having the opportunity to take a couple of her friends to visit her while undergoing treatment at Stanford. There are emotional highs and emotional lows each and every year.

I tend to work in low income schools where I can have a high impact. I love seeing my students overcome and shine despite the challenges in their lives. Teaching is a roller coaster adventure each and every year.


I have a masters in Educational Leadership and Administration . . . although I've decided that I LOVE creating curriculum more than I like being an administrator. My BA is in literature. I love reading and helping my students fall in love with good books!


Blog: What I Have Learned

Facebook Group: What I Have Learned Teaching

Pinterest: What I Have Learned @ Pinterest

Facebook: What I Have Learned @ Facebook Page


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