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Persuasive Writing UnitThe overall purpose for this persuasive writing unit is for your students to understand the key components (audience, leads, claims, support, etc.) that need to be included when writing a persuasive piece. Full lesson plans
1128 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.06 MB)
This is a comprehensive unit on how to implement Genius Hour into your classroom. Genius Hour is a time set aside during the school day for students to research something they are passionate about. Genius Hour will engage your students like no other
1259 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.73 MB)
Constitution Detectives. Your students will become constitution detectives and research the United States Constitution in a fun and meaningful activity. This is a comprehensive unit that includes questions about the Constitution. The questions are
988 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.21 MB)
Here is a math geometry city project that is great for a culminating activity in math. Yes, your students will create a geometry city! Watch as your students become engaged as they form construction companies and then are asked to design a city
668 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.26 MB)
Get over 200 pages of Guided Reading activities resources assessments and printables that fit into your classroom. This is perfect for the grades 3-5 classroom to meet the standards. These guided reading activities are intended to help students
747 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (47.28 MB)
This Oregon Trail simulation activity is meant to simulate what pioneers had to go through when they decided to travel the Oregon Trail, one of the longest trails in North America. Pioneers began their journey in Independence, Missouri, crossed the
571 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.88 MB)
Word Work Activity Cards. This resource contains 18 word work activities for your students to use with any activity involving the use of words for better comprehension and understanding. These 18 colorful cards with pictures are meant to be printed
629 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.96 MB)
This American Civil War activity bundle contains some great activities, worksheets and printables to use in your social studies classroom. Here is what included in the Civil War resource bundle: →Teacher’s Tips (1-page) →Group Activity Handout
367 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.34 MB)
Here is an amazing activity titled Math Coordinates City Project. Yes, your students will be building a city on a four-quadrant grid based on coordinates! This zipped file contains 9 total documents (12 pages total) that are intended to be a
461 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.15 MB)
Here is our popular Declaration of Independence Detectives activity. The purpose of this activity is to engage your students by having them become detectives and learn about the Declaration of Independence. What is Included: -Teacher Tips
355 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.51 MB)
April Fools Day Reading Directions Activity: Prank Your Students! Do you want to get your students on April Fool's Day? Well, this reading directions activity is a sure fire way to do it! Students are required to "read all directions before doing
351 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.53 MB)
Here is a Math Vacation Project that would be great to do with your students. Are you tired of your math textbook? Then this creative math activity is just for you. This activity will have your students go on "A Vacation of a Lifetime" in your math
350 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.88 MB)
Here is a great Random Acts of Kindness Student Engagement Activity. If you want to build a strong and caring classroom community then this Random Acts of Kindness activity is for you! Included in this 8-page unit is: →Acts of Kindness Activity
253 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.41 MB)
Here is a great end of the year activity where your students write letters to your future students for next year. This will help your new students for next year find out what your classroom will be like. It is also a fun way for your current
3rd, 4th, 5th
275 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.30 MB)
End of Year Activities Create a Comic Strip. This end of the school year activity is intended to help your students reflect on some positive memories from the school year. This activity will have your students create a comic strip about something
3rd, 4th, 5th
273 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.60 MB)
This is a novel study activity and answer key for Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Download our preview for details!! Included in this zipped bundle is: - 24-page Comprehension Guide (with reading strategies) -
245 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.17 MB)
Classroom Management Toothpaste Activity about Teaching Respect, Acceptance, and Diversity. One of the hardest things for students to do is to refrain from saying hurtful words to other classmates. This excellent classroom management lesson is a
245 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.64 MB)
This is a comprehensive unit about the four main Native American groups of the United States including the Eastern Woodlands, Southwest, Northwest Coast, and the Plains. The Native American unit contains worksheets, printables, game boards, quizzes,
271 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.10 MB)
Point of View Reading Strategies Bundle. The focus of this strategy is to teach students about point of view. You will receive everything listed above including a Google Docs assessment for point of view that you can use in your digital
269 ratings
Here are SBAC Test Prep vocabulary cards in kid friendly language. One obstacle that we have found with the upcoming SBAC test is a lack of kid friendly vocabulary terms. All of the lists that we have found are too difficult for students in grades
243 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.46 MB)
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