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Fill your French students' hearts with love this Valentine's Day, jour de la Saint-Valentin. Here's a way to guarantee that every student will have a special day (at least in French class). My students love these activities and it gets them
51 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.45 MB)
Do you struggle to make Francophone countries culture come alive? Want to bring your students on virtual field trips to all the major French speaking countries without ever leaving your classroom? Want to convince even your most reluctant
59 ratings
Make Francophone culture come alive by virtually traveling the globe with your students. Open their eyes and minds with these 85 video clips that will show them what it's like to live in other parts of the world. Once you watch one, your students
47 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.93 MB)
Want your students to learn the Francophone countries and their colors? Have students color these French speaking countries flags to make decorations for your classroom or for their rooms at home. * 30 black and white color by number flags * 30
24 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.79 MB)
Use this Francophone countries map quiz and practice to help your students learn the French speaking countries and where they are in the world. Here's what's included: * 4 pages of map practice for 31 French speaking countries (all those with
16 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.73 MB)
Review French adjectives, professions, age, être, avoir, etc., while learning interesting facts about famous people and famous Francophones. This game can be used for advanced beginner, intermediate, or advanced students. This PowerPoint works
20 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (4.64 MB)
12 French question word signs with authentic Francophone images and comprehensible input to show the meaning of the French interrogatives. Just print and hang to help your students learn how to use these words correctly! Includes: Qui, Quand,
15 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.69 MB)
Teach your students about the French speaking, Francophone countries using these colorful photos, interesting facts, and video clips for Canada and France. This resource can be used for all levels of French learners from preschool to high school.
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.65 MB)
Need some time to bake pies and clean the house before your guests come or to pack before you travel to visit relatives? This 100 page bundle of printable activities for French Thanksgiving, l'Action de grâce has everything you need to make it
8 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.76 MB)
Need French sub plans, supply lessons, or emergency plans for French 1, 2, or 3 that even a sub who doesn't speak French can use successfully? Looking for no prep plans to email to your Department Head and know that your students will be learning?
4 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.66 MB)
My French Lesson Plans, Activities, and Games, Vol. 1 includes 1350 pages of fun, engaging activities that get your students reading, writing, and speaking in the target language. These resources will bring fresh energy to your class, will increase
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (199.25 MB)
Use these 6"x10" Francophone flags flags as classroom decorations or to help your students learn the Francophone countries. * Large country flags for 30 French speaking countries * Speaking activity, describing the flags and the countries *
7 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.55 MB)
Color and label the map of France with the names of the cities, rivers, mountains of France, as well as the surrounding countries in Europe. * Maps for France and Europe to Color and Label * Map Quiz for France and the Surrounding Countries in
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.08 MB)
Help your students learn their French foods (fruits, vegetables, and other foods) with these colorful flashcards for over 120 foods. * 14 pages of mini food flashcards to make student sets (photo on the front, French on the back) * 68 pages of
4 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.49 MB)
Use these templates and 50 vocabulary words and cheesy pickup lines to make a fortune teller, cootie catcher, cocotte en papier, coin-coin for French Valentine's Day, La Saint-Valentin. Great way to learn Valentine's Day vocabulary and review
5 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.47 MB)
This French Countries PowerPoint of colorful photos and interesting facts for 30 Francophone countries will get your students excited about learning French. Great for meeting culture standards in your classroom. This can be used for all levels of
1 rating
Digital Download PPTX (79.01 MB)
Help your students master the French nationalities with this collection of practice activities, quiz, and a game. Here's what's included: * Mini flags so that your students can pick nationality partners throughout the year * Country and
2 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.90 MB)
Use these French Speaking Countries flashcards and quizzes to help your students learn the Francophone countries, their capitals, and their flags. This can be a station activity, a class speaking activity, or a challenge activity for your high
1 rating
Digital Download PDF (3.15 MB)
Use these 20 interactive notebook French sports, hobbies flashcards and your students will master pastime vocabulary quickly and easily. Students look at the photos and flip the cards to learn the sports, hobbies, and pastimes in French. ♦ 20
1 rating
Digital Download ZIP (3.07 MB)
Use these 20 interactive notebook French time flashcards and your students will master time vocabulary quickly and easily. Students look at the photos and flip the cards to learn to tell time in French. ♦ 20 Photo Flashcards (picture on one side,
3 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.32 MB)
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* High School French and Spanish Teacher for 9 years; dual certification in Massachusetts and New York

* Designed and created my own curriculum to teach kids ages, 3-7, in my home

* Taught elementary students and adults in community centers and at after-school programs

* Currently home with my kids and raising them bilingually (definitely challenging at times, but worth it)

Working with all different types of students from PreK-HS seniors, from urban and suburban backgrounds, and from challenging students to high achievers has taught me that kids are kids.

No matter what their background or where they’re from, deep down all they really want is to know that you care about them.


* I am a firm believer in active learning. The more hands-on and exciting the lessons, the more the students get involved, and the more language they learn.

* I immerse my students in the target language and expect them to use it consistently in class. It’s amazing to see how they rise to high expectations. By the end of the school year, they feel comfortable communicating in the language, not only with me, but also with their peers.

* To me, each class is a big family – we take care of each other and help one another succeed.


* 1 of 16 teachers selected from across the U.S. for a Fulbright-Hays Scholarship to travel and study in Mexico for a month

* Top 100 High School Seller on

* Top 1000 Seller Worldwide on

* Have sold over 10,000 resources to teachers across the globe

Shining Teaching Moment:

* Getting a girl with severe disabilities who spoke only a few words and rarely smiled, to laugh and sing a song with me


* Wellesley College – B.A. French, minor in Education, semester in Paris, studying at Jussieu and with NYU program

* Harvard University – Continuing Education class in Spanish

* Middlebury College – M.A. Spanish

Raising my two kids bilingually has perhaps given me the best opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher. Watching the natural language learning process first-hand is incredible!

Kids don’t study flashcards or conjugate verbs when they’re learning their native language; they are immersed in the language and use it to communicate their needs, wants, and feelings.

The resources that I create reflect this native language learning style, but are adapted to the constraints of a regular classroom setting.


* I LOVE all outdoor activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, etc.).

* Selected as a First Team All-American Field Hockey player in college and my #16 seed team defeated the #1 seed to go on to play in the Final Four. Very exciting!

* I’m secretly a big goofball and love being the center of attention and making people laugh.

* My graduate school nickname was “Buscapalabras” (She who looks up words), because I had taken only 8 classes of beginner to intermediate Spanish before jumping into a Masters’ program in grad school. Carried an enormous dictionary around with me all the time and constantly looked up words.

Love chatting with World Language teachers from around the world in our online teachers' lounge. Come join the fun!

Get 50 Free Games to Spice Up Your World Language Classroom, plus teaching tips and free resources all year long by joining my email list.

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