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Ray has taught grades 2-8 and has also been a Faculty Associate at Simon Fraser University (with a K-12 Module), and has been a district Math/Science Coordinator (K-12). He has also written for math textbooks published by Pearson Education (grades 3-7). For over five years, Ray stepped back from the classroom and has traveled across Canada (from Inuvik, NWT, to Hartley Bay BC, Regina, Burlington ON, to beautiful New Brunswick) and into the USA, giving numerous workshops on topics ranging from math, assessment to science and fine arts, as well as teaching in hundreds of classrooms. He currently teaches in a large elementary school, For more information see:


Depends on the situation, but I really try to work on "community" when I'm with the students. Often that means trying to build real cooperative learning (not just putting students in groups). This model attempts to foster students’ academic and social growth and includes teaching techniques such as “Think-Pair-Share” and reciprocal teaching. Cooperative learning falls under the student-centered approach because learners are placed in responsibility of their learning and development. This method focuses on the belief that students learn best when working with and learning from their peers. I also LOVE assessment for learning, and enjoy creating and working with rubrics that mean something... and focus on progress. I've used the term "Teacher-learner" with students when describing my role, and "Learner-teacher" when describing their role. Of course, I'm still learning. These are ideals... Part of the wonderful struggle is to work towards it each and every day.


Jean G.K. Bailey Award, Simon Fraser University Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship, Simon Fraser University Open Scholarship, Simon Fraser University Apex Award for Excellence (Nomination)


Post-Baccalaureate in Classical History, Post-Baccalaureate in Curriculum Studies, Professional Development Program, Masters of Education, PhD (first year)


Ray has also been a graphic artist, and has appeared as an extra on TV shows and in movies such as Happy Gilmore and the X-Files. Ray enjoys painting, drawing, listening to the Fab Four, playing guitar, walking, traveling, teaching and writing. For more information see:


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