TPT Student Privacy & Security Center

Welcome to TPT's student privacy center!
We’re honored to serve as the go-to platform for millions of teachers to get the support, resources, and tools they need to teach at their best. We know we can’t achieve this without ensuring that our tools build for students are safe, secure, and designed to protect students’ privacy and security. We take our obligation to safeguard student information very seriously and have put a number of measures in place to keep student information safe and secure.

We've been vetted by independent third parties

TrustEd Apps Certified

TPT is proud to be a member of the IMS Global community. We've earned the TrustEd Apps Certification for Data Privacy recognizing that our service meets the IMS Global standards for the protection of student data.

The Student Privacy Pledge

We're thrilled to share that TPT has been approved as a signatory of the 2020 Student Privacy Pledge. As a signatory of the Pledge, TPT joins leaders in Education Technology by making a public and voluntary commitment to protect student data and develop our services with student data privacy in mind.

Our Commitments to Student Data Privacy

We support compliance with applicable regulations

We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (“COPPA”) and support schools’ compliance with applicable student data privacy laws and regulations, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). If your district is located in New York and you need an agreement with us addressing the specifics of New York Education Law 2D, we’ve developed a standard NY 2D compliance statement to meet your needs.

We only collect the information needed to use our tools

Our digital tools were built with privacy in mind. With authorization from the educator or school, we collect only the personal information about students necessary to enable our tools to effectively meet teachers’ instructional needs. For example, with Easel by TpT™, this includes the student’s name, responses to an activity, and authentication information.

We encrypt and protect student data

All data that flows through Easel by TpT is encrypted and stored securely in our servers. Access to this information is restricted to only individuals on TpT’s team who might need to view that data to ensure operability and security of our service, as well as provide customer support. We otherwise use aggregated and anonymized data to inform our research and development and improvements to our services.

We don't sell data or display ads

We do not sell student information or display, place, or allow any third-party ads on any student tools.

We provide clear information about our privacy practices

We’re committed to transparency when it comes to our privacy practices and always want our users to have a clear understanding of how we safeguard their information. We disclose these practices clearly and in greater detail in our Student Privacy Policy and our general user Privacy Policy. These policies are both linked on the homepage of our website, and every account owner is required to agree to them before using our services. We also have a direct line for questions our users may have relating to privacy - A member of our team will respond to your questions typically within 24 to 48 business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect the minimum amount of information needed to support effective use of our Student Tools and meet the needs of our educators. This includes, for example, the student’s name and the answers a student provides on the activities assigned to them by their teacher. We also collect some information indirectly, for example, an authentication token from Google to ensure that each student’s work is securely accessed and information about the type of device or browser being used to ensure we can detect issues and effectively support different browsers and devices. We disclose these practices clearly and in greater detail in the student privacy policy on our website.

We take the security of student data seriously. All data that flows through the Easel by TpT tool is encrypted in transit and at rest and is stored securely in our servers. Access to student personal information is restricted to only individuals on TpT’s team who might need to view that data for purposes such as debugging, investigating errors, and providing customer support.

No. We do not sell student personal information to third parties. You can find our student privacy policy where we describe the types of information collected and how we use it here.

We use Google Classroom™️ as one way for teachers to assign activities to their students. Currently, TpT doesn't send student information from Easel to Google Classroom — all student work can only be reviewed on TpT. As we explore ways for Easel by TpT to support additional Learning Management Systems, we will continue to ensure we’re protecting the privacy of our student and teacher users.

No. Easel by TpT does not require any Google Drive permissions. We only use Google Classroom to allow teachers to share links to activities with their students.

As of now, students need to have a Google account in order to open Easel by TpT assignments that you assign to them. This is because we use Google for student login (or “authentication”). Google sends us a message (a Google authentication ID) confirming the student has been authenticated so we can allow access to the activity. We don’t capture any other profile information from Google about the student.