If you have a testimonial for us, please email it to info@teacherspayteachers.com or send it here. Thanks!

There are really no words to express my deep appreciation for Teachers Pay Teachers and what it has meant for my family. My husband lost his job and this time last year, we were struggling to get by each month. Supporting a family of five on a single income is not easy. We weren’t able to buy anything extra or go on vacation, there were even times when I had to put things back when checking out in the grocery store. Now that I have started selling on TPT, things have gotten so much better for our family. I feel less stress each month and am able to feel like I am doing something worthwhile. We have even gotten to go on vacation...my kids got to see the beach for the first time! Along with the financial benefits, I have a creative outlet and am able to share ideas and activities with teachers around the world. Thank you, TPT, for helping me to be able to do something so meaningful and for making me a better teacher!

-- Jennifer White, First Grade Teacher

"This is a fantastic idea. I've been excited about getting my materials online all day. Now I know why I've saved all those syllabi and teaching materials for decades!"

-- Deah Curry, PhD

"Congratulations on venturing out on this endeavor! After retiring in May with 30+ years of teaching, I thought what will I do with all these ideas/plans/activities that I created!! You have set my mind at ease... I plan on posting on your website once I unpack and sort through stuff!! You are so right... why leave that all behind and have someone recreate the wheel. Kudos to you!"

-- Sue Sallee

"I read about your site in the Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper this morning. I spent about 2 hours surfing around and am thrilled with your site. Just wanted to let you know and thank you for your hard work and I hope this really takes off for you".

-- Janet Pierce

"I think this is a GREAT idea. I will join soon".

-- Harry Baya

"Good Luck to you. I'm spreading the word. A super idea like this is past due".

-- Regina Lira

"I have checked this site out a few times and I think it is wonderful!"

-- Bonnie Silsby

"Thanks Paul, I appreciate your extremely quick and thoughtful response and for the extraordinary service you are working so hard to offer to teachers who can really, really use this service. I taught for 11 years before wearing out - in large part because I didn't have a resource to draw on like the one you're developing. So I look forward to contributing resources to it so we can keep lots of great teachers (or would be great teachers) in the game and give them life back again. I look forward to promoting it as I work with lots of teachers in the State of Washington and beyond.

Thanks again and the best of luck to you because we sure need your service!"

-- Tim Fahlberg

"I just checked out some of the materials you have available and I think you have a great idea! Congratulations on the launch and the recent publicity. Best wishes to you as you grow your business!"

-- Kate Fisher

"I appreciate your rapid response--and your Web site. I teach for Corinthian Colleges, Inc., which is right behind the University of Phoenix-Online in terms of distance education, and I just told several colleagues about your site. One termed it "Wonderful!" Keep up the good work...."

-- Lew Riley

"What a great idea! I read an article about this web site and had to check it out. I just purchased a library lesson - love it! I hope in the future you will have more library and information seeking skills lesson plans to offer. Thank you".

-- Christina Burke

"Wahoo! I read an article about your site last week and - since it is long overdue - know that it will be a success! Seriously, though, this type of a web site should kick Ebay butt! So congratulations, God Bless, and sign me up!"

-- K. Parisea

"Great website. I am going to list as many lessons as I can".

-- Roy Williams

"I think your site is wonderful. For years I have been astonished that (at least where I live) there is no way that working or retired teachers could make their materials available to other teachers".

-- Barbara Archer

"Thanks! I love this site, Paul. I just entered information about your site on the listserv for AP English around 4:00 this afternoon. Maybe this will set a few people on fire as the year's beginning! Of course we know that if we can get them to go to the site one time, they'll keep coming back. What potential!!!!"

-- Edie Parrot

"All teachers I know would like to write a book to replace the one that they are using!

So many of the materials we purchase just don't meet real needs for a multitude of reasons... or perhaps the cost is prohibitive. This site gives teachers a marvelous opportunity to shine and, also, to network with real problem-solvers. So easy to use!"

-- Judith Rabel-McLaine, Member Teacher-Author, Spanish teacher and author of Aproveche!

"Teachers Pay Teachers is the essence of what the internet should bring to education. For decades we have been creating spectacular experiential learning opportunities, creative lesson plans and implementing new approaches to the teaching of subject areas. At last there is a vehicle to share that wealth of resources and pay the teachers who created them. Every teaching staff I have shared this with has been animated with the possibilities Teachers Pay Teachers brings to them and their students. Hats off to Edelman!"

-- Sherryll Kraizer, Ph.D., Member Teacher-Author

"Calling all teachers! This is the site for you! You know what children need and what works in the classroom because you are in the trenches everyday. Teachers Pay Teachers gives you the chance to share your knowledge by writing lessons plans, and best of all, getting paid for them. Overworked fellow educators who just need something to get rejuvenated will welcome your ideas. It's easy to put them on line, and you will get all of the help you need in doing so. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you since I am definitely not from the computer age".

-- Jeanne Guthrie, Member Teacher-Author

"They're off to a flying start! I found this site exceptionally user-friendly, and the people behind it very responsive to questions and concerns. I predict TeachersPayTeachers.com will not only be a valuable resource for those starting out, but tremendously empowering for experienced and gifted educators who may not otherwise have been recognized for their innovations".

-- K.J. McElrath, Member Teacher-Author

"I think the idea for this site is brilliant and I think it has the potential to grow into a valuable resource for teachers. I think it would be wonderful if other teachers could benefit from materials that I originally thought wouldn't go any further than my own classroom. I am especially excited about how this site might serve niche markets that are usually overlooked by publishers.

I found posting my materials to be easy and look forward to adding more in the coming weeks. I was especially happy to see that after only one day, someone had commented on my offering. I like the rating system and trust that it will be helpful to teachers as they decide what to download.

Overall, I am really happy about this site and excited about selling my work in the future".

-- Rachel Lynette, Member Teacher-Author

"I don't know why educators haven't had access to a site such as this before now! I have posted materials to other sites in the past, but they were always relatively obscure and hard to find. This concept offers teachers such an easy way to search for specific lessons and projects without having to use a cumbersome browser. I am thrilled to be a part of such an innovative and necessary advancement in collaborative education!"

-- Kate Reid, Member Teacher-Author

"The saddest thing about retiring after 32 years of creating and refining lessons and activities that are of proven quality and effectiveness is that it is all going to waste. The public schools seem unwilling to tap this valuable resource and use us as mentors for new teachers. I am very excited about TeachersPayTeachers because I have visions of hundreds of new young teachers finding and using my experience and research.

I have found the workings of the web site to be extremely well thought out and very easy to use. The process is simple and efficient. Clearly much thought was put into the design and it had to have been done by people who have been or are teachers, as they understand the field very well.

When there has been a question or a problem my e-mail has been answered within the hour and solutions found instantly. I have never used such a truly "user-friendly" site.

I have very high hopes that this endeavor will be a true success and teachers and their students will be the real beneficiaries".

-- Jerry Caveglia, Member Teacher-Author

"I've always wondered if there was a market for the Excel based review activities that I have created but had no idea how to find out. Then a few months ago I received an email from TeachersPayTeachers. I signed up and uploaded my first product that evening! Even more important then the money that I'm making as sales have been increasing is the comment made on TV by my first customer, "My student's love it!" Maybe my efforts will actually have a positive influence on many students across the country".

-- Dennis Pinkley, Member Teacher-Author

"I have been selling my resources for 3 years now and have been invited to travel all over North America to hold conferences regarding my resources. Your website is by far one of the most innovative and resourceful places I have found to date for educators. The set up is marvelous. It is nice to see the education world coming together for one common goal--educating our children".

-- Tasha Deschambault, CEO Beautiful Fields Resource Materials, Member Teacher-Author

"I can't thank Paul enough. This past summer I heard about Teachers Pay Teachers and went out on a limb and joined as a teacher-author that day. I spent a month uploading all of my materials. I created previews, and "touched up" everything I have. It was quite a task, but well worth it! Not only have I enjoyed the extra spending money that is constantly rolling in, but my hard drive crashed a few months ago. Had I not uploaded all of my material on Paul's website, I would have lost years of material. I can't thank Paul enough for this site! :)"

-- Jennifer Kreiseder, Member Teacher-Author

"I'm coming upon my one year anniversary of membership with Teachers Pay Teachers and have had a very positive experience. Taking the time to include my lesson plans on the site has been both rewarding and lucrative, offering some additional funds for my classroom supplies. I've made myself accountable, writing down my ideas and offering them to other teachers out there who can utilize some of my creative juices. I'm ready to excel into the next year. I urge other teachers to become part of the site. You definitely receive as much as you give".

-- Natasha Lee, Member Teacher-Author

I have sold my materials and my grammar workbook on the Internet since 1996. I have used various websites, paid for ads, launched my own website, and tried many avenues to get my name out there, and let educators have a look at my life's work. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has been as successful or as easy as joining TeachersPayTeachers.com and letting Paul and his team manage the logistics of getting my products sold and distributed. The website is user friendly, attractive, and most of all it really works. It is growing by leaps and bounds, and I expect even better sales in 2009. I am a retired teacher with 35 years experience who was named one of the top five teachers in West Texas in 1998.

-- Charlene Tess

I absolutely adore teacherspayteachers. I have been able to share resources with the very best of the profession that have most definitely enhanced my teaching and my class. Teachers work long hours and this venue gives us a quick, easy way to see what others in the profession are doing. Additionally, teachers put massive hours into curriculum development and lesson planning. If you broke down our rate of pay for each hour of our work, you would see that we are clearly not teaching in hopes of getting wealthy. Teacherspayteachers not only allows me to share what I do, but it allows me to make some additional income for doing it; nearly all of the money I've made from this site goes back to my class in the form of books and supplies. In my next check from the site, I am hoping to bring in a speaker from the historical musuem for my students. Times are tough; my district has cut back and is laying off. This site provides a way to at least take the edge off a bit so I can continue to supplement my classroom needs so that my students can get a quality education.

-- Laura Scozzari-VanGemert

All of my friends and most of my relatives know about TeachersPayTeachers. It keeps coming up in the conversation.
Finding your website November 12 was definitely my 2008 Luckiest Day. Joining your team of sellers the next day was one of my best 2008 Good Decisions. Notice of my first sale arrived before the first twenty items were listed. TeachersPayTeachers is the RIGHT THING in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME. I have proof!
Eleven years ago, after retiring from a thirty-year career as a middle grade language arts teacher, I launched a second career writing and selling teaching materials. My company, Taking Grades, has consistently run in the profit zone. However, education’s tendency to embrace more and more technology highlighted the need for an electronic venue that would allow me to offer my materials at more competitive prices and in a variety of smaller components simply not practical as hard copies. TeachersPayTeachers is exactly what I was looking for, and I found it just when I needed it.
Your site exceeds all my criteria. Never in my wildest dreams of thirty years ago, or even five years ago, could I imagine how teachers would one day have command of a resource that could locate the precise material needed for a specific class at a reasonable price and then deliver it instantaneously, but that’s exactly what TeachersPayTeachers does. No need to wait for some futuristic pipe-dream. The electronic teacher’s assistant is here.
Teachers have long been known for their willingness to spend personal money for some of the materials they need to do their jobs. As one of those people, I can say with certainty that recent economic downturns have put even more responsibility on teachers to purchase their own classroom materials. The unbelievably heavy traffic zooming around your website—thousands of hits on my products alone—is an indication of how many dedicated educators are turning to TeachersPayTeachers for support. Definitely the right thing at the right time!

My short association with TeachersPayTeachers has produced a sales record beyond my expectations, with only a third of my potential products posted. Vendor and customer support get top ratings. The site navigates with ease. As the first of its kind (there will be many copycats) the TeachersPayTeachers team has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for educators. The right thing, the right time, the right place, the RIGHT PEOPLE. I intend to stay on this team!

-- Margaret Whisnant
Conover, NC

I have been a member of TeachersPayTeachers for almost a year after receiving an e-mail from Scholastic about the site. After researching the company, I could not think of a single reason as to why I should not try being a seller. Similar to many other teachers, I do not feel as though we are financially compensated for the time and effort we put into planning effective lessons as we work to help our students become successful 21st century learners. In selling items on TeachersPayTeachers, I have been able to earn money that has helped me provide for my family (especially during these tough economic times) as well as provide me with satisfaction about the learning materials I have created. I was so impressed with the company and how well I personally had done selling items that I recommended it to my entire school district!

-- Sarah Wood

This website is awesome!
TeachersPayTeachers is one of the greatest inventions ever! My colleagues have been telling me for years that I should try to get my work published, and after many failed attempts, I was very discouraged. Now TPT has given me the opportunity to make all of my hard work available to other teachers who can put my ideas to immediate use in their classroom. With well over 300 products sold, I am now one of the top sellers and have found a way to supplement my income while sharing my ideas with anyone who visits the website. Not only do I love TPT as a seller, I love it as a buyer also. There are so many wonderful ideas on this website, and let's face it, no one writes curricular supplements better than a teacher. Sometimes the curriculum just does not provide what we need to teach the standards...but now there is an answer! If you can't find it in your curriculum, you can find it on TPT!! I don't know what teachers would do without TPT! We need to find a way to get the word about TPT out there even more, because it is a resource that no teacher should have to live without!

-- Christie Uribe
2nd Grade Teacher
Sundown Elementary School

Over the years I've encountered so many pre-fabricated lessons marketed to Langauge Arts teachers. I've often said to myself, I can come up with something better than that. The day finally arrived when I could live up to my boast when I discovered Teacherspayteachers. Teacherspayteachers is a great outlet for people like me who can create and share lessons they know have worked in their own classrooms.

-- Matthew Wilson

This website has been a great resource for so many teachers as a place to find quality teaching materials. As a leader in educational material you should know that the best ideas for teaching materials come from the people who do the job each and every day. Teachers trust other teachers and want to support each other in every way possible. As a seller of materials on Teachers Pay Teachers it has been awesome to be able to share my ideas with so many teachers around the US and possibly even the world. Without this website, the ideas that can help other teachers remain unshared. For example, I submitted a Literature Guide to Scholastic to be published but was turned down. I in turn put the Literature Guide on Teachers Pay Teachers instead. Over 145 people have purchased this product and others that I have created. Look at how quickly the website has grown just in the last year alone. Teachers obviously see this as a credible, useful place for teaching materials.

-- Lisa Dhein

Teachers Pay Teachers is a fast, easy and economical site that allows teachers to find well-written, planned and organized lessons quickly. As we all know, teachers have little time and even less money, but with Teachers Pay Teachers you can find targeted ideas to meet your students need without a large out-of-pocket expense.

In a time where the world is trying to "green-up", Teachers Pay Teachers allows the consumer to cherry pick exactly what they need to print. This saves trees, time and take-home pennies.

I have been using Teachers Pay Teachers for a few years now, and love it.

-- Kelly Mikesell
First Grade Teacher

I've been with Teachers Pay Teachers since the very beginning. It has provided me an opportunity to share some of my greatest lessons, as well as continue to browse and utilize the creative resources of other teachers. We work together as a united team in the effort to provide children the best academic experience we can.

-- Natasha Lee

It is a great way for teachers to share ideas with one another as well as make a small profit to use to support additional classroom success. There are so many wonderful educators that take advantage of the site, both sellers and customers. I know of no other place like it.

Thanks so much!

-- Tracey Graham
Indian Springs Elementary

I want to thank you Mr. Edelman for the wonderful service that Teachers Pay Teachers provides! Truly, there is no other website in existence where a teacher can easily access materials from other teachers, and pay for these materials, than through this website!

As a former teacher, turned stay at home mom, the Teachers Pay Teachers service allows me to earn on average, an additional $200 per quarter, for my family--money that is needed now that my family is down to one income. Truly a blessing!

Had I still been teaching, this additional income would have been truly an asset as well! I easily spent that on materials for my students each quarter, and what a blessing to have the additional funds!

And from a professional stand point, it is truly wonderful that professional educators have a forum for which they can sell their self-created materials to other teachers!!! We all know that really good teachers beg, borrow, and steal really good lesson plans from other teachers. And likewise, far too often give away the materials they worked so hard on to other struggling teachers--free of charge! Well, though the Teachers-Pay-Teachers website, teachers can now be compensated for the hard work and the creative ideas, worksheets, powerpoints, lesson plans, and more that they create for their students! The days of begging and borrowing are over!

-- Jennifer Elitzin

I am writing this on behalf of Teachers Pay Teachers. This website is absolutely wonderful! I turn to this site when I am looking for real authentic products that have had proven success in the classroom. Knowing that other teachers used them makes them practical. We all think and teach differently and it is wonderful to see how other teachers approach curriculum.

I also enjoy being able to share my products with other teachers. And let’s be honest. I am a hard working teacher, with not a lot of free time and a small paycheck. By taking my talent and sharing it, I am able to supplement my income by about $40 per month! Not much, but pays for my daughter’s dance lessons!

I have always felt that this was a website that someone should have thought of a long time ago. It makes so much sense! An arena to share talents and get fresh new ideas for literally pennies, while benefiting those who created them! Please continue the great work with this site in support of teachers!

-- Patricia Messier

I'm a retired English teacher from Bismarck, North Dakota. I ran across TpT a little over a year ago. I had a few materials I thought would work all right on TpT, so I offered them for sale. At first, sales were slow, but they have picked up, and now I'm making a little money nearly every day. My last quarterly check was about $150. That doesn't seem like much, but it helps, and if I can continue to post more materials in the future, I can maybe double or triple that income. I'm beginning to get excited about the financial possibilities.

I think all teachers have different approaches, and many of them are extremely effective, but only when they have the right materials. My approach to instruction doesn't match with any textbook I have ever used. I taught for nearly five years before I found a mentor who showed me how to produce the instructional materials I needed. Now I'm helping others to discover them without having to "reinvent the wheel".

I'm really glad the TpT service exists.

-- Gene Wohlsdorf
English teacher (ret)

As a fairly recent addition to the TeachersPayTeachers family, I can honestly say that it has felt like a blessing. The ability to not only share my ideas and lessons with other teachers, with the added bonus of receiving compensation has been a validating and energizing experience.
In these times when many senior teachers are reaching the age of retirement and it seems that fewer and fewer young people are considering teaching as a profession, a service like TpT is not only helpful to the profession, but should be heading toward larger and larger profits.

With so many new and inexperienced teachers entering the profession without materials, and so many veteran teachers looking for ways to not only share their years of experience and materials but also looking for ways to supplement their retirement, TpT is in a prime spot.

Thanks for your time and your service,

-- Jon Perry
English / American Studies teacher
Keene High School

Paul, I am more than pleased to relate how much TPT has meant to me! Upon retiring from teaching (35 years), I was shocked to realize how much I was missing the writing of curriculum, the sharing of ideas, the teachers with whom I could discuss educational research and those ��babies” I had the privilege to mentor. Because my daughter is also a teacher, I was able to share some of the multitude of lessons that were swimming around in my head and stored in my basement, but even that was leaving me with an unfulfilled feeling, a sense that all I had loved was really over and gone. When you wrote and asked if I would be interested in sharing some of my lessons (and lessons learned), I couldn’t join up fast enough! I look at the site daily, and am thrilled when someone thinks what I have written is worthwhile. TPT has brought a new excitement into my retirement, and a few extra dollars in my pocketbook. It’s a recipe for happiness that I recommend to all!

-- Jeanne Guthrie

TeachersPayTeachers is so wonderful for me as a seller because I am able to offer my items to a larger audience and they are able to get my items in E book form at wonderful prices, lower than buying hard copies. They will trust this site because the items are being sold by other teachers as well.

I have always loved buying books new, but I also love buying books used, and this site offers a great opportunity for this.

-- Teresa Ives Lilly
Certified teacher and reading specialist as well as a 13 year homeschooler, a

It has always been a goal of mine to publish my work to share with the world. Teachers Pay Teachers is a company that allows me to share my creative ideas and innovative lesson plans with thousands of teachers across the nation. Not only is it a lucrative opportunity, granting me supplemental income when my teacher's pay is less than adequate, it is also an opportunity to make a mark in the educational world. I feel that I make a name for myself in the educational community as teacher that can provide support for other teachers as well as provide solid lessons that align with learning standards. Teachers Pay Teachers makes me proud of the work that I present, and showcases my abilities as a high school English teacher.

-- Melissa Houck

I attempted to sell my products via my own web site but couldn't draw any customers. After trying several recommended tactics and failing to increase traffic, I gave up. Right after that, I discovered TPT and joined immediately. TPT gives me a chance to sell my products without having to be a marketing expert. It also ensures that I reach teachers directly, my only customer base since my lines of products are based on most-taught books in language arts classrooms. I have put a lot of effort into creating my products over the years and really believe in them. TPT allows me to share my creations with others and, I hope, make their teaching experiences a little easier and a little more enjoyable.

-- Pegi Rose

TeachersPayTeachers is a brilliant idea and from the looks of your growth -- sellers and buyers -- I can't see any reason why it shouldn't succeed in the future.

From a seller's point of view, TPT has given me a way to market materials I believe are valuable to teachers and administrators. I feel that with my teaching experience of 36 years I can offer some ideas for new teachers, especially. The big problem I had until TPT was getting in contact with the teachers who would most benefit from the materials I offer. I've had lots of great comments from teachers (a few clunkers, too) that have opened discussion on many educational topics -- especially in the Language Arts where I have greatest concentration.

I am now retired, but like keeping my ideas where the action is. TPT has allowed me to do this with ease. I offer new teachers some useful materials, and they offer me new ideas that can eventually be turned into more material -- so it is a two-way street. In the process I've been able to earn some extra money to help fight the stubborn economical downturn.

From a teacher's point of view, TPT must be a godsend. I remember when I first started teaching and the many years that followed, I struggled to find material for my classes that would make them more interesting, exciting, and informative, because that is where the mystique of teaching lies. Like an actor, teachers have to have many different ways of capturing the attention of their audience. TPT is a goldmine full of material for teachers of all disciplines, and it is always just a click away. Years ago, I use to spend hours in the library and searching through numerous textbooks from different companies, to find and generate all kinds of worksheets, exercises, homework assignments, tests, etc. I'd have to find sources in periodicals that would offer materials I would have to buy at hefty prices. Many of them not worth the money. TPT offers these in a well organized manner and at a relatively inexpensive price. Teachers can actually 'try' the materials, thanks to demos and samples quickly available on the website.

Well, I hope this offers some incite as to why I am passionate about TPT and hope that you keep up the great work you have been doing.

-- Al Baggetta
Teacher Tech

I was one of the first teacher-authors to sign up on TpT. When I first heard about the idea, I immediately saw its potential, not only as a way for me to share my own materials and earn some extra money, but also as an amazing resource for teachers. For me personally, TpT has become an empowering part of my professional life. I am proud of the products I create. I truly believe that they add value to the lives of the teachers and children who use them. I love knowing that my materials are being used with thousands of children all over the US – maybe even the world. In addition, TpT has become an important part of my income. A year ago, I used my TpT check to buy a new TV… this last check went to help pay my rent. Times are tough and TpT makes a difference for a lot of us.

I am a professional author. I have over 40 books in print from well respected publishers like Harcourt, Rosen, and Thomson-Gale. In addition, I have written eight teacher resource books for Evan-Moor. I am grateful to be able to make my living this way, but in many ways, I get more satisfaction from the products I create for TpT.

-- Rachel Lynette

Teachers Pay Teachers is a one of kind site that I was thrilled to discover! I have always been one who can just never seem to find exactly what I want, and this site has rescued me many times. In addition, I am now sharing what I have created with other teachers and I have been doing quite well. It is about time that there is a site that teachers can share what they have created to light the fire in someone else's classroom. Getting paid, of course is an awesome bonus; it's a WIN WIN site!

-- Sultana Schwartz

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is an awesome service! I feel that my hours of work are fairly rewarded through this website. I am able to share with more than just my own department and I earn compensation that is comparable to the amount of time spent creating my products! I also find the ability to quickly purchase quality materials is a huge advantage and saves hours of work that can be better spent with my students or with my family.

Thank you TPT!!!!

-- Lindsay Wyglendowski
Annandale, NJ

I LOVE Teachers Pay Teachers. Since I have joined Teachers Pay Teachers I have sold over $700 dollars worth of teacher materials. I am grateful for this extra income especially in this bad economy. Beyond that, I am happy that I can share my lessons and materials with other teachers. I also appreciate that I can look for materials on the site. Because I know the materials are made by actual teachers, I know that they are high quality and meant for classroom use.

-- Julie Rivard

I have been selling lessons on TeachersPayTeachers ever since I saw Paul Edelman on CNN. I was amazed how in less than 10 minutes I was able to sign-on and upload lessons.  Within a few weeks I had 50-60 lessons on the site. The first year sales were slow, perhaps, one lesson per week. Now, I am selling 3-5 lessons every day.

What I love about the website is that it allows teachers to get badly needed materials. I remember, as a beginning teacher, the biggest problem I had was not having materials. To make matters worse, veteran teachers were usually not open to sharing their labs and activities, in fact many of them horded materials. I really had a tough first couple of years, where I was just recreating the wheel to stay a float. Now, with TeachersPayTeachers, beginning teachers are having it much easier, and not to mention, the positive academic impact on the students.

My "Constant Speed Lab" is the best lab I ever created. I revised it each year for five years, until it reached its perfection. I put this lesson on as my FREE lesson because it is my best and I wanted as many teachers to have it as possible. Over 250 teachers are now using this lab and I think this is fantastic!

I have been in the education field for over 15 years. I strongly believe that this website within the next 2 years will accelerate and dominate this niche of the internet. This site is going to dominate! Teachers are just finding out about it. Mr. Edelman's idea is a paradigm shift in education that comes around just once in a while. It is after all going to be the "Ebay of Education".

-- Roy Williams, MSEd

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