Raise funds for the TpT resources you need.

Create a TpT ClassFund campaign, share it with your community, and get support for the resources you and your students deserve.

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How it works:

Step One:

Start a TpT ClassFund Campaign

Write your own campaign, or use one of our campaign templates to get started in just one click.

Step Two:

Share your campaign with your community

Send the link to your campaign directly to friends, family, class parents — or share your campaign with followers on Facebook or Twitter.

Step Three:

Purchase the TpT resources you need

The average TpT ClassFund campaign raises more than $120.  Funds are available in your TpT account balance and can be applied to any TpT order.

What makes TpT ClassFund different?

Absolutely free. No fees, period.

TpT doesn't charge any platform fees, expense fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees, or fulfillment fees when you receive or use TpT ClassFund contributions. We also don't ask contributors for additional tips or donations, and your raised funds never expire.

Funds are available to you immediately

All of the funds you raise are immediately available to you for TpT purchases in your TpT account balance. There's no need to reach fundraising goals to unlock access to the funds you've raised.

Open to any educator

No matter what you teach or where you teach, TpT ClassFund is another option for you. All you need to get started is a free TpT account.