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Raised funds will be available in your TpT account balance and can be applied to any TpT order.

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What makes TpT ClassFund different?

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"At TpT, we believe that every educator should have access to all of the teacher-created, teacher-tested resources they need to deliver effective instruction – regardless of their personal or classroom budgets.

 New York City public school teacher Paul Edelman founded TpT in 2006 with the hope that this community would be a place where any educator could find resources and inspiration to teach at their best. With TpT ClassFund, we’re excited to support more teachers in accessing the collective wisdom of teachers everywhere."

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*Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) will match up to $50 in qualifying TpT ClassFund contributions per recipient until TpT matches $500,000 USD in total contributions. Match funds for qualifying contributions will be added to the recipient's TpT account balance once approved (typically within 10 days). Use of matching funds is subject to the TpT ClassFund Terms and Conditions. Contributions made to one's own TpT ClassFund or contributions received in exchange for providing any type of benefit do not qualify for the match, and TpT has the sole discretion to determine whether any contribution qualifies for the match. These terms are subject to change.