Bluffton Exempted Village School District
A TpT School Access Case Study

The Impact of Supporting Teacher Choice at the Bluffton Exempted Village School District

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BEVSD school leaders believe in teacher choice. So they chose TpT School Access.

Chart showing percentage of teachers who strongly agree or agree with the statement: teachers in my school/department have influence over the selection of instructional materials and methods.

At the Bluffton Exempted Village School District (BEVSD), Superintendent Greg Denecker and school principals value and trust their teachers. So, they provide teachers with the autonomy to choose the instructional tools they use in their classrooms. When school leaders engage in these empowering behaviors, the impact can be significant. In fact, research around teacher motivation indicates that choice is an important condition that motivates teachers and helps them feel success.¹

Because BEVSD school leaders believe in giving their teachers choice in the instructional materials they use, they adopted TpT School Access, giving their teachers the ability to select materials from a library of over 3 million TpT resources through a school-funded subscription.

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Bluffton school image

Bluffton Exempted Village School District (BEVSD)

Location: Bluffton, OH

District Type: Public K-12

Number of Schools: 3

Teachers: 70 Teachers

Students: 1,200 Students


See the impact of teacher choice at BEVSD.

Bluffton Superintendent Quote

“We give our teachers a guide that we want them to follow: the academic content standards. As far as how they get the material to our students, we want them to be creative and do different things, not just be out of some textbook.”

Greg Denecker, Superintendent

Bluffton Exempted Village School District (BEVSD)


93% of surveyed teachers at BEVSD agree that they have access to the resources they need to do their jobs well.

52% of surveyed teachers agreed and 41% strongly agreed with the statement: I personally have access to the instructional resources, classroom materials, and classroom supplies that I need to do my job well.

By trusting his teachers and providing them with the opportunity to choose their instructional materials through TpT School Access, Superintendent Denecker is empowering his teachers to provide the best instruction that they can for their students. As a result, we heard and observed that BEVSD teachers are:

More motivated to be creative in their teaching.
75% of the teachers we spoke with across the district shared that they were able to be more creative because their administrators provided them with the power to choose instructional materials. Specifically, the materials they select impact the ways in which they deliver content and engage with students.

Better able to use instructional materials to respond to student interests and thus build relationships with their students.
BEVSD teachers said that, because of the choice they’re provided, they’re able to ensure that the content they present to their students resonates with them. Of the teachers we spoke with, 69% talked about being responsive to their students’ interests with the instructional materials they select, which helps them develop relationships with their students.

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¹Firestone, W., & Pennell, J. (1993). Teacher Commitment, Working Conditions, and Differential Incentive Policies. Review of Educational Research, 63(4), 489-525. Retrieved from

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