Bonita Canyon School
A TpT School Access Case Study

Improving Instruction at Bonita Canyon Elementary School

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TpT School Access provides BCES a simple solution for improving instruction.

Chart showing that 91% of principals cite improving instruction as a challenge (34% "Significant Challenge"; 57% "Somewhat of a challenge")

Over 91% of principals cite improving instruction as a challenge they face in their role.* Principal Corey Pace of Bonita Canyon Elementary School was one of those principals.

At his school, teachers are given instructional guidance and materials from their district, but these materials inevitably didn't have everything his teachers needed to provide targeted and differentiated instruction to their diverse learners.

That’s why Principal Pace chose TpT School Access, a school-wide subscription from Teachers Pay Teachers that gives teachers immediate access to a comprehensive library of engaging, standards-aligned resources. His choice enabled his teachers to meet their students’ individual needs.

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*Market Data Retrieval. (2017). School Trends: Principals’ Perspectives on Instructional Initiatives and Purchasing Decisions (State of the K-12 Market 2017). Shelton, CT: Goldberg, M.

Bonita Canyon School building

Bonita Canyon Elementary School (BCES)

Location: Irvine, CA

School Type: Public K-6

Teachers: 20 Teachers

Students: 449 Students


See how TpT School Access solves today’s classroom challenges.

Corey Pace

“My job is to support my teachers. It’s to make sure that they can do their job to the best of their ability for our kids.”

Corey Pace, Principal
Bonita Canyon Elementary School


Supporting the Needs of Diverse Learners

Chart showing that all 20 teachers in BCES actively accessed resources from TpT School Access in 2019.

Using TpT School Access, BCES teachers could access the resources they needed for their students, right when they needed them, meaning they could meet the wide-ranging needs of their learners.

In 1st grade ELA: Ms. H used an interactive Google Slides activity to strengthen foundational literacy skills for her struggling readers.

In 6th grade Math: Ms. N differentiated learning using activities with different levels of difficulty built in to provide enrichment for GATE students.

In Special Education: Ms. O individualized learning for her students with autism by using activities that appealed to their preferred learning modalities.

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