Princeton House Charter School
A TpT School Access Case Study

Supporting the Diversity of Needs in Special Education Classrooms with TpT School Access

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TpT School Access provides special educators with materials that are appropriate for their exceptional learners.

Chart showing over two-thirds of teachers of students with exceptionalities modify their curriculum to support their individual students’ needs either most of the time or always.*

At Princeton House Charter School (PHCS), a K-5 public charter school serving students with Autism, what makes the role of a special educator especially challenging is the number and diversity of needs in their classroom. PHCS teachers must support not only their students’ academic needs, but also their behavioral, communication, physical needs and more. To add to this challenge, special educators are frequently operating with limited materials that support their student population.

At PHCS, teachers were turning to resources from Teachers Pay Teachers to meet their students’ unique needs. Because PHCS school leaders recognize the importance of providing their teachers with the resources and support they need, they decided to empower their teachers with a school-wide TpT School Access subscription.

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Princeton school image

Princeton House Charter School (PHCS)

Location: Orlando, FL

School Type: K-5 public charter serving students with Autism

Teachers: 15 teachers plus support staff

Students: 131 students


See the impact of TpT School Access in special education classrooms at PHCS.

Princeton Superintendent Quote

“Our teachers find TpT School Access helpful because all of our teaching has to be individualized, so we need a lot more materials […] Having all of those different types of materials in one space and having access to them at any time you want is really helpful.”

Melissa Jones, Assistant Principal

Princeton House Charter School (PHCS)


TpT School Access provides special educators with essential resources and meaningful support.

12,590 special education Teacher-Creators are on TpT School Access. 119,000+ special education resources are available on TpT School Access.

The diversity of needs in a special education classroom presents a considerable challenge to teachers of exceptional students, but TpT School Access provides PHCS teachers with the support they need. How are PHCS teachers benefiting from their TpT School Access subscription?

TpT School Access provides resources that meet the unique needs of special education classrooms.
With 12,590 special education teacher-creators and over 3 million classroom materials to choose from, teachers are able to find materials suited to their students’ needs, alleviating the burden of constantly adapting limited materials.

TpT School Access provides a way to connect with other educators for expertise and support.
Using TpT School Access, teachers are finding more inspiration within their school community, and they’re connecting to the expertise of a broader network of experienced special educators.

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