We're here for teachers.

Is your school affected by coronavirus?
Get a free TpT School Access subscription.*

Teachers, you’re facing unprecedented challenges and doing all you can to support students. But you’re not alone. The TpT community is 6 million educators strong, and we’ll get through this together.

We’re making TpT School Access free for schools affected by coronavirus so teachers like you can get exactly what you need, as quickly as you need it.

TpT School Access is a subscription for U.S. K-12 schools that gives teachers immediate access to a comprehensive library of more than 3 million TpT resources. With TpT School Access, your school will be able to find and use resources to meet all instructional challenges (from engaging resources for remote learning to self-guided packets) for every grade, subject, and specialty. The free subscription includes access to the following through June 30, 2020:

  • A number of resource licenses based on school size (each resource license covers one teacher's usage of one TpT resource for the duration of the school's subscription term)

  • A school activity dashboard showing insights on resources being used in the school

  • Logins for every administrator and teacher in the school

If your school is affected by coronavirus, complete the form on the right to send your principal or superintendent an email about getting a free subscription to TpT School Access through the end of the 2020 school year.

Are you an administrator? Please visit our page for school administrators and complete the form.

TpT School Access is only available to U.S. K-12 schools at this time.

*No purchase necessary. TpT is offering access to TpT School Access for free through June 30, 2020 to schools affected by coronavirus. Offer available to affected K-12 schools that are in the U.S., not part of an existing subscription, and have school email addresses for all teachers. (If you are already subscribed to TpT School Access, please reach out to your TpT account manager for details on how we can support you in this critical time.) Subscription details vary depending on school size. No obligation to purchase a paid subscription to TpT School Access as a result of accepting this offer. These terms are subject to change.