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Get the support you need from your school’s Covid relief funds*

Enhance your online and hybrid instruction with access to a library of over 3 million TpT resources and engaging digital tools. Ask your principal to apply Covid relief funding to a TpT School Access subscription.

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Adapt to change with access to a library of over 3 million resources.

Immediately access digital and printable resources.

With TpT School Access, unlock a library of over 3 million digital and printable PreK-12 resources. Support in-person, remote, or blended instruction with engaging, standards-aligned content.

Respond to change while saving personal funds.

Instructional needs are rapidly changing, but a school-funded subscription gives you the resources to adapt — without paying out of pocket.

Get the support of experienced educators.

From social emotional learning resources to online STEM activities, discover more TpT resources developed by teachers with a first-hand understanding of today’s instructional challenges.

Here's how it works:

TpT School Access provides flexible support for in-person, online, or blended instruction. Share TpT School Access with your principal, and a dedicated School Specialist can guide them through every step.

Welcome to TpT School Access

No matter where or how you deliver instruction, TpT School Access is here to support you.

  • 8,000+ principals have brought TpT School Access to their schools.

  • 300,000+ teachers have been supported with school-funded subscriptions.

  • 80% of teachers using TpT School Access say it provides them with the resources they need to do their jobs well.*

*Source: survey of over 9,500 teachers using TpT School Access

TpT School Access has supported over 300,000 educators. Here’s what they’re saying:

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Teacher in classroom
Teacher in classroom
Teacher in classroom

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Pricing and packages are tailored for your school size, needs, and budget. Share TpT School Access with your principal, and a School Specialist will walk them through our pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

TpT School Access is an annual subscription from Teachers Pay Teachers that gives your entire school access to a library of over 3 million TpT resources — including digital and printable materials.

Step One: A principal or administrator purchases an annual school subscription.

Step Two: Throughout the year, teachers can search for and immediately access digital and printable TpT resources, whenever and wherever they need them.

Step Three: Teachers can print resources for in-person instruction or send resources to students by LMS or other direct means of communication.

Step Four: Administrators and teachers can view school activity to discover what instructional solutions are working for teachers and explore trends across your school.

TpT School Access is an annual, school-wide subscription that makes it faster and easier for teachers to get the resources they need to support their students.

Thanks for your interest! Pricing is based on school size. Please fill out this form, and a School Specialist will reach out to your principal or administrator with more details.

The library contains over 3 million PreK-12 TpT resources that include all core subjects and other content areas, such as social-emotional learning, STEM/STEAM, project-based learning, and many more. New resources are added as Teacher-Authors in the catalog create them.

Yes! The TpT School Access library includes a wide variety of digital, device-based resources for online and blended learning. Teachers can also create online learning activities for students by adding interactive elements to select PDF resources.

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*This document is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal or financial advice. To verify that Covid relief funding may be used for TpT School Access, please consult a purchasing authority within your district who is familiar with applicable federal, district, state, and local laws, and policies.