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Make your resources interactive and device-ready with Easel’s intuitive suite of digital tools.

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Why Easel by TpT™

Reach more educators and students with device-based resources.

With the increased need for digital resources, sharing a mix of printables and digital resources will help more Buyers discover your store.

Adapt the resources you already have.

You don’t need to start from scratch! Easel makes it easy to turn your PDF resources into an interactive, device-based activity.

Use simple, yet powerful annotation features.

You can add interactive elements that your Buyers can customize to make resources more engaging for students.

How it Works for Teacher-Authors

Enable your resources for Easel.

By enabling your PDF resources for Easel, you can make it easier for Buyers to go digital. They’ll be able to discover your digital-compatible resources and use Easel to adapt them for their digital learning needs.

Prepare Resource Screen

Prepare resources for teachers to use in Easel.

Save teachers time by preparing your PDF resources for device-based learning. Add interactive elements like answer boxes or movable shapes to make the resource device-ready.

Publish Screen

Publish the Easel Activity to your store.

Once you’re done preparing your resource, click “Publish” to add the Easel Activity to the existing listing in your store. Teachers will still be able to access the original PDF and use it as a print-based resource.