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Now more than ever, teachers are looking for digital resources to support student learning and engagement. By becoming an Easel Certified Seller today, you’ll be prepared to meet this growing demand by learning to use Easel’s tools to create impactful digital resources.

Teachers have assigned 2.5 million Easel Assessments and Activities.

Did you know? You can add audio to both Easel Assessments
and Activities to support more differentiation.

Learn How To Use Easel — and earn perks along the way

Here’s how you can become an Easel Certified Seller.

Get to know Easel through our self-paced course

In just a few hours and all on your own schedule, learn how to create auto-grading Easel Assessments and interactive Easel Activities.

Earn perks and rewards as you learn

As an Easel Certified Seller, you’ll earn perks, like badges for your store, invites to product betas, and more. Plus, be an important partner to the Easel team as we improve its features.

It’s free to join — no application needed

Becoming an Easel Certified Seller is completely free and open to all levels of experience creating digital resources.

Earn Your First Perk

Get a free TpT water bottle when you’re one of the first 250 Teacher-Authors to complete the Easel Certified Seller course.

Did you Know? Easel Assessments are auto-graded, and teachers can see how students performed — right on TpT!

More ways to learn about Easel


To become an Easel Certified Seller, complete our free, self-paced Easel Certification course for Teacher-Authors to learn the ins and outs of Easel. You can enroll here.

In this course, you’ll learn about:

  • The growing demand for digital resources and how you can use Easel to support the growth of your business,

  • How digital resources can be leveraged to support important instructional practices,

  • How to use all of Easel’s tools to create interactive, engaging Easel Assessments and Activities,

  • What the teacher and student experience is like in Easel,

  • What data and insights you can access on how teachers and students are using your resources,

  • And more!


It takes approximately 4 hours total to complete the Easel Certification course. The course is fully self-paced, so you can start and stop at any time, and we’ll save your progress.

There is no application to enroll in the Easel Certification course to become an Easel Certified Seller.

It’s completely free to take the Easel Certification course and become an Easel Certified Seller!

Your Easel Certified Seller badge signifies that you, as a Seller, successfully completed the Easel Certified Seller course and were able to demonstrate your knowledge of the material by scoring the minimum requirement on the final assessments. This is a professional achievement that we hope will motivate you to create more Easel resources and take part in TpT incentives, like participating in product betas and training opportunities. And, while you should be proud of this achievement and share it with Buyers at your discretion, please know the badge should only be used to signify your successful completion of the course. It would not be appropriate to use it to signify the quality of your resources (Easel or otherwise). For clarity, this badge does not signify that TpT has reviewed, vetted, or in any way endorsed specific Easel products based on Sellers completing the Easel Certified Seller course.

Become an Easel Certified Seller

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