Teach for Justice

TpT stands with educators in the pursuit of racial justice.

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We are committed to bringing forward the power of the TpT community to create change and support essential conversations with teachers and students around topics of race and social justice. TpT is taking action to:

1. Expand anti-racist resources

2. Educate for social justice

3. Amplify muted voices

Grant Resources Examples

Anti-Racist and Social Justice Education Resource Collection

We know that teachers are changemakers — and to begin to make systemic changes in education, more resources are needed that are focused on anti-racism and social justice. That's why in 2020 TpT funded $100,000 in grants to educators to create vital resources to encourage discussions around racism and social injustice, challenge implicit (and explicit) biases, and create learning environments to support every student.

Browse the Teach for Justice collection for resources that are:

  • Designed to support anti-racist and social justice teaching

  • Relevant across subjects and grade levels

  • Created by experienced educators and vetted by content experts

Teach for Justice Professional Learning Opportunities

Teacher-Author Education

We provide training and tools to help Teacher-Authors create impactful content that upholds our values of representation, inclusion, and accuracy. This includes webinars, videos, and more.

Learn from Teacher-Author and DEI Education Experts

“Teach for Justice: A Conversation With Black TpT Teacher-Authors,”

Teach for Justice: A Conversation With Black TpT Teacher-Authors

Watch Now
Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas on Putting Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist Education Into Practice

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Luis Versalles

Luis Versalles on Relationship Building with Families and Communities for Racial Equity

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Amplifying Black Educator Voices & Social Justice Resources

There are perspectives and resources on TpT that can move this conversation forward. Across our channels, we highlight Black educators, their TpT stores, and important resources members of our community can use to start critical conversations about race with students. Read More.

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