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Target perspective taking and making inferences and predictions using real pictures with this resource! This resource includes 100 real life picture cards that allow you to provide effective, direct teaching on how to make inferences from picture scenes.Each card includes a visual across the top outlining the "Look", "Think", "Infer", "Predict" strategy (along with sentence starters for students to provide increased support). Next to the photo, there are four questions that require your students
Over 1,200 cards in color AND black/white. A TPT best-seller FOR A REASON! The ONLY articulation cards you will ever more thinking of the correct word or sentence! Each MULTI-LEVEL CARD includes:picturewordphrasesentencesound-loaded sentence-Target sounds are phonemically isolated and underlined.-Data tracking included for progress monitoring. -Options to use as a full sheet printable.WHAT'S INCLUDED:18 cards each: INITIAL - MEDIAL - FINAL S12 cards each: INITIAL - SM, SN, SW, ST, SL,
K - 4th
Students love guessing the rhyming summer riddles in this fun bingo game! Educational and super engaging for a last week of school activity, summer school activity, or your summer speech therapy sessions.This best-selling game is fun way to work on inference, critical thinking, and summer vocabulary too. You'll work on listening comprehension, and rhyme too. This is the perfect game for your end-of-year party, summer speech therapy sessions, ESL activity or teletherapy sessions! ✅ 35 boards mak
The Speech Essentials Kit is a resource that I wish I had fourteen years ago when I first started my SLP career. It contains the basic essentials that you need to get started with your speech caseload:1. Articulation Cards ( 92 pages, black & white, in initial, medial, and final position).2. Articulation Sheets (92 pages, the same set of pictures as the cards, but with x10 boxes on each picture to get home practice).3. Speech Activities for Home Practice (69 pages, home practice activities t
K - 3rd
Speech-language development milestones, hierarchies, and charts! Evidence-based infographics with explanations for early intervention, speech sound development, early language acquisition, and more. Stop worrying about memorizing milestones or frantically searching the internet for developmental charts!Imagine having…➜ An easy way to review the latest speech norms and development.➜ Explanations and research behind the hierarchies and charts.➜ Parent handouts.➜ An easier way to communicate about
These visual sentence strips for speech therapy include TONS of options to be used with ANY activity, book, craft, resource, etc! This product is extremely versatile, and will meet the needs of any language and/or articulation goal. Simply print, laminate, and attach to a binder ring. Also includes 4x6 task box cards to use with photo boxes for on the go therapy!TIP: Print in Adobe (free), and NOT from your internet browser for best printing quality.This product includes: -Editable core boards u
Work on creating compound and complex sentences with this easy-to-use, systematic resource!Sentence combining is a research-supported skill for improving writing skills and reading comprehension in speech and language therapy. I loved using sentence combining in my therapy sessions but wanted a way to progress through the different ways to combine sentences more systematically (and with more visuals!). So, I created this resource! In this packet, I have included 5 levels to progress your student
This packet is perfect for students with autism or low-language skills who need to work on basic conversation skills including using greetings (hi, bye) and asking and answering a variety of basic questions. It also works perfectly to target language and sentence structure for question and sentence formulation.This packet is leveled so it can work with students at a variety of levels and as they grow and make progress.Level One – Targets yes/no questions and includes yes/no answer choices on eac
ONE HUNDRED Speech Therapy Book Companions! Are you looking for some super simple, easy prep book companions for your little learners? These quick prep book companions are great for the busy SLP. They include Evidenced based practices and strategies for read alouds for young learners, presented with research based practices that are broken down for you. These are a great addition to your seasonal/thematic therapy! They also include BONUS visuals for retell, wh questions, and more. Download previ
PreK - 1st
Do you have students on your caseload that have trouble determining how big or small their problems are? They might get very upset when they are told no or lose in a game? Or constantly over-react to small issues?I do! So I created this packet that will help your students better understand their problems and how to solve them ! It will teach them how to figure out the level of their problem on a scale of 1-5, name examples of each, know how to react, and figure out how to solve each problem the
Do you need a high-quality set of articulation cards for your speech therapy room? Are you needing carefully chosen targets that include high-frequency words and verbs to help your students make progress in speech therapy?This newly updated resource contains TWO SEPARATE MATERIALS:➊ -- A 92 page set of Articulation Cards covering sounds in initial, medial, and final position (828 individual cards).➋ -- A 92 page set of Articulation Sheets containing checkboxes to record correct and incorrect pro
PreK - 2nd
This evidence-based resource addresses the critical preschool and lower elementary WORD STRUCTURE concepts of subject, object, possessive, & reflexive pronouns, irregular past tense verbs, increasing MLU, answering WH (who) questions, subject/verb agreement and more! 230+ pages are included. Target Expressive & Receptive Language skills in Speech Therapy or a regular classroom, tutoring, or homeschool setting. WHAT'S INCLUDED:- Common Core standards chart- Developmental Milestones chart
Story grammar is an evidence-based strategy to help your students better comprehend narratives AND write their own! This packet includes three levels to guide your students through learning each story grammar part, better understanding story organization, using transition words as keywords, and identifying story grammar parts in narratives and their own stories.This packet is FULL of visuals, posters, checklists, and even a self-rating rubric. Below are the contents by level: LEVEL ONE • Story g
Have you ever tried minimal pairs therapy for common phonological patterns and found that your students don't understand what you are asking them to do? What if you could read your student a story that explains their speech errors in a child-friendly manner (e.g., introducing the idea of "tail sounds" and "sound buddies"), and then pair it with visuals and concepts that you can use to cue your student throughout the therapy process.DOWNLOAD this toolkit if you want to:➊ -- Understand the steps i
PreK - 1st
TEMPORAL, QUALITATIVE, QUANTITATIVE, AND NEGATIONPerfect for introducing basic concepts in speech therapy or for speech therapy homework. This is an easy-to-grab and use resource, whether you prefer printed or digital! The pages are open-ended to allow for flexibility in what you want to target and the difficulty level. Ask different questions each time!Perfect for:➜ introducing basic concepts➜ worksheets to send home for practice➜ activities that are easily adaptable to different levels of lear
This is the vocabulary resource you've been looking for! These worksheets give multiple exposures to both tier 1 and tier 2 vocabulary words... perfect for providing direct vocabulary instruction during speech and language therapy! They're research-supported, effective, and take absolutely no prep work - just print and go!These worksheets are especially great for students with a wide variety of language levels because you can start with more basic words (e.g., old, empty, open) and proceed to mo
*Best Seller* research-based “hands-on” program that was created to provide structured lessons for teaching spatial concepts and prepositional phrases. Ready to print-and-go for immediate intervention! This program was created for speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, early childhood teachers, and parents needing interactive materials and spatial concept activities for preschoolers to early elementary.**For a product demo - check out my Instagram @texasspeechmom highlight "Sp
Are you needing some task box size articulation materials that covers all sounds in every position? Do you find that your students would really benefit from having the visual cue of their target sound on the very material that they are using? These Articulation Squares are a flexible addition to your therapy toolkit. They take up a small amount of room but have the opportunity for lots of repetitions and practice.DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE IF YOU WANT:➊ -- A page with 48 speech sound targets (x12 in
PreK - 2nd
The Ultimate Toy Companion Cheat Sheets to guide the SLP during play therapy (34 toy cheat sheets.) Have a speech therapy handout for all your favorite toys and games to use in therapy so that you don't have to worry about remembering targets to use with the toys (that's the cheat sheets job!)Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) know how to plan therapy with common toys for a variety of different skills. Play-based speech therapy tools are so important for our young students. These ❤️toy companio
Review any subject in a fun and engaging way with this 1-year all access pass to my digital learning games for any device including iPads, interactive whiteboards (SMARTBoard, Promethian, Mimio) and computers. With a growing library of games and the ability to make your own questions, you can tailor the games to your students’ exact needs.Tens of thousands of teachers from around the world including Speech Language Pathologists, Classroom Teachers and Special Education Teachers have had great su
Simple, no prep craft/worksheets for the entire school year, that align with all your goals! Use alongside ANY themed book, activity, or game, and simply send home for carryover! Be sure to download the preview for a complete look at the product!! This HUGE resource will give you access to TONS of themes, while incorporating your speech and language targets! How to use: Print all your themed worksheets and your speech and language targets (I like to organize mine together in a binder!). When it'
Not Grade Specific
R sound articulation can make speech therapy feel overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you target next? How do you actually get your student to say the R sound!? Teaching R helps speech therapists navigate those questions using a systematic approach. It is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow, program to target the R sound. It targets vocalic R, initial R, and R blends (even with a special section for RL blends). Teaching R now includes teaching visuals for both bunched and retroflex R, informati
Understanding prefixes, suffixes, and affixes significantly contributes to vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and other literacy skills. Students with solid morphological awareness skills can better decode and understand unknown (or less familiar) words.This resource includes over 200 pages that are perfect for boosting your students’ morphological awareness skills in a systematic, evidence-based way! The materials build in difficulty and provide activities for a variety of language
2nd - 6th
Are you working with a child who deletes either the first or second part of their cluster? Have you tried all of your tricks, but your student is still having difficulties saying their 's' clusters? The ‘S’ Clusters Help Sheets resource uses different multisensory cues that break down how to say ‘s’ clusters using metaphors, visual cues, and backward chaining.  Download the help sheets if you:have tried different types of cues, and nothing has helped “click”.have used cycles or the minimal pairs

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