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    Thank you for viewing my Foundation BUNDLE!

    This bundle truly has been a labour of love and I am so excited to share it with you! Please download the preview to check out exactly what is included before you purchase.

    Please note that all of these units are also available individually, and in smaller bundles. By purchasing the bundle you are saving 20%!

    What's Included?

    25/4/2020 Update - All units now have 'Home Connections' documents included to allow continuity of learning during 'at home' learning.

    4 complete science units, 4 complete HASS units, and 4 complete health units, all designed specifically with Foundation in mind!

    Each unit contains 10 easy read lesson plans (8 in health units), follow up worksheets for each lesson, optional assessment task, rubric and digital and printable activities!


    DISTANCE LEARNING: Each of my science units now contain a 'Home Connections' document to enable you to continue to teach science units during 'at home' learning time. Each of these documents include a learning log cover page, adapted activities, simplified lesson plans, adapted activity sheets, printable books and posters and charts. These lessons have been designed so that they align perfectly with the original units, meaning that if you return to classroom teaching half-way through the unit, you can continue your learning using either resource.

    Exploring Living Things

    14/4/2020 - I have updated the 'Exploring Living Things' unit to include a 58 page 'Home Connections' document, perfect for you to send home for your children to complete with their parents at home.

    Concepts Covered:

    Living and Non-Living

    Plant and Animal Features

    Plant and Animal Life-Cycles

    Plant and Animal Needs

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Living or Non-Living

    Lesson 2: Animal Features

    Lesson 3: Animals Changing

    Lesson 4: Animal Life-Cycles

    Lesson 5: Animal Needs

    Lesson 6: Animal Homes

    Lesson 7: Plant Features

    Lesson 8: Plant Life-Cycles

    Lesson 9: Plant Needs

    Lesson 10: Building Animal Homes

    Investigating Materials

    5/4/20 - Home Connections Unit - 35 pages to be sent home with students for an at-home learning option.

    Concepts Covered:

    Materials and Objects

    Material Properties

    Material Purposes

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Materials

    Lesson 2: Observing Objects

    Lesson 3: Observing Texture

    Lesson 4: Object Properties

    Lesson 5: Properties of Materials

    Lesson 6: Materials in Our Classroom

    Lesson 7: Investigating Strength

    Lesson 8: Investigating Wind

    Lesson 9: Investigating Water

    Lesson 10: The Three Little Pigs

    Investigating the Weather

    Concepts Covered:

    19/4/20 - A 48 page 'Home Connections' document has been added to the 'Investigating the Weather' science unit, perfect to support 'at home' learning

    Weather Features

    Impacts on Clothing

    Impacts on Activities

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: The Weather

    Lesson 2: Weather Features

    Lesson 3: Our Favourite Weather

    Lesson 4: What’s the Weather?

    Lesson 5: Hot or Cold?

    Lesson 6: Hot, Cold or Rainy?

    Lesson 7: Clothing Choices

    Lesson 8: Activity Choices

    Lesson 9: What Can We Do?

    Lesson 10: All About the Weather

    Exploring Movement

    22/4/2020 Update: I have added a 58 page 'Home Connections' document to my 'Exploring Movement' science unit, perfect to send home with your students for 'at home' learning.

    Concepts Covered:

    Human Movement

    Animal Movement

    Object Movement

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Exploring Human Movement

    Lesson 2: Moving in the Playground

    Lesson 3: Playground Movement

    Lesson 4: Exploring Animal Movement

    Lesson 5: Animal Movement

    Lesson 6: Moving Animals

    Lesson 7: Exploring Object Movement

    Lesson 8: Roll or Slide

    Lesson 9: Exploring Musical Instruments

    Lesson 10: Toys that Move


    My Fabulous Family

    Concepts Covered:

    Family Structures

    Special Memories

    Family Memories

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: I Am Special

    Lesson 2: See Me Grow

    Lesson 3: Family Members

    Lesson 4: My Family

    Lesson 5: Family Structures

    Lesson 6: Where Do You Live?

    Lesson 7: Families Having Fun

    Lesson 8: Stories From the Past

    Lesson 9: Family Stories

    Lesson 10: Family Fun!

    Time to Celebrate

    A bonus 57 page document in parent-friendly format to enable you to send resources home with your students for an at-home learning option.

    Concepts Covered:

    Talking about the past

    Communicating stories from the past

    Celebrations around the world

    Commemorating events

    Celebration symbols

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: The Past

    Lesson 2: Now and Then

    Lesson 3: Stories from the Past

    Lesson 4: Communicating Stories

    Lesson 5: Telling Stories Through Objects

    Lesson 6: Celebrations Around the World

    Lesson 7: Celebration Symbols

    Lesson 8: Commemorating Events

    Lesson 9: Celebrating Events

    Lesson 10: Let’s Celebrate!

    **Please note that in the packet, I have included 2 versions of the digital book 'Celebrations Around the World'. One version includes a wide range of celebrations including brief information on Ramadan, Hannukah and Carnival, and another without these particular celebrations to suit your needs as a teacher.

    In the 'Home Connections' packet, I have made a note for parents to look through the printable book and remove any pages they do not feel comfortable teaching at home BEFORE stapling it together.


    This is My Place

    Concepts Covered:

    Places and Purposes

    Place Features

    Direction and Location

    Mapping Places

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Places in the Community

    Lesson 2: People in the Community

    Lesson 3: Special Features of Places in the Community

    Lesson 4: Our Classroom

    Lesson 5: Place features

    Lesson 6: Directional Language

    Lesson 7: Our Town

    Lesson 8: Mapping our Classroom

    Lesson 9: Farm Fun!

    Lesson 10: Our School

    My Special Place

    A bonus 38 page document in parent-friendly format to enable you to send resources home with your students for an at-home learning option. Because this unit revolved heavily around places at school, the 'Home Connections' document has slightly altered lessons to support hands-on learning at home. I have listed below in the Unit Overview the different at home lessons.

    Concepts Covered:

    Special Places and Features

    Caring for Special Places

    Direction and Location

    Place Purposes

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: A Special Place

    Lesson 2: Special Places at Home

    Lesson 3: Special Memories

    Lesson 4: My Special Place

    Lesson 5: Caring for Our Classroom (Home Connection: Caring for Our Home)

    Lesson 6: Caring for Our School (Home Connection: All About Our Home)

    Lesson 7: Caring for Special Places

    Lesson 8: School Locations (Home Connection: Home Locations)

    Lesson 9: School Directions (Home Connection: Home Directions)

    Lesson 10: My Dream Bedroom


    Talking About Emotions

    16/4/2020 - A 35 page 'Home Connections' document has been added to the 'Talking About Emotions' unit which can be used for 'at home' learning. Enjoy the update!

    Concepts Covered:

    Recognising Emotions


    Calm-Down Strategies

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Exploring Emotions

    Lesson 2: Showing Emotions

    Lesson 3: Recognising Emotions

    Lesson 4: My Emotions

    Lesson 5: Self-Control

    Lesson 6: Calm-Down Strategies

    Lesson 7: Changing Emotions

    Lesson 8: Using Self-Control

    Growing and Changing

    Concepts Covered:

    Being Me

    Growing Up


    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Being Me

    Lesson 2: All About Me

    Lesson 3: My Body

    Lesson 4: When I Grow Up

    Lesson 5: In My family

    Lesson 6: Stages of Life

    Lesson 7: Sequencing Stages of Life

    Lesson 8: Describing Life Stages

    Keeping Myself Safe

    Concepts Covered:

    Safe Places

    Safe Choices

    Safe Helpers

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Being Safe

    Lesson 2: Eating Healthy

    Lesson 3: Healthy Choices

    Lesson 4: Good Hygiene

    Lesson 5: Dental Health

    Lesson 6: Hygienic Choices

    Lesson 7: Being Active

    Lesson 8: Active Choices

    Keeping Myself Healthy

    Concepts Covered:

    Good Hygiene

    Healthy Food

    Staying Active

    Unit Overview:

    Lesson 1: Being Healthy

    Lesson 2: Eating Healthy

    Lesson 3: Healthy Choices

    Lesson 4: Good Hygiene

    Lesson 5: Dental Health

    Lesson 6: Hygienic Choices

    Lesson 7: Being Active

    Lesson 8: Active Choices

    *If you find this unit helpful and would like to share with your colleagues, I encourage you to do this the correct way. Please remember that the purchase of one unit is for the use in one classroom. Additional licences can be purchased at a discounted rate. If you are interested in using the units across a year level though, please contact me and I am more than happy to arrange a discount for a set number of classrooms. Thank you for supporting Australian teacher authors!

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