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FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook

FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook
FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook
FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook
FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook
FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook
FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook
Product Description
FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook

FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook is an aligned supplement to the FirstieMath™ Curriculum program. However, the FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook can be paired with any first grade math curriculum successfully. The notebook covers 15 units and includes 150 days of hands-on tasks. Each interactive task is paired with an “I can” statement and all necessary lesson pieces. The students will simply need a copy of the task printed out, composition notebook, and simple classroom supplies. The activities can be used during your whole-group math lesson as the follow-up task, intervention block, or for independent practice during a small-group math lesson rotation. Be sure to view the scope and sequence of the interactive notebook and the picture shots to see it in action!

What is included in FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook?

-150 hands-on and engaging tasks
- notebook labels

FirstieMath™ Interactive Notebook Scope and Sequence

Lesson 1.1 Numbers 1-10
Lesson 1.2 Numbers 1-10
Lesson 1.3 Read/Write Numbers 1-10
Lesson 1.4 Counting Numbers 1-10
Lesson 1.5 Comparing Numbers 1-5
Lesson 1.6 Comparing Numbers 6-10
Lesson 1.7 Comparing Numbers 1-10
Lesson 1.8 Number Patterns 1-5
Lesson 1.9 Number Patterns 6-10
Lesson 1.10 Number Patterns 1-10

Lesson 2.1 Number Bonds
Lesson 2.2 Read/Write Sentences
Lesson 2.3 How to Make 4, 5, 6
Lesson 2.4 How to Make 7, 8, 9
Lesson 2.5 How to Make Numbers 1-10
Lesson 2.6 Counting on to Add
Lesson 2.7 Find the Missing Numbers
Lesson 2.8 Addition with Zero
Lesson 2.9 Read World Addition Problems
Lesson 2.10 Rearranging the Problem

Lesson 3.1 Read/Write Subtraction Sentences
Lesson 3.2 Subtract by Taking Away
Lesson 3.3 Subtract by Taking Away 2
Lesson 3.4 Subtract by Counting On
Lesson 3.5 Subtract by Counting Back
Lesson 3.6 Real World Subtraction Problems
Lesson 3.7 Rearranging Subtraction Problems
Lesson 3.8 Recognizing Fact Families
Lesson 3.9 Making Fact Families
Lesson 3.10 True/False Subtraction

Lesson 4.1 Plane Shapes: Circle and Square
Lesson 4.2 Plane Shapes: Rectangle and Triangle
Lesson 4.3 Plane Shapes: Alike and Different
Lesson 4.4 Equal Parts of a Shape
Lesson 4.5 3D Shapes: Sphere, Rect. Prism, Cone
Lesson 4.6 3D Shapes: Cube, Pyramid, Cylinder
Lesson 4.7 Building with 3D Shapes
Lesson 4.8 Real World Shapes
Lesson 4.9 Order of Shapes
Lesson 4.10 Patterns with Plane/3D Shapes

Lesson 5.1 Make 10 and Count On
Lesson 5.2 Place Value
Lesson 5.3 Place Value Continued
Lesson 5.4 Tens Frame Number to 20
Lesson 5.5 Exploring 20
Lesson 5.6 Compare Numbers 11-15
Lesson 5.7 Compare Numbers 16-20
Lesson 5.8 1-20 Number Order
Lesson 5.9 Number Patterns: More or Less
Lesson 5.10 Write Numbers 11-20

Lesson 6.1 Addition With Doubles
Lesson 6.2 Addition Doubles Plus 1
Lesson 6.3 Make a Ten to Add
Lesson 6.4 Add by Counting On
Lesson 6.5 Real World Addition Problems
Lesson 6.6 Subtraction Without Regrouping
Lesson 6.7 Subtraction With Regrouping
Lesson 6.8 Subtraction With Regrouping
Lesson 6.9 Real World Subtraction Problems
Lesson 6.10 Fact Families

Lesson 7.1 Comparing Length of 2 Objects
Lesson 7.2 Comparing Length of 3+ Objects
Lesson 7.3 Nonstandard Measurement
Lesson 7.4 Nonstandard Measurement
Lesson 7.5 Measuring in Units
Lesson 7.6 Addition Measurement Problems
Lesson 7.7 Comparing Weight of 2 Objects
Lesson 7.8 Comparing Weight of 3+ Objects
Lesson 7.9 Nonstandard Weight Measurement
Lesson 7.10 Weighing in Units

Lesson 8.1 Sort and Organize
Lesson 8.2 Picture Graphs
Lesson 8.3 Picture Graphs
Lesson 8.4 Tally Charts
Lesson 8.5 Bar Graphs
Lesson 8.6 Bar Graphs
Lesson 8.7 Line Graphs
Lesson 8.8 Line Graphs
Lesson 8.9 Circle Graphs
Lesson 8.10 Analyzing Graphs

Lesson 9.1 Place Value
Lesson 9.2 Place Value
Lesson 9.3 Comparing 2-Digit Numbers
Lesson 9.4 Comparing 2-Digit Numbers w/ Symbols
Lesson 9.5 Ordering Numbers
Lesson 9.6 Ordering Numbers
Lesson 9.7 Patterning Numbers
Lesson 9.8 Ten More and Ten Less
Lesson 9.9 Ten More and Ten Less
Lesson 9.10 Estimating Groups of Ten

Lesson 10.1 Adding Number Without Regrouping
Lesson 10.2 Addition With Regrouping
Lesson 10.3 Addition With Regrouping
Lesson 10.4 Real World Addition Problems
Lesson 10.5 Subtraction Without Regrouping
Lesson 10.6 Subtraction With Regrouping
Lesson 10.7 Subtraction With Regrouping
Lesson 10.8 Real World Subtraction Problems
Lesson 10.9 Three Number Addition
Lesson 10.10 Three Number Addition

Lesson 11.1 Number Bonds For Mental Math
Lesson 11.2 Mentally Add 1-Digit Numbers
Lesson 11.3 Mentally Add 1-Digit Numbers to a 2 Digit Number
Lesson 11.4 Add a 2 Digit Number to a Ten
Lesson 11.5 Subtract 1-Digit Numbers Mentally
Lesson 11.6 Mentally Subtract 1-Digit Number from 2-Digit Number
Lesson 11.7 Mentally Subtract Tens From a 2-Digit Number
Lesson 11.8 Identifying Patterns
Lesson 11.9 Addition to 40 Review
Lesson 11.10 Subtraction to 40 Review

Lesson 12.1 Counting to 120
Lesson 12.2 Counting to 120
Lesson 12.3 Place Value
Lesson 12.4 Place Value
Lesson 12.5 Comparing Numbers to 120
Lesson 12.6 Ordering Numbers to 120
Lesson 12.7 Ordering Numbers to 120
Lesson 12.8 Numbers Patterns to 120
Lesson 12.9 Estimating Numbers to 120
Lesson 12.10 Estimating Numbers to 120

Lesson 13.1 Addition Without Regrouping
Lesson 13.2 Addition Without Regrouping
Lesson 13.3 Addition With Regrouping
Lesson 13.4 Addition With Regrouping
Lesson 13.5 Subtraction Without Regrouping
Lesson 13.6 Subtraction Without Regrouping
Lesson 13.7 Subtraction With Regrouping
Lesson 13.8 Subtraction With Regrouping
Lesson 13.9 Estimating Sums to 100
Lesson 13.10 Estimating Differences to 100

Lesson 14.1 Ordering Events
Lesson 14.2 Time to the Hour
Lesson 14.3 Time to the Half Hour
Lesson 14.4 Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour
Lesson 14.5 Penny, Nickel, Dime
Lesson 14.6 Learning the Quarter
Lesson 14.7 Counting Money
Lesson 14.8 Counting Money
Lesson 14.9 Adding Money
Lesson 14.10 Subtracting Money

Lesson 15.1 Equal Parts
Lesson 15.2 Fractions: One Half
Lesson 15.3 One Third
Lesson 15.4 One Fourth
Lesson 15.5 Non-Unit Fractions
Lesson 15.6 Multiplication Prep: Adding the Same #
Lesson 15.7 Finding the Number of Groups
Lesson 15.8 Finding the Number of Groups
Lesson 15.9 Measure to the Nearest Inch
Lesson 15.10 Measure to the Nearest Inch

Please view the preview to see lots more!

If you have any questions at all about this packet please email me at littlemindsatworkllc@gmail.com

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Total Pages
173 pages
Answer Key
Teaching Duration
1 Year
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