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This is a BUNDLE of all 11 of my Kindergarten Math Units.

This HUGE math bundle includes:
*Over 400 Worksheets
*Over 600 Task Cards
*Over 40 Work Mats
*Over 120 Vocabulary Cards

Also includes sorting activities, books, and number writing practice pages!

Click the links to see complete previews for each math unit:
Numbers 0-10
Classifying Objects
Comparing Numbers 0-10
Shapes and Patterns
Positional Words
Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10
Numbers 11-100
Addition to 10
Subtraction from 10
Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-20

Below is a breakdown of the worksheets included in each unit.

Numbers 0-10
Count 1, 2, 3
Count 4 and 5
Review: Count 1-5
Read and Write 1, 2, 3
Read and Write 4 and 5
Read and Write 0
Review: Read and Write 0-5
Count 6 and 7
Count 8 and 9
Count 10
Review: Count 6-10
Read and Write 6 and 7
Read and Write 8 and 9
Read and Write 10
Review: Read and Write 6-10
Read and Write 0-10

Classifying Objects
Alike and Different
Sorting Groups
Sort by Size
Sort by Shape
Sort and Graph
Sort by Count

Comparing Numbers 0-10
Learn: Equal to
Practice: Equal to
Learn: More, Less, Most, Fewest
Learn: Greater than
Practice: Greater than
Learn: Less than
Practice: Less than
Review: Most, Fewest, Equal
Practice: Comparing Numbers 0-5
Learn: One More
Practice: Count One More to 5
Review: One More to 5
Learn: One Less
Practice: Count One Less from 5
Review: One Less from 5
Practice: Comparing Numbers 6-10
Practice: Count One More to 10
Review: One More to 10
Practice: Count One Less from 10
Review: One Less from 10
Practice: Ordinal Numbers to 5th
Practice: Ordinal Numbers to 10th
Review: Ordinal Numbers to 10th

Shapes and Patterns
Squares and Rectangles
Square and Rectangle Objects
Review: Squares
Review: Rectangles
Circles and Triangles
Circle and Triangle Objects
Review: Circles
Review: Triangles
Diamonds and Hexagons
Diamond and Hexagon Objects
Review: Diamonds
Review: Hexagons
Sort 2D Shapes
Compose New Shapes
Cubes and Spheres
Review: Cubes and Spheres
Cylinders and Cones
Review: Cylinders and Cones
Pyramids and Rectangular Prisms
Review: Pyramids and Rectangular Prisms
Sort 3D Shapes
Shapes and Patterns
Review: Shapes and Patterns
Colors and Patterns

Positional Words
Above and Below
Review: Above and Below
In front of and Behind
Review: In front of and Behind
Inside and Outside
Review: Inside and Outside
Near and Far
Review: Near and Far
Next to and Between
Review: Next to and Between
Up and Down
Review: Up and Down

Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10
Compose 2 and 3
Review: Compose 2 and 3
Compose 4 and 5
Review: Compose 4
Review: Compose 5
Compose 6 and 7
Review: Compose 6
Review: Compose 7
Compose 8 and 9
Review: Compose 8
Review: Compose 9
Compose 10
Review: Compose 10
Decompose 2 and 3
Decompose 4 and 5
Decompose 6 and 7
Decompose 8 and 9
Decompose 10
Review: Decompose 2-5
Review: Decompose 6-8
Review: Decompose 9 and 10
Ways to make 2 and 3
Ways to make 4 and 5
Ways to make 6 and 7
Ways to make 8 and 9
Ways to make 10

Numbers 11-20
Make 11 and 12
Count 11 and 12
Review: Make 11 and 12
Make 13 and 14
Count 13 and 14
Review: Make 13 and 14
Make 15 and 16
Count 15 and 16
Review: Make 15 and 16
Make 17 and 18
Count 17 and 18
Review: Make 17 and 18
Make 19 and 20
Count 19 and 20
Review: Make 19 and 20
Review: Count 11-20
Review: Read and Write 11-20
Count by ones to 30
Count by ones to 50
Count by ones to 100
Hidden Picture in a 100’s Chart
Count by tens to 100
Count and Write by Tens
Count by Tens to 100

Compare Length
Review: Compare Length
Use Cubes to Measure Length
Review: Use Cubes to Measure Length
Compare Height
Review: Compare Height
Use Cubes to Measure Height
Review: Use Cubes to Measure Height
What’s the Difference?
Guess and Check
Review: Guess and Check
Order by Size
Compare Weight
Review: Compare Weight
Use Cubes to Measure Weight *Need a Balance Scale*
Describe Length, Height, and Weight
Compare Capacity
Review: Compare Capacity

Addition to 10
How Many in All?
Use Objects to Add
Review: Use Objects to Add
Use the + Sign
Use the = Sign
Number Sentences
Review: Number Sentences
Number Sentences to 10
Add to Make 4 and 5
Add to Make 6 and 7
Add to Make 8 and 9
Add to Make 10
Complete the 10 Frame
Spin to Add with 10 Frames
Roll to Add with 10 Frames
Shake and Pour to 10
Model the Addition Story
Draw your own Addition Story
Make your own Addition Story

Subtraction from 10
How Many are Left?
Use Objects to Subtract
Review: Use Objects to Subtract
Use the - Sign
Use the = Sign
Number Sentences
Review: Number Sentences
Number Sentences from 10
Subtract to Take Apart 4 and 5
Subtract to Take Apart 6 and 7
Subtract to Take Apart 8 and 9
Subtract to Take Apart 10
Spin to Subtract
Roll to Subtract
Subtract the 10 Frame
Spin to Subtract with 10 Frames
Roll to Subtract with 10 Frames
Shake and Pour from 10
Model the Subtraction Story
Draw your Own Subtraction Story

Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-20
Compose 11
Compose 12
Compose 13
Compose 14
Compose 15
Make Numbers 11-15
Review: Make Numbers 11-15
Decompose 11
Decompose 12
Decompose 13
Decompose 14
Decompose 15
Take Apart 11-15
Review: Take Apart 11-15
Compose 16
Compose 17
Compose 18
Compose 19
Compose 20
Make Numbers 16-20
Review: Make Numbers 16-20
Decompose 16
Decompose 17
Decompose 18
Decompose 19
Decompose 20
Take Apart 16-20
Review: Take Apart 16-20

Clipart by:
Whimsy Clips
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs
Kari Bolt Clip Art
Prince Padania
The Barefoot Teacher
A Sketchy Guy
Hidesy’s Clipart
Miss KindergarDunn
Lauren Thompson
Graphics from the Pond
Enchanting Resources
Fun Classroom Creations
Scrappin Doodles
2 SMART Chicks



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Kindergarten Math ~ The Bundle
Kindergarten Math ~ The Bundle
Kindergarten Math ~ The Bundle