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Author's Purpose: Students are sure to have fun with these hands-on, meaningful activities while gaining a solid understanding of this concept. This differentiated unit provides a variety of engaging materials; look what’s included! •*PowerPoint
1814 ratings
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This Charlotte's Web novel study unit has it ALL, from reading responses, discussion group questions, vocabulary, writing activities, an end of the book assessment, plus SO much more! Take a look at all this Charlotte’s Web unit includes. ~Reading
873 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.36 MB)
Animals: Adaptations, Food Chains and Habitats Animal Vocabulary Cards, Assessments and Activities: Fun & engaging resources to supplement your Animals Unit! Vocabulary Cards – use as a word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards or
908 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.61 MB)
This vocabulary mini-office is the perfect resource to support your beginning English Language Learners. The visuals provide the comprehensible input Newcomers need when learning basic English vocabulary. Vocabulary topics included in this
673 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.45 MB)
Vocabulary cards, assessments, activities, interactive notebook pages, an exciting soil "Scoot!" game are all included in these fun and engaging supplemental resources for your Soil Unit! Vocabulary Cards– use as a word wall, matching game, sorting
686 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.33 MB)
Stone Fox: this novel study packet has it all, from reading responses, to discussion group questions, vocabulary cards, writing activities, a comprehensive end of the book assessment, plus SO much more! Take a look at all this Stone Fox unit
557 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.40 MB)
This leveled and differentiated Main Idea and Supporting Details resource has a wide variety of activities for both fiction and non-fiction practice - games, task cards, passages, a colorful poster, graphic organizers, and more! This comprehensive
632 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.85 MB)
Vocabulary, Activities, Assessments and Games: enrich your Economics Unit with these fun and engaging resources. Vocabulary Cards – uses include: word wall, matching game, sorting activity, flashcards, or a fun "Quiz, Quiz, Trade" game. The cards
629 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.46 MB)
Superlative certificates your students will love! 45 End of the Year Award Titles: each one made for a girl and a boy. That's 90 certificates! These 90 certificates also come in an "almost black and white" version, if access to a color printer is
436 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (65.34 MB)
Folktales, Fairytales and Fables! This comprehensive Folktales unit is full of fun and engaging activities. Students will enjoy reading & learning about various fairytales, fables, myths, legends, tall tales, trickster tales & pour quois!
557 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.74 MB)
~~~FREE Update Every Spring!~~~ This CUSTOMIZABLE Guided Reading Plan Book has everything you'll need to keep your guided reading lesson plans and data collection organized! This ONE TIME purchase provides you with excellent planning tools and
670 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (24.30 MB)
Non Fiction Text Features Hunt is a fun and engaging, hands on activity. Students "hunt" for various nonfiction text features in nonfiction books, magazines and articles to gain a better understanding of how text features help readers locate
435 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.30 MB)
Affixes Activities, Games and Passages: Students expand their vocabulary through learning all about prefixes, suffixes, and base, or root words. Engaging and differentiated centers, interactive notebook activities, word building activities, practice
366 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.10 MB)
Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers, a must have for your Reader's Workshop, Guided Reading and Common Core instruction! This growing resource of engaging reading comprehension graphic organizers can be used with ANY non-fiction text. Perfect
303 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.65 MB)
This Freckle Juice novel study unit has it all, from reading responses, to discussion group questions, vocabulary cards, writing activities, a comprehensive end of the book assessment, plus SO much more! Reading Responses •Reading Response
320 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.49 MB)
Test Prep "Scoot!": Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones and Context Clues Who says test prep is boring? It's not when you "SCOOT!" Check out this fun activity that gets your students up and moving while preparing for state tests. Kids love to play
413 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.39 MB)
This Frindle novel study unit has it ALL, from reading responses, discussion group questions, vocabulary, writing activities, an end of the book assessment, plus SO much more! It's perfect for a whole class read aloud or novel study, book clubs,
275 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.20 MB)
Differentiated resources that provide ALL students with the practice needed to gain a solid understanding of cause and effect relationships in both fiction and non-fiction text. From a fun PowerPoint lesson, to task cards, leveled passages, sorts
372 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.71 MB)
References: These effective practice activities are great to use when teaching about the following types of word references: table of contents, glossary, index, dictionary & encyclopedia. Use during guided reading groups, as independent work,
331 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.27 MB)
Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns: students will gain a solid understanding of these grammar rules through an interactive PowerPoint presentation (36 slides), two fun and engaging "hunt" or "Scoot" activities, plus 3 independent practice
311 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.68 MB)
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I've been teaching ESOL at the elementary level since 2005. I support my ELLs in the mainstream classroom by co-teaching with classroom teachers. My materials are created for all students, but incorporate components that especially support ELLs in their comprehension of curriculum content and language acquisition.


I firmly believe in the gradual release method: I do, we do, you do with lots of hands-on, meaningful and engaging activities that students can relate to and can apply to the world around them. ELLs in the mainstream classroom CAN learn the grade level curriculum with the appropriate modeling, scaffolds and support.


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BA English, M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction w/ a concentration in ESL


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