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Do your students mix up possessive and plural nouns? This fun & engaging, easy prep unit has activities that will help you introduce & practice possessive nouns. It was created to give your students plenty of practice with both possessive
383 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.93 MB)
Are you ready for an engaging and fun unit to teach your students beginning map skills? This unit includes a short map skills book written by me with clip art pictures, printables to practice the skills learned, two thinking maps, writing ideas and
309 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.74 MB)
This unit has many activities that will help you introduce & practice proper nouns with your students. The activities are high interest and engaging! Here is what is now in this unit: Anchor chart (colored and black & white
252 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.51 MB)
This is an easy prep, farm themed unit designed to help you introduce and reinforce adding –s to make words plural. The unit comes with many fun and engaging activities to help you practice this skill. It is appropriate for a primary aged
196 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.04 MB)
Adjectives This easy prep unit introduces adjectives and gives lots of opportunity to practice with them. The culminating activity (the activity so many teachers have raved about and that my students adore doing) is the Silly Story. Students fill
199 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.94 MB)
You are looking at a complete unit on teaching and reinforcing the OI and OY diphthongs. It is easy to prep and provides lots of activities that will help your students learn these sounds/spelling patterns. There are a variety of activities to
171 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.47 MB)
ARRRR you ready for some fun practice with the R-Controlled AR sound? This easy to prep, teacher friendly unit has plenty of that! It includes a sorting activity, a word building activity, a game, and high interest 14 worksheets! This unit was
156 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.86 MB)
Are you looking for an easy to prep long I unit using IGH, IE, and Y? This unit is perfect for the first or second grade classroom. It includes a sorting activity (both colored & blackline AND with or without words) with these 3 spelling
162 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.00 MB)
Are you ready for some fun practice using an easy prep OU & OW unit? This unit has everything you need for introducing and practicing the OU OW diphthongs. The variety of the activities will surely keep your students engaged and learning! Here
143 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.17 MB)
Double consonant fun! This easy to prep unit is designed to help your students practice the double consonant endings of SS, ZZ, LL, FF. & CK. It includes a sorting activity with 5 heading cards and 30 sorting cards. The sorting cards come
118 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.28 MB)
It's time for long O vowel teams! This is an easy to prep unit that will keep your students excited about learning about the long O spelling patterns of OA, OW & OE! It includes a sort activity that comes in both color and blackline. The
124 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.13 MB)
Are you ready for some fun practice with the sounds of AU and AW? There are plenty of enjoyable activities in this unit to help your students master these sounds. It includes sorting cards and a recording sheet, word building cards, 18 printables,
121 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.88 MB)
Are you ready for some fun practice with the sounds of OO? There are plenty of enjoyable activities in this unit to help your students master these sounds. Here is what is included in this unit: An original student book- The Land of OO’s Word
135 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.87 MB)
This is an easy prep, fun unit designed to help you introduce and reinforce final consonant blends ND, NG, NK, and NT. The unit comes with 4 end blend heading cards and 24 sorting cards. The sorting cards come in two choices with words and without
86 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.41 MB)
Teaching the phonics/spelling patterns of EW, UE, UI can be tricky business! This unit was designed to give your students plenty of fun and engaging practice using these. There are sorting cards, word building cards with wands, and plenty of
125 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.89 MB)
This is an easy to prep unit that helps reinforce making words plural by adding -es and -ies to words. It includes a lot of engaging activities to help your students understand making plurals by adding -es and -ies to base words. Here is what is
120 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.10 MB)
This is a great way to get up and practice your OU & OW vowel team words. Each card has a picture of an OU or OW word and letter boxes underneath. The students will write the word on their recording sheet. There is a word bank on the
86 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.96 MB)
Are you looking for a fun activity that will get your kids up and moving while they are practicing their skills? Write the Room activities are the answer for this! This place value with base ten blocks Write the Room activity could also be used as
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.97 MB)
Let’s have some fun while we learn about the rules of how to add –s, -ed & -ing to verbs that need some changes. This unit is 88 pages long with loads of engaging activities: sorting, printables, games, task cards and two craftivities. Here
87 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.89 MB)
This is a set of Fry's sight word cards words 1-300. In addition there are also days, months, numbers and color words. There are over 350 words included in this set. There is also an additional page at the end that is editable so that you can
72 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.45 MB)
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I have completed 25 years of teaching at the elementary level. Most years I have taught first grade and I have also taught 2nd and kindergarten. I also taught preschool for several years before I became a credentialed teacher and I homeschooled two of my three children for a few years.


I'm always trying to learn along with my students. I also believe that school should be fun & I try to incorporate fun/enjoyment into as much as I can in my teaching.


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Bachelor of Science in Child Development CSUF Liberal Studies Waver CSUB & CSUF Multiple Subjects Credential University of LaVerne


I have been married for 40 years! We have 3 adult children & 5 grandchildren. I am a follower of Christ. TPT has changed my way of teaching. I am so happy I found TpT!

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