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Check out my "Less Mess" Interactive Notebook Activities for ELA & social studies. LESS MESS = LESS STRESS! Use the ASK A QUESTION Section to ask me about CUSTOM BUNDLES of three or more at 25% OFF!
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{Fiction Book Report; Fiction Book Project} Inspire creativity and imagination in your students with this delicious fiction book report! Students will be creating their own foods as a vehicle for their book project. The unit includes: 1.
397 ratings
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(Figurative Language Interactive Notebook; Figurative Language Interactive Activities) My “Less Mess” Figurative Language Interactive Notebook Activities allow for two simple steps: cut around the border and glue it in. That’s it! They are perfect
288 ratings
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{Map Skills; Map Activities; Five Themes of Geography} This bundle includes four of my resources for your unit on map skills and the five themes of geography at a discounted rate. ★ You may also want to check out my "Less Mess" Map Skills and
233 ratings
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The first days back from winter break in January can be rough on kids. Getting back into a routine in the New Year is not easy…especially when all the students want to do is talk about their break! Why not give them an opportunity to do just that
248 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.97 MB)
(Comic Strips; Creating Comic Strips; Comics) Students LOVE to create their own comic strips and don't consider it "work" (even though they are secretly practicing skills...SHHH!) Eight different comic strip templates are included. Some of the
185 ratings
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(Social Studies Interactive Notebook; Social Studies Interactive Activities) My “Less Mess” Social Studies Interactive Notebook Activities allow for two simple steps: cut around the border and glue it in. That’s it! They are perfect for teachers
235 ratings
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This pack features four word search puzzles focusing on figurative language. Students must use the clues provided to find words in the puzzle involving similes, onomatopoeia, idioms, and alliteration. Answer keys are provided. Please view the
175 ratings
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This activity is designed to get students looking through their social studies textbooks when they first receive them. It's a great activity to use when you distribute books. Students must identify such things as: title of book, table of contents,
153 ratings
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(Text Evidence; Common Core Posters, Evidence from Text) Remind students to prove their answers with these evidence-based terms posters for Common Core on display. Each poster has a term as well as a sample sentence. Included posters are: 1.
187 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.35 MB)
Recognizing abstract nouns is ESSENTIAL for TRUE UNDERSTANDING of nouns. These are the kind that always confuse students! This abstract noun activity provides an opportunity for students to use their creativity and imagination while learning about
166 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.63 MB)
Here are two "no prep" practice pages for your students to test their understanding of primary and secondary sources. Each page contains ten examples. Students must read each example and identify it as a primary or secondary source. Students can
160 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.79 MB)
My “Less Mess” Study Skills Interactive Notebook Activities allow for two simple steps: cut around the border and glue it in. That’s it! They are perfect for teachers who may have their students for just one short period per day but still need to
114 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.38 MB)
{Key Words: Geography; Themes of Geography; Five Themes of Geography; Movement; Region; Human Environment Interaction; Location; Place} Sometimes all it takes is something comical, silly, or colorful for students to remember a concept. These
132 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.62 MB)
(Idioms, Idiom Activities; Literal Idioms) Your students will be "on cloud nine" with this literal idiom art activity.The pages included are: 1. Direction sheet 2. Girl Idiom Art Sheet 3. Boy Idiom Art Sheet 4. Two sample pages 5. Idiom List for
163 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.40 MB)
{Figurative Language; Figurative Language Activities} This 111 page bundle includes four of my figurative language packs at a discounted price! This bundle is aligned to the Common Core with the standards included for grades 3-6. Included units
175 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.06 MB)
{Map Skills Interactive Notebook; Maps Interactive Notebook; Geography Interactive Notebook} My “Less Mess” Map Skills and Geography Interactive Notebook Activities allow for two simple steps: cut around the border and glue it in. That’s it! They
116 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.99 MB)
Give your students a chance to delve into the poetry books housed in your classroom (or borrowed from your school library) with this poetry scavenger hunt activity. Students search for poems based on directions given (for example, "Find a poem that
149 ratings
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Here's a fun and creative way for your students to write and illustrate similes and metaphors! This set includes 6 girl faces (3 simile/3 metaphor) and 6 boy faces (3 simile/3 metaphor). One girl and boy face without hair (for students who want to
134 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.31 MB)
This activity helps students practice forming compound sentences and using coordinating conjunctions correctly. Pages included are: 1. Direction Sheet 2. Sixteen Compound Cat Task Cards 3. Sentence Sheet (2 sided) for recording answers 4. Answer
102 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.65 MB)
Your students will want to read "OWL" about parts of speech with these colorful posters! Please download the preview to see all eight parts of speech posters included. PLEASE NOTE: These posters are also included in my Owl Theme Reading/Language
141 ratings
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I have been teaching for many years in both the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas and still love it! Over the course of my career, I have taught several grade levels. I am currently teaching fifth grade and truly enjoy it. I love the sense of humor children have, and I feel so grateful that I can spend every day with them!


I believe that children learn best when they are having fun. Lessons should never be monotonous; they need to be visually appealing, challenging, and motivating. I strive to keep my students engaged! Creativity and a sense of humor are integral parts of my teaching style. I also enjoy incorporating art and music into my lessons when possible.


Although I have received honors/awards from both my university and school district, my greatest honor is hearing former students (many of whom are now adults) tell me I made a difference in their lives or inspired them. Some have even returned to tell me they want to become (or have become) teachers because of me. I can't think of anything better!


I am constantly learning and growing as an educator. In addition to my own graduate and postgraduate studies, I am always looking for new professional development opportunities.


I love sports, movies, music, and dance! I also love spending time with my family (especially camping and/or hiking). I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy creating them for TpT!

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